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The Atari Moritat is an eighth-generation video game console tentatively scheduled to be released by Atari on March 31, 2011. It was the first eighth-generation console to be announced.

Five launch titles have been announced for the Moritat thus far:

  • Missile Command: Scions of the Apocalypse, a Missile Command sequel in name only, this looks to be a rip-off of Metal Gear Solid. It is being developed by former Factor 5 employees and will be published by Atari.
  • Breakout 3D, a remake of the classic game that will require 3D glasses. It is being developed and published by Atari.
  • Pac-Man World: Ghosts of the Past, a new 3D platformer starring Pac-Man. It is being developed and published by Namco.
  • Mackie Messer, a sandbox game based on The Threepenny Opera. Not much is known about this title. It is being developed and published by Atari.
  • Adventure 3D, an action-oriented RPG with key swords, giant duck-dragons, and more.
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