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LexiaBot9000 is an IRC bot run by Fernin in the SydLexia.com IRC channel. The bot was added as a trivia game, though right now the trivia sucks (send Fernin some good pop culture questions about the 80's and early 90's, damnit!).

On / Off

LexiaBot9000 is turned on and off based on the privileges it is granted by channel operators. The majority of it's functionality can be turned on by granting the bot "Voice". Some additional bot features require full Operator privileges. The last Operator to leave the channel should make sure to remove Operator status from the bot and leave it with only "Voice".

Action Command
Turn on "Voice" /voice LexiaBot9000
Turn off "Voice" /devoice LexiaBot9000
Turn on "Operator" /op LexiaBot9000
Turn off "Operator" /deop LexiaBot9000


This is a list of some bot commands. More may be added.

Command & Syntax
What it does Example Input Example Output
!time Outputs Time !time It is 21:27:48 right now
!date Outputs Date & Time !date Today is Thu Jan 22 21:30:43 2009.
!calc (equation) Solves Equation !calc 1+1 GPFontaine, result is: 2
!roll Rolls two dice !roll rolls the dice for GPFontaine: 1 and 3 = 4
!random (number)(number) Generates an integer between the two numbers !random 6 10 8
!seen (name) State when a person was last in the channel !seen GPFontaine GPFontaine was last seen quitting IRC 11 mins ago
Trivia Game
!rank (name)
Start & Stop the Trivia Game or check someone's rank. !start
!rank GPFontaine
Starting Trivia.
Trivia stopped.
GPFontaine has 2 points.
!addquestion Submit a question for the trivia game. !addquestion A private message from LexiaBot9000 will be sent with instructions to follow. Only one person may use this command at a time. Allow 30 seconds between uses to avoid confusing LexiaBot9000. All entries are reviewed before they are added to the trivia database.
High/Low Game
!hl (on/off) (number)
!hl (number guess)
High / Low game !hl on 10
!hl 5
!hl off
Higher/Lower game enabled
Higher, GPFontaine
Higher/Lower game disabled.
Timebomb Game
!timebomb (name)
!snip (color)
Timebomb game... this shit is just mean. Limit your usage or you will be booted. !timebomb GPFontaine
!snip orange
straps a bomb to GPFontaine's back. The display reads [45] seconds.
...snip GPFontaine was booted from #sydlexia by LexiaBot9000 (*BOOOM!*)
!fortune Your fortune will be predicted !fortune You will meet a dark, handsome stranger.
!char (number) Converts number to ASCII character !char 43 ASCII number 43 is equal to +
!define (word)
!defadd (word)
!defrem (word)
States a definition, adds a definition, or removes a definition !define Sydapedia

!defadd Sydapedia the source of all that is true in this world.

!defrem Sydapedia
Sydapedia: the source of all that is true in this world.

Sydapedia stored succesfully.

Sydapedia was removed from database.

Trivia Game Courtesy

  • Try not to answer questions that you submitted, that's pretty much cheating. Give others a chance, and if they don't get it after three hints, then go ahead and answer it.
  • Try not to answer questions that you've seen before. There's only so many questions still, so repeats happen a lot. Give others a chance that may not have seen the question yet.
  • The exception to the above is if it's a question that you know everyone has seen, or if it's a Quick! Quick! question.
  • Answers which are numbers that are less than 100 are ALL written out. So, if the answer happens to be 3, or 12, or 97, it'll actually be three, twelve, or ninety-seven. This is because of the hint system, and also to prevent the insanely annoying situation where multiple people are spamming "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7!" trying to find the right number quickly.
  • Don't even think about going to google, wikipedia, gamefaqs, or any other place to look up the answers. That's just plain lame. If you don't know it, too bad.
  • When submitting questions, don't submit idiotic nonsense like, "Hello./Spikey Love Nipples" or "Hahahahahahaha./Hahahahaha Hahahaha". And please, no 4chan memes.

Trigger Words

The bot also triggers off of some words and phrases, such as "Porn", "Bot", "bored", and "hacker". No, they're not all going to be listed. Finding them is half the fun.

Some commands and triggers will only work when the bot has ops.