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== The Mad House ==
MOGHARR has a forum of his own called The Mad House.  It's just an old FreePowerBoards thing, but he loves it.  The forum was recently corrupted by the lulz and he's trying to make it normal again.  He would love it if you joined and became a poster there. 
UPDATE: The Mad House is now full of spam and pron, avoid it like the plague.
== Codes and Stuff==
== Codes and Stuff==

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MOGHARR is an unimportant member of the Sydlexia forums. He thinks he posts alot, but he really doesn't.

MOGHARR doesn't have a camera, so here's an awesome bat. It's bat-ass!


MOGHARR joined the Sydlexia Forums on April 5th, 2007 during a brief lack of action in his internet life. He had previously relied on CoolROM.com to provide him with his daily forum needs, but soon left after he felt that he just wasn't contributing to it. Soon after he joined Emulysian Fields which was created by a popular mod from CoolROM. Emulysian Fields really wasn't that much better than CoolROM, and when it finally experienced a temporary shut-down, MOGHARR decided to join Sydlexia.

Life at Sydlexia

MOGHARR finds his time at Sydlexia.com to be satisfying. No assholes, no inside jokes, just a nice place to discuss games and the like. He occasionally revisits CoolROM and Emulysian Fields and finds that he made the right choice.

Codes and Stuff


Wii Number: 4437-5633-4433-0287 SSBB: 3093-8724-8107


WFC ID: 0087-4681-3036-7000 ACWW: 2192-0404-2173 Mario Kart DS: 1848-3311-7591

Some Arts


  • All he really has going for him is his evergrowing List of Metal
  • He's the guy to go to for old-school thrash info
  • He enjoys playing Super Smash Brothers, Star Wars Battlefront II, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, and Metroid Prime Pinball
  • One of his favorite passtimes is drinking Juicy Juice out of a whiskey glass
  • He doesn't want to start shit, but if you guys really do make a videogame and don't put me in it, I'm gonna be fucking pissed

External Links

The Mad House
His Art