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Cyrax is like, THE best robot in MK.


Shit dude, look at this fucker, he's yellow man. You can't fuckin' beat that shit. Fuck you Sektor, you think you're so bad bein' red and shit? This motherfucker is fuckin' YELLOW! Cyrax.png


Okay, get this motherfucker, this fucking robot has bombs and shit. Okay, he has like, fuckin' BOMBS, he can shoot them like, different distances and shit too. Bitchin'!

He also has the shit-ass blade that comes out of his MOTHERFUCKIN' CHEST!!!


Cyrax is like, some ninja robot or some shit. He's was also a black guy when he was a human. Why are black people always in yellow or orange costumes?

Syd Lexia's Rendition