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During the Forum Battle of 2011, part of GPFontaine's campaign was to create mini modifications to people's posts. Some of these were found, others were not. Here is a list of the modifications.

User Modifications

User Targeted Modification Part of Forum Battle Status
Klimbatize Background for poster details area = #f57303 Yes On
Shardea Background for poster details area = #006EDC Yes On
GPFontaine Name Changed to 'Sir Jeep E. Fawntaine' Yes On
GPFontaine Name Changed to 'Sir Jeep E. Fawntaine' Yes On
Knyte Name Changed to 'Sir Knyte' Yes On
aika Name Changed to 'Dame Aika' Yes On
Beach Bum Title under name added 'Noun: A person who loafs on or around a beach.' Yes On
Black Zarak Name changed to 'Zlack Barak' Yes On
Pandajuice Title under name added 'Most Special' Yes On
Sehkmaenzo Name font changed to: 'Palatino Linotype', 'Small Caps', 'Size 14px' Yes On
Username Red shadow added to name Yes On
Hacker Name font changed to: 'Brush Script MT', 'Size 17px' Yes On
Hacker Post background image Yes On
HardcoreGamer4Ever Name changed to 'HardcoreGamer4AWhile' Yes On
HardcoreGamer4Ever Title changed to 'Definitely not special Yes On
LordHuffnPuff Name replaced with rainbow image of name Yes On
TheThunderThief Name font changed to: 'tahoma' Yes On
joshwoodzy Name placed on button. Button slide toggles all post text on and off for the entire thread Yes On
joshwoodzy Underlined all text in poster details area with green dotted border Yes On
Optimist With Doubts Name changed to 'Pessimist With Hopes' Yes On
viewtopic.php Double clicking text in a thread reverses it Yes On
sidewaysdriver Added text 'Meow!' to the end of every post Yes On
UsaSatsui Modified post area 'Radius 20px', 'Background #8855ee', Image, 'Border 4px #7744dd' Yes On
Atma Modified post background to image Yes On
lavalarva Location rotated 180 degrees (upside down Yes On
Douche McCallister Mouseover avatar switches to picture of Summers Eve, second Mouseover switches to animated Spicoli Yes Off by Douche's request
The Flaming Schnitzel Post background image of flame Yes On
Cameron Signature background image Yes On
Thunderhorse Post background image Yes On
Arlock41 Post background image Yes On
Syd Lexia Post background image Yes On
ToGdor Post background image No On

Infrastructure Code Modifications

In order to make these modifications certain technical improvements were made to the forums.

PHP Modifications

  • $poster_cleaned = str_replace(" ","_",$poster);
  • $poster_cleaned = str_replace("@","_",$poster_cleaned);
  • $poster_cleaned = str_replace("*","_",$poster_cleaned);


  • 'POSTER_NAME_CLEANED' => $poster_cleaned,