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Ermac in 1998 with no shirt and no life but still has his nantendo!
Wants to make sweet,sweet love to this japanese beauty

Ermac was a member of the Forums, he is a Junior at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga with a concentration in History and finding a girlfriend. He first found Syd's magical site in in 2007 when looking for a list of the best NES games. He soon realized that Syd was a member of the band "The Advantage" and had to join the site after repeated listens of "DuckTails Moon Live". His dream is to go back in time and relive his childhood with Syd and Jeebus but realizes that statement may be construed as gayness. His favorite games are Resident Evil, Silent Hill, NBA Live Series and Hello Kitty Island Adventure. His favorite games of all time are Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Resident Evil 2.

Life Outside of the Forums

Ermac's real name is Daniel and doesn't really fit the typical gamer mold.He is a jogger and can get laid upon begging. He has managed to have sex with over 60 women(mostly fat) but can't get into most RPG's and is normally rejected by gaming nerds as "too mainstream". His first love was the NES and always will be, followed by the PSOne which was a great system but hasn't aged well.He currently owns a XBOX360 after being a PC gamer for many years. Ermac is looking forward to Resident Evil 5 and getting into the Mass Effect Series.


He left and he still thinks anyone fucking cares. We don't.

Ermac favorite made threads