Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law

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Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law is a show that shows on the Cartoon Network's late night block called Adult Swim. It uses classic Hanna-Barbera characters as well as more recent cartoon characters. The concept for the show is that Harvey Birdman is now a retired superhero and works at a law firm called Sebben & Sebben. His boss is a character from the early Harvey Birdman cartoon who also directed his adventures then named Phil Ken Sebben, a spin on his name in that old cartoon: Falcon 7.

Things You Always Knew But Were Afraid To Bring Up

Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law tackled issues we all suspected, but no one would tell us if we were right or not. A classic example of this is an episode called Shaggy Busted. This episode explored what we all really knew... Shaggy and Scooby smoked a lot of pot. While the episode never came out and directly said it, it was clearly implied through the episode.

Another classic example of this is when the show tackles Johnny Quest and if one of his male caretakers liked little boys. The show will imply everything you've always thought to the point where you wonder why they don't just say it.


Harvey Birdman: A former superhero turned lawyer and the hero of this show.

Peanut: Harvey's personal assistant and ladies man, at least he'd like to think so.

Avenger: Harvey's sidekick. A blue falcon that handles everything in Harvey's office life that doesn't "require thumbs."

Myron Reducto: Myron is an attorney at Sebben & Sebben and a former nemesis of Harvey's. Myron has a fetish for things being small and always carries a shrink gun around.

Vulturo: Another former enemy of Harvey's and lawyer at Sebben & Sebben.

Mentok the Mindtaker: Mentok is yet another former enemy of Harvey's who is a judge at Sebben & Sebben's courts.

Phil Ken Sebben: Phil owns Sebben & Sebben, which he co-founded with his brother, Bill Ken Sebben. Phil is a nymphomaniac. He uses double entendres as his catch phrase.

Peter Potomas: Potomas is a lawyer at Sebben & Sebben and also had his own Hanna-Barbera cartoon. In later episodes he has a bit of an Incredible Hulk spoof which the 2nd movie seems to have taken a jab at: "You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry."

Bird Girl: Bird Girl joins the show later wanting to be Harvey's sidekick. Bird Girl is Judy Sebben, Phil's daughter.

Black Vulcan: Black Vulcan first appears in the Apache Chief episode. He is a recurring character with a catch phrase "...in his pants." Before he was in the Super Friends cartoon.

Bear: Bear shows up in random scenes of Harvey Birdman. It's never explained why the bear is at the law firm.

Blue: Blue appears around the end of season 1 as an appointed partner to Sebben & Sebben. Harvey is jealous and tries to sabotage him since he wants to be partner. Blue is French and rich.