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Life has too many playable characters. I say it's high time we drastically trim the roster.

- Syd Lexia

sidewaydriver: I've been lurking for about a year now but I only made an account yesterday. I was going to wait till I found a cool picture and a neat quote before I posted.

Syd Lexia: I think I deleted your account once as a potential spam account and you had to re-register. I greatly apologize.

sidewaydriver: Actually I am a spam account. I just came here to tell Syd that he has a long lost uncle in Zimbabwe who recently died and left him billions of dollars. I just need all your banking information first so I transfer all the money into a Swiss bank account in your name. Oh, and I have lots of cheap prescription drugs if you want any.

- sidewaydriver & Syd Lexia

I enjoy a phat beat and killer rhymes, but the damage that rap has done to American female asses is completely unforgivable.

- Syd Lexia