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She is a character in the Street Fighter games.


It is said that when she was very little she suffered a permanent injury after straddling a chain link fence. Since she was no longer able to do the deed, she has worked on protecting that portion of her body from further harm. Her greatest defense is her insane kick of bitchiness.


No one likes her very much.

You used to "Strong Kick" with her and pause it at the right moment so you could see her ass cheeks.

She is the focus of a lot of hentai.


She likes to play with fire, but only when there is a new moon.


There has been speculation that she tag teamed with Blanka and Dhalsim.

There is no way that this is true. Blanka's unit dropped off when he turned into a beast and the rumor came out prior to Viagra making it impossible for Dhalsim to have done anything.