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Sadly, articles in the wiki can only be deleted through the whim of Syd Lexia or a few other people. If you are not one of those people, you cannot delete an article. So whatever shall you do if somebody's clearly being a fucking moron? Simple. You read this article and find out what to do.

This process was created by SevereFlame and improved greatly by UsaSatsui in the early morning and they were probably tired. So consider it completely official and unchangeable (or not).

How To (help) Delete Shit

If you find a page that:

  • Leads to porn
  • Is full of porn
  • Full of bullshit that's not allowed here
  • Used racial slurs, talked about religion, or that an author that was a fucking dick.
  • In a completely different language (broken English doesn't count)
  • Anything else that is clearly not appropriate for anyone over age 8 to read

Simply place the following at the bottom of the page:

[[Category: DELETE THIS SHIT]]

One of the diligent ops should come along and delete that shit.

Do NOT use this on things that you don't like, or just don't think belong here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If there is porn on the page, PLEASE remove the porn and THEN put the category on the article.

Borderline Stupidity

If someone creates a page that doesn't belong in the Sydapedia (it's not about the site or about pop culture), or a page that's idiotic beyond belief but not breaking the rules...put this on the page:

[[Category: Under Judgement]]

Syd (or a designated proxy Syd) will personally look at the article and either nuke the fuck out of it, or decide it's fine and remove the category.

Don't abuse this. If you do, it'll be taken away. Nobody wants that.

Lists Of Shit

Maybe delete this shit too.