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An unknown member of internet sites such as SydLexia.com, Ljusdahl rarely posts in the forum as there are not many topics he's able to participate in. This angers him greatly and little fluffy kittens are the ones to suffer. Someone really should provide him with some cookies, topics, and anger managment.

Urban legends

One urban legend states that Ljusdahl is the founder of the mysterious Cloud Cult, a publicly unknown circle of elders in the arcane art of chillaxin'. Those who fail the gruesome rite of initiation are cremated alive and their ashes spread to the wind. Those who pass are welcomed into the brotherhood and their subterranean lair where they may, apart from putting slacking to practise, refine their skills in culinary arts, sewing, Kama Sutra, video games, and many other crafts & arts. New members of the Cloud Cult are given a Cult Robe, an article of clothing worn with great honor inside the lair. Furthermore, wearing the Cult Robe is the only known way to enter the lair without awaking the obsidian wyverns guarding the gate.


There are many rumors surrounding this creature, but very little can be verified. Most information have been aquired through observing his sporadic use of myspace bulletins, "intense questioning" of suspected associates, and chatting him up on Msn Messenger. Countless private detectives have mysteriously vanished after being hired to track his movements.

Ljusdahl loves analoge photography, and is constantly on the lookout for new accessories for his Bronica ETR. He spontaneously drool, mostly (but not solely) on his pillow. The stench of his socks are supposedly out of this world, but few have smelled them and lived to tell the tale. Ljusdahl is a highly nocturnal being, and hatch the best ideas when he poop. His porcelain throne is believed to be the legendary "Chair of Deep Thoughts", a relic of ages past said to grant incredible mind-expanding powers to the owner of the cheeks of which grace the golden seat.

Famous quotes

-You take me for a fool, yankee.

-There better be cake.

-Accept the cereal into your heart and you shall find salvation.

-Why hello thar!


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