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Grimmriffer's avatar is from a show he has never seen. That makes him a poser.

Grimmriffer is a male twenty-something who lives near the west coast of Florida. He has been a proud member of the SydLexia forums since June 2007, although he had been a "lurker" since late 2006. He discovered SydLexia by searching for the lyrics to the Heathcliff theme song.


The name Grimmriffer is a pun on Grim Reaper, a colloquial name for the Angel of Death. This is not as goth as it sounds. "Riffer" refers to the act of "riffing," or making fun of a poor quality movie or other form of media in a humerous manor. The term was used extensively by the writers of the television series Mystery Science Theater 3000, or MST3K, one of Grimmriffer's favorite shows.

"Grimm" is taken from the Nickleodeon show Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics, in which Japanese animators depict classic Grimm brothers' fairytales in a kid-friendly fashion. At some point Grimmriffer was going to riff on several episodes of the show and upload the results onto YouTube. Seriously, he even ordered a poorly bootleged DVD and everything. He must have gotten bored or distracted because these plans never came to fruition.

Signature Archive

All of Grimmriffer's signatures have been based on highlights from MST3K. He has no life.

Pumaman, he flies like a moron!Come on skull! Almost..out! -KalganBold BigFlanks...Flint IronStag...Roll Fizzlebeef...

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