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Aqua Hedgehog is a member of the Forums. He was brought to this place after reading about RegalSin shortly before he was banned on Sega-16. He would turn this page into a longwinded ego page and blame all his bannings on Nazi moderators, but is too fucking lazy busy kicking ass and chewing bubblegum (but he's all out of gum O_o).

Forum Habits

  • Since all other threads in nWo died, Aqua can be found attempting to troll Darkness Deku in the "insult the person above you" thread (even vandalized his Sydapedia page)
  • Generally posts in General Discussion, Video Games, and the Internets when he's not keeping his trolling skills up in the nWo.
  • Created some popular threads, such as "State something completely random"

Fun Facts

  • Is considering building a Beat-Em-Up game over Doom2
  • Works with Game Maker
  • Strong suits in gaming include RPG's, Turn Based Strategy, puzzle games, Old-school shootemups, and Beatemups
  • Other aliases (other sites, of course) include Kagemaru Hayabusa, Herzog_Zwei, Cornelius Gayniggaz III, and GAMAR
  • In ur wiki buildin a page
  • This page contains a Duke Nukem reference.