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JEW is a former (back as of December 10th, 2007) member of the SydLexia.com forums. He is best known for his love of Hannukah, wrestling, and a hatred of World of Snorecraft.


Upon finding a magic pair of 3D glasses in an adandoned arcade, Mild Mannered Pete Kowalsky was transformed into the mad chill, groovy cool super hero known as The Flyin’ Jew! Using his super powers of mad phat breakdancing and super tight skateboarding The Flyin’ Jew flies around and kills super villans everywhere!

Shortly after his transformation, The Flyin’ Jew joined forces with The Nude Smurf, The Abombinadle Arse, “Hardcore” Nick Orr, and The Mighty Ed Wood to form TeH Internet, which wields Obscurity and Absurdity like weapons, and hacks down all who stand in it’s way.

Super Powers

The Flyin’ Jew has a weakness of +4 fire dmg but gets an extra combat roll during dance recitals. The Flyin’ Jew enjoys the obscure, and can find humor in almost anything. He listens to a diverse selection of music, but has an affinity to Zebrahead as of late.

Teh Internet

The Flyin’ Jew has taken a Vince McMahon approach to THI as of late. That is, leaving his workers to fend for themselves while he rakes in the profit.

The Fall of Teh Internet

THI now just links to a Mets fan blog. It is a sign of the degredation of the internet that we have lost such a beacon of humor and pop culture. Oh, well. At least we still have SydLexia.com


  • Jew runs ran Teh Internet (now defunct).
  • Jew would've wrote his own page, but he was busy getting higher than Hilltop Zone.


  • Although his internet handle is "The Flyin' Jew," or sometimes shortened to just "Jew," it is unknown whether or not Peter Kowalsky is actually jewish. It has been proven that he can fly, however.

FNJ 12:41, 8 February 2008 (PST)