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'''Aqua Hedgehog''' is a member of the [[Sydlexia]] Forums.[[Image:aquahedgehog.png|frame|right|Aqua Hedgehog's old avatar. This may be seen on other sites.]] Aqua is a diverse, yet fickle person, but always keeps a few interests in his life.
== Background ==
Aqua Hedgehog has been introduced to the internet at the tender age of eight, where when he wasn't on Nick.com or some other kids' site, he would use a search engine to search for Sonic the Hedgehog related stuff. Coming across a fansite called Pyro the Hedgehog's Domain eventually inspired him to make the character Aqua the Hedgehog, originally intended as a contradiction to Pyro, which basically evolved into his fursona, using the name on pratically every site he goes to. Another character he created was Kagemaru Hayabusa. Basically, he has 2 personas each covering a different realm of internet culture. May or may not appear in planned shows.
== Forum Habits ==
*Joined 11/02/2008
*Generally posts in General Discussion, Video Games, Internets, and nWo.
*Created some very popular threads, such as "State something completely random" and "Story behind your name"
*Has just had an alternate account banned (Tiara Boobowski).
== Outside the Box  ==
*Currently attempting to get unbanned from SEGA-16
*Checks on the status of Project S, a Sonic X-Treme remake, on Senntient forums. Posts there actively.
*<s>Vandalizes</s> Edits Sydapedia under the alias [[User:HerzogZwei|HerzogZwei]], and <s>silently</s> bitches about how usernames ARE CASE SENSITIVE!
== Gaming Interests ==
*Is a well-rounded Hardcore gamer striving for more skill in some genres
*Keenly interested in FPS, RPG, Adventure, and classic games
*Possibly getting a Power Player Super Joy III, an illegal NES clone console consisting of an N64-like controller you plug into your TV, cords to plug said controller into said TV, a Genesis-like controller that plugs into the unit, a Makarov lightgun you plug into the unit for Duck Hunt and others, 76 NES games built in, and the ability to accept unauthorized Famicom cartridges.
== Aqua Unplugged ==
Aqua Hedgehog rarely ventures away from the internet or his video games, but when he does, he's doing listening to Industrial/Metal music and maintaining a Magic the Gathering collection.
== Current Project Plans ==
*Getting a good Flash animator
*Figuring out how to fucking use Doom Builder right
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