Bad Dudes

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Bad Dudes

BadDudes.png Don't mess with Bad Dudes

Things Bad Dudes Is

  • The greatest game ever made
  • A game where you can kick the shit out of ninjas
  • So Bad that it's Good

Bad Dudes Trivia

  • Those cans that give you energy contain a blend of natural herbs and 8 essential vitamins and minerals to give Blade or Striker better Performance when you go to next stage
  • The nunchuks are the best weapons in the game, with the exception of urinating on the Flamin' Ninjas
  • The President's burger will give you explosive diarrhea every time
  • The "Dudes" that drive the truck are Blade and Striker's college roommates
  • The train is filled with Ninja cocaine
  • The Bad Dudes are Bad
  • If you haven't beaten this game, you are a failure
  • Karnov has been known to drink Karkov vodka. This also allows him to blow fire.

Bad Dudes: The Movie

  • Forum member DarkMaze has spoken with the rights holders of Bad Dudes about securing rights to a movie version.
  • They remain open to the possibility, however no agreement has yet been reached.
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