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The Kubo in its natural habitat

Kubo is one of The Original Twelve members of the SydLexia.com forums.


He talks way too much about politics for his own good. He used to be an admitted Republican and asks that you fuck off if you have a problem with that, and although he still values most conservative values over liberal ones, he now describes himself as a Libertarian.

He is about to finish getting his last degree after being in college for about 374 years (rounded up to 374 from 10). He'll have a Ph.D. in Communication, but his research focus (terrorism, political violence, and war) is way more badass.

Games Kubo Worships

His theme Music

  • If he could have theme music that followed him everywhere he went, it would be the tune from Dr. Wily's first two stages in Mega Man 2.


  • Kubo is a goaltender in ice hockey, so his groin has been pulled many times (particularly by your mom).


Also known as "Last person to post". FTW, bitches.