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LexiaBot9000 is a bot in the IRC Channel run by Fernin. The bot was added as a Trivia game, though right now the trivia sucks (send Fernin some good questions, damnit!).

This is a list of some bot commands. More may be added.

  • !date - Shows the date.
  • !time - Shows the time
  • !calc (math) - Have it do some math.
  • !roll - Rolls 2 dice.
  • !start - Starts the Trivia game.
    • !stop - Stops the Trivia game.
    • !rank (name) - Shows a person's score in the trivia game
  • !hl on (number) - Starts the "guess the number" game. Guess the number between 1 and the entered number.
    • !hl (number) - Guesses a number.
  • !timebomb (name) - Sets a timebomb on someone. They need to then !snip the right wire to avoid being kicked. Note the bot needs to be opped for this to work. If people have been spamming the timebomb, the bot probably won't be.

The bot also triggers off of some words and phrases, such as "Hello", "Bot", and ":p". No, they're not all going to be listed. Finding them is half the fun.