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What it is

A game genie is a game enhancement device. It has been said using such a device is cheating. If you've read Nintendo Power magazine in the Nes days, you know what I'm talking about. In conclusion, everyone who owns an NES should own at least one game genie (by galoob)


  • If you have to use a Game Genie, that means that you suck at video games and you suck at life.
  • The record for most game genies used simultaneously is 25. However, the original photos were lost in a fire. The record now stands at two.
  • GPFontaine knew a kid who owned one. He was pretty good about putting it away in the box when he was done using it, but one night he forgot to put it away. His little brother took that to mean that the box was the appropriate place for his feces collection. Unfortunately before the deposited fecal matter was noticed, the game genie entered the box and squished its way down to the bottom. It was never used again.
  • Skinr bought one for the original Game Boy. Despite its age and ginormous size, it works fine as long as you have codes. The tiny codebook (one could almost call it "cute") fits in a little compartment on the unit itself, which has several buttons right on it. At last does the word portable have some meaning.