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A tv and movie series where a group of people pull shocking pranks and stupid stunts. It's an entremely funny series, as it's the only good thing that's ever been on MTV.

The Beginning

It started with the skateboarding magazine Big Brother. As well as featuring skateboarding, it also had a lot of jokes and pranks. They started making videos of the stuff they put in the magazine. A guy named Johnny Knoxville started doing stuff for it, but then somebody got an idea to make a TV show about it.

Jackass TV

In 2000, Johnny Knoxville and his friends started filming pranks and stunts when he met Bam Margera and his friends doing the same thing with a video series called CKY. They decided to all be in the same show, which they called Jackass. When they were done filming for season 1, Comedy Central and MTV fought over who could own the series. MTV won, and the show lasted 2 more seasons.

Jackass Movies

A governer started attacking the show, stating that the show was too horrible to show on tv, as stupid kids were doing stuff they saw on the show. Even though MTV added a warning message to the show and started showing it at night, it got cancelled after season 3.

Since there was no real ending to the show, they filmed a 90 minute movie in 2002. It was more popular than the show, as there were less censors. The series was brought back in 2006 with a second movie. There was also a documentary called Jackass 2.5, telling what it was like filming the movie. The Jackass crew are currently filming a third movie.

Jackass the Game

For the PS2 and PSP there is Jackass the Game, released in 2007. It is a series of goal based minigames. The point of the game is to film stunts for the "4th season" of Jackass. It is a very underrated game, and you should play it now on either system. They are both the same thing.

There is also a seperate Jackass game for the DS that was released in 2008.