Diablo II

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Diablo II is the most awesomest game ever. It comes as no surprise, then, that some of the people from the forums get together and play it.

It has a plot, but no one apart from TARDISman really cares about that anyway.

Who's playing?

ReinhartXPoison Necromancer10Killed Countess
SehkmaenzoWhirly Spear Barbarian18Canyon of the magi WP
Not SureJavazon20Spider Forest
UsaSatsuiAuradin (Holy)Killed Countess
FerninMartial Arts Assasin16Act 2
NekkoruIce Sorceress11MF character. Rescued Cain.
ValdroniusWerewolf Druid23Spider Forest

How to play

We play on Battle.net, US East, so you'd better get your ass to the shop and buy Diablo. We're usually on IRC and when we're playing, we move to the #slfd2 channel. The usual game name and password are slf/slf.

Playgroup Rules

  1. No soloing. We play as a team, minimum players in a game is two.
  2. No twinking. Trading with players outside the group is a no-no.
  3. No playing with players outside the group, either.