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Ljusdahl is yet another member of SydLexia.com. He doesn't post much.


NES Mega Man 1-4, Solomon's Key, Guardian Legend, Lolo, Zelda, Mario Bros, and more.

Photography Owner of a Bronica ETS. Shoots mainly T-Max 100 & 400, and got his own little darkroom.

Interior design Hopes to one day play NES in his very own ball chair.

Movies Loves so many movies, but usually forgets the title.

Music Sometimes, it just gets too quiet.

Lasagne 'Nuff said. Mmmmmm!

Sleeping Having the world reduced to nothing but your own thoughts. Good times.

Cake See "Quotes" section.

Kittens CUTE WITTEL KITTEH!! *squeeze*

Puppies They're nice, too.

Rain Loves the whole atmosphere it creates, and the colors, smell, and fresh air that follow.

Money Again, see "Quotes" section.

Slacking Ljusdahl is a man of inaction.


Freezing It's just generally uncomfy.

Getting socks wet Horrible, horrible, horrible.

Cold feet See above.

Humankind as a whole One of the dumbest creatures on earth.

Traffic Putting you life in the hands of other people... no thanks.

Loud noises Makes concentrating and relaxing hard, if not impossible.

Noise in general Snoring, dripping, creaking. Especially when trying to sleep.


-You take me for a fool, yankee.

-There better be cake.

-Accept the cereal into your heart and you shall find salvation.

-Why hello thar!

-But I fucking love money!

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