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SydLexian Story

Chapter 1

One late Friday afternoon, in a van down by the river, Syd Lexia decided to hook up his NES and work some magic with the Power Glove.

Chapter 2

It's too bad. The Power Glove sucked so bad that when Syd hooked it up, it fried both his NES and his TV. He did however enjoy the stimulation from the electrocution.

Chapter 3

As it turns out, this stimulation was actually the awakening of his latent super powers, brought on by the electrocution, little did he know, he was being monitored by his arch nemesis.

Chapter 4

As Syd began to recover from his energizing accident, he realized an awful truth about his situation and screamed, "Oh fuck!!!! Without my TV I can't watch Days of Our Lives or pay per-view porn!"

Chapter 5

The almighty Syd worried about this for only a brief, apocalyptic moment before he realized, "Big fuckin' deal, I'll just search for Erin Esurance hentai!!! Shwing!"

Chapter 6

"Ah, yes" Syd said to himself, "It's a good thing I still have my trusty eMachines eOne! And coupled with a high speed connection, just thinking about gives me a boner!! I am gonna have a good night tonight!! Now I can look at all the internet porn for which my heart desires!!!"

Chapter VII, the Chappening

Syd did use his trusty eOne to search for the immaculate aforementioned adult articles, but his virile search proved fruitless, for his arch-nemesis, the Evil Yaoi Monster only allowed his mind to be brutally raped and plundered in all of it's think-holes with images of Yu-Gi-Oh fan fiction! "AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" lamented the glorious warrior.

Chapter 8

After a long horrible night of self abuse, Syd Lexia awoke to a buzzing alarm clock flashing the word hEll in brilliant red LED lights. It took him a good minute or two to roll over and realize he was simply viewing 11:34 upside down. Unfortunately when his focus shifted beyond the clock, he realized his room had no walls, only flames... Syd was in hell.

Chapter 9, in Which There is Danger

Syd pondered for a moment, then promptly turned himself upside down again to await 80:08, so he could LOL at the clock for saying B00B, but before 5 seconds had gone by, the clock melted, and so did Syd's face. He then awoke again, but could see only pitch darkness penetrated by a bright fire. Once his eyes adjusted, he say an old man in a brown robe. "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!" The old man presented Syd with a wooden sword. Syd Lexia smiled.

Chapter X, or should I say, Chapter Professor HITLER!?!?

Syd Lexia took the sword and exited out of the dungeon. There he saw nothing. So he went north and saw a squid thing chasing his sister, Krislexia. His eyes lit up with anger as if the devil from Devil World came and punched him in the face. He grabbed his shitty wooden sword and ran after the squid thing. He chased him right into a dungeon. Syd wandered around until he found a map. On the map, he saw a diagram of the rooms in the dungeon. He noticed immediately that the rooms were shaped to form a swastika. His eyebrow raised for no fucking reason. He went on to find the compass, and found the Triforce piece room.

As he went on, he saw all the doors close in the room he was standing. He looked at his compass and saw he was in the room right before the triforce. This meant he was in the boss room. But alas, he only saw another old man. Syd Lexia recognized this as hacker from the forums, and asked him "Are you the boss?"

Hacker replied with a "yes"

Syd Lexia smiled, and said "Are you sure you are the boss, hacker? Or should I say, Professor Hitler!?!

"I'm not Professor Hitler" Hacker said.

"Oh good" Syd replied.

"I'm RegalSin" hacker announced.

"OH FUCK!" Syd screamed.

chapter 11 the untitled chapter

"He's not Regalsin. I am" then out of nowhere The real Regalsin appeared holding a shiny steel sword. "here Syd" Regalsin said "take my sword". then he threw his sword. with the grace of a ballerina Syd grabbed it out of the air and replied "thanks Regalsin. your the coolest" then Regalsin disappeared and Syd looked at hacker and said "if your not Regalsin then who are you" Hacker replied "i am hacker disease of your forum"