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The Ban

Dr_Jeebus banned Thatotherguy!*@* from #sydlexia on Friday, March 06, 2009 2:22:13 PM.

Reason for Ban

Using inappropriate language in a hateful context.


[14:16:00] <Thatotherguy> Nobody is allowed to be "young guys" Cept me and Nekkorou and other teenagers.
[14:16:05] <Douche> I had it in 5th grade...
[14:16:16] <Captain_Pollution> I had it till 6th, I win
[14:16:21] <docinsano> I still have recess lol
[14:16:30] <Thatotherguy> Stupid faggots go die.
[14:16:47] <docinsano> Bundles of sticks are already dead
[14:17:17] <Thatotherguy> Stupid homesexuals go die.
[14:17:26] <UsaSatsui> ...Unless that's an anti-smoking message...probably not a good idea to say that with the three most anal ops in the room. :p
[14:17:41] <Dr_Jeebus> what the fuck
[14:17:48] <docinsano> You the Fuck!
[14:17:50] =-= Thatotherguy was booted from #sydlexia by Dr_Jeebus (You've been warned about that)
[14:18:04] <UsaSatsui> ...beaten too it. :(
[14:18:13] <Dr_Jeebus> Usa, what's the command to ban?
[14:18:22] <docinsano> ./banhammer
[14:18:38] GOOGLE IT JEEBUS!
[14:18:52] <UsaSatsui> Probably not necessary right now., hold on, PM window
[14:19:55] -->| Thatotherguy ( has joined #sydlexia
[14:20:25] <Thatotherguy> Maaaw Fuckers.
[14:20:35] <Douche> you calm now?
[14:20:39] <docinsano> lulz
[14:20:46] <Douche> take your insulin
[14:20:55] <docinsano> Here have a muffin
[14:21:01] * docinsano hands thatotherguy a muffin
[14:21:27] <UsaSatsui> TG, it's probably a good idea to chill out with that shit. Srsly.
[14:21:29] <Captain_Pollution> Here, have some fireworks
[14:21:37] * Thatotherguy eats his muffin and injects insulin, only to realize it was actually speed.
[14:21:59] <Thatotherguy> HAI GUYZ!
[14:22:13] =-= Mode #sydlexia +b Thatotherguy!*@* by Dr_Jeebus
[14:22:27] =-= Thatotherguy was booted from #sydlexia by Dr_Jeebus (Take a day off to think about what you've done)

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