Harg Boigled Eggs

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Harg Boigled.gif

Harg Boigled Eggs is a running joke on the SydLexia.com forums. Started by Char and Murdar Machene, the joke ran a long and convoluted course before Syd got pissed and used the forum's word censor protocol to effectively ban the phrase, its variants, and several other words. After being accused of being douchebag, Syd apologized for the word censoring. The board members, in turn, apologized for ruining every fucking thread with their incessant talk of eggs, and most of the word filters were lifted. The phrase harg boiled eggs is still banned on the forums, mostly as an homage to the whole debacle. The eggs still resurface from time to time as a recurring joke, mostly in image form. This is due to Char, who was new at making GIF images at the time, making the images seen at the right for practice.