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What Jeebus wishes would happen IRL

Bill Maher is a liberal pundit who trolls conservatives and religious extremists IRL FTW. Syd Lexia, Dr Jeebus, and probably Kubo (them being Republicans and all) can't stand his ass. JRA on the other hand, thinks he's absolutely hysterical and is his role model. JRA plans to make a show that's a complete copy of Real Time (except it would be about music and video games as opposes to politics and religion, so hopefully he won't sue.)

Hilarious things he's said

  • "Stop saying Brokeback Mountain lost the 'Best Picture Oscar' to Crash because of a homosexual backlash. If Brokeback Mountain taught us anything its that there's nothing wrong with cumming in number two."
  • "What can't you convince people of just by saying it? [For instance:] John McCain is a cyborg. There I said it, it's true. And you know it's true because when I wrote it on the internet, I didn't add LOL." (This should be a proverb, metaphor, and/or euphemism for all of /b/)
  • "Well you, see my friend Ann Coulter...[massive booing]...I know, I know, but it's much different when she's cumming."
  • 'When are we gonna get it, that the most dangerous drugs are the legal ones, and the most trivial ones are growing under a heat lamp in my dressing room?"

Stupid things he's said

  • "A swine flu shot is the worst thing you can do."
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