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This article is about the band Extreme. If you were looking for the popular catchphrase for the skateboard generation, go to hell.

Extreme is the third sixth coolest band out of Boston, behind only Aerosmith and Boston, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, James Taylor, and The Cars. Extreme featured Gary Cherone on vocals, Nuno Bettencourt on guitar, a blond guy on bass, and the least metal-looking guy ever on drums.

They played Van Halen-style funk metal, also taking influences from Queen and the aforementioned 'Smith.



Apart from having the lamest album cover of all time, Extreme's eponymous 1989 debut was quite good. It showcased Nuno's stellar guitar skills, Gary's impressive voice, and the other guys' talents too. It featured the excellent track, "Play With Me".


Along with having an awesome title, Extreme's 1990 sophomore effort was a great effort. It also became their commercial breakthrough, mostly thanks to their power ballad "More Than Words". Unfortunately, every band that got big off a power ballad in 1990 was effectively lined up and shot by '92, and Extreme was no exception.

III Sides To Every Story

Extreme's somewhat cleverly named third album was alright. It had approximately 1.7 awesome songs, as "Rest In Peace" got really gay at the end. The rest of the album was just decent.

Waiting For The Punchline

Yeah, they released a fourth album, but their career was over by then. Ironic title eh?

After Extreme

  • Gary Cherone went to front Van Halen's least successful album. It wasn't his fault though, nobody could fill David Lee Roth or even Sammy Hagar's shoes.
  • Nuno Bettencourt co-founded Perry Farrell's Satellite Party. That lasted all of three months.
  • Those other guys did something.


  • "More Than Words" is the worst fucking ballad ever written.
  • "Play With Me" was featured on Bill and Ted's Excellent Journey and Guitar Hero Encore: Rock The 80s.
  • Ross Rifle's vinyl copy of Extreme does not feature "Play With Me". That angers him.
  • "Play With Me" was used in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure during the mall scene.
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