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He claims to be a Saucer Crab out to give Syd his weekly beating....

Ba'al (1989 After Defecation - ??? After Defecation)is some jackass who reads the SydLexia forums as well as posts there from time to time, usually in the evenings or at night.

Ba'al's Name

It's not really anything clever, he just stole it from the final boss of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Ba'al also has another name that he uses on other forums, and at GameFAQs which is -911-. The name was used because Ba'al was watching ECW One Night Stand, and saw the wrestler 911 get owned and thought the name was cool. The hyphens were put there, because Ba'al thought "911" by itself was kinda boring. He kinda regrets using -911- from time to time, as forum members sometimes use lame emergency number jokes and one member thought he was naming himself after the 9/11 tragedy. So, that is why Ba'al was used as his SydLexia identity.

His Interests

Ba'al is a lifelong gamer, he has been gaming since the 8-bit era with the NES. Along with being a gamer, Ba'al has been an avid collector of nerdy stuff like pogs, slammers, trading cards, action figures, etc. He also collects DVDs, which isn't nerdy at all until you learn that he wishes to have a collection of hilariously bad movies(Examples being Plan 9 from Outer Space, Jason Takes Manhatten, and Silent Night Deadly Night 2) to go with his good movie collection. Ba'al also has always been facinated by insects, and would love to take up a career in Entomology(A chef, special effects expert, or comic book artist would be great too).

Ba'al's Favorite Games of All-Time

In terms of games, Ba'al mostly enjoys Fighting, Platforming, Action RPG, Real-Time Strategy, Beat Em' Ups, and Shoot Em' Ups. Ba'al usually cannot stand JRPGs, as to him they tend to all look the same and are generally just stupid in his mind. The only JRPGs that Ba'al has enjoyed are the SNES Final Fantasys. Ba'al can play FPSs, but he mostly only enjoys Timesplitters 2 and Unreal Tournament. For Sports and Driving games, they tend to have to be over-the-top to appeal to him, like Mutant League Football, MLB Slugfest, or Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2.

Ba'al's Taste in Music

Ba'al tends to like most sub-genres of Rock, and that's about it. His overall favorites are probably Heavy Metal, Power Metal, and Psychedelic Rock. Here's a list of his favorite bands/artists.

And addition Ba'al hates Nu Metal, and personally thinks Dave Mustaine is a dick.