Bionic Commando

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Bionic Commando is a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It takes place in 198X. Generalissimo Killt of the Badd's (Nazz or Nazis) has put the Albotros (otherwise known as operation: resurrect hitler. oops I mean Master-D) plans into effect. Super Joe was sent in to infiltrate Killt's plan, but contact with Joe was lost. You, the hero, are sent with a bionic arm and a gun to rescue Super Joe and kick some Nazi (Badds) ass.

Stuff to Know

  • The hero's name is Ladd
  • Super Joe is from the Capcom classic Commando
  • This is possibly the most violent NES game ever made. It contains one swear (damn) and a photo shot of hitler's (Master-D's) head exploding.
  • The secret area sucks
  • The rocket launcher is the only weapon you'll ever need.
  • Area 6 is by far the most difficult stage
  • Super Joe's machine gun sucks Destroyer-3's nutsack