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12 Angry Men was the ninth movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of Fernin, PepsiHiding and TheThunderThief.


[03:17] Fernin: lemme know when you're halfway loaded, folks [03:18] Ghandi: giggity [03:18] TheThunderThief: shoot [03:18] PepsiHiding: I'm just under three quarters [03:18] Ghandi: "That's not a roll of quarters!" -- Phil Ken Sebben [03:18] PepsiHiding: Though I need to turn off Ghandi's pop music, first... [03:18] Ghandi: Kep looking through her stuff, it lands everywhere [03:19] Fernin: okay then, off we go [03:19] Ghandi: She did a cover of Garbage's "STupid Girl" too, for Instant Star [03:19] PepsiHiding: If you meant now, I missed it [03:19] PepsiHiding: I like Nekky, she makes it clear when she means /now/ [03:19] Fernin: heh, true [03:20] Fernin: skip back to 0:00, then [03:20] PepsiHiding: Whatever, mulligan [03:20] Fernin: we ready, again? [03:20] PepsiHiding: Okay, I'm prepared [03:20] PepsiHiding: Mmhmm [03:20] TheThunderThief: Yes [03:20] Fernin: go! [03:21] Ghandi: onward and upward! [03:21] PepsiHiding: Oh and how nice it is to do an English-language movie again, where I'm not glued ten centimetres from the YouTube screen the whole time... [03:21] Fernin: hehe, I can imagine [03:22] PepsiHiding: How jovial they seem [03:22] PepsiHiding: Foreshadowing? [03:23] Ghandi: Yall should be playing a real multiplayer game. Like Starcraft! :p [03:23] Fernin: there's the accused [03:24] Fernin: nice to see something happening behind the credits, rather than /just/ the credits roll [03:26] TheThunderThief: Were fedoras ever NOT in style? [03:26] Fernin: course not, they were always classy [03:27] Ghandi: they're in style now [03:27] PepsiHiding: Hmm, what are the odds this big deep-voiced guy walks up to the high-pitched guy for a chat [03:27] PepsiHiding: ? [03:28] *** rossrifle has joined #sydlexia. [03:28] PepsiHiding: HOLY FUCK [03:28] Ghandi: hey ross [03:28] PepsiHiding: ROSS!!! [03:28] Fernin: hey Ross [03:28] rossrifle: huzzah [03:28] rossrifle: hey guys [03:28] PepsiHiding: We're watching a movie [03:28] rossrifle: oh [03:28] rossrifle: which? [03:28] Ghandi: No, THEY were watching a moviue [03:29] Fernin: 1957 version of 12 Angry Men [03:29] PepsiHiding: The '50s cut of 12 Angry Men [03:29] Ghandi: I was watching 80s brilliance with "Big Trouble In Little China" [03:29] rossrifle: nice [03:29] rossrifle: I watched House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects today [03:29] PepsiHiding: Y'know, THHOOOOMP! [03:29] Ghandi: "I'm sorry." --Fry [03:29] PepsiHiding: I haven't seen you in here in months, Ross [03:30] Ghandi: Yeah, literally days [03:30] rossrifle: yeah, it's been a while [03:30] Ghandi: in a row [03:30] PepsiHiding: Granted, I wasn't here for two of them, but still, where've you been? [03:30] Fernin: indeed, it's been a long time [03:30] Ghandi: lots of them [03:30] rossrifle: I've been busy with work and me band [03:30] rossrifle: I work nights, so I'm always out [03:30] Ghandi: where do you figh the groupies in? :o [03:30] PepsiHiding: How's the band doing? [03:30] Ghandi: figh=fit [03:31] TheThunderThief: fin pt1 [03:31] rossrifle: groupies? Gah, don't get me started on chicks [03:31] Ghandi: you're a rockstar [03:31] * PepsiHiding 's all done with girls [03:31] Ghandi: chicks is it :) [03:31] rossrifle: the band's doing good, but we're having trouble coming up with a name [03:31] Ghandi: Hell, I'm in theater for the girls :) Rockstar's got to be at least equal [03:32] Ghandi: "And here is... the band." "I know, we need a name." --Happy Days [03:32] * PepsiHiding remembers that one year where K-Rock decided they were going to singlehandedly bring back The Band [03:32] rossrifle: haha, yeah I'm in a band for the girls, but they're all crazy and complicated [03:32] PepsiHiding: I was pretty sick of hearing that one song... [03:32] Ghandi: Once you start touring, you can leave crazy and complicated in that city you were in last night :) [03:33] rossrifle: I definitely hope so [03:33] Ghandi: Don't forget to demand all the green M&Ms removed ;) [03:33] Ghandi: For uys, so we know it's you :-P [03:33] Ghandi: uys=us [03:33] rossrifle: well duh [03:33] rossrifle: haha [03:34] Ghandi: oh hey, that reminds me, I read an article, humorous... don't know if they meant it to be... about "Rock's Greatest Quitters" [03:34] rossrifle: oh? [03:34] PepsiHiding: I read something humourous today... [03:35] PepsiHiding: In the mid-late sixties some paper did an expose on drugs and pop music, and they announced their big evening long interview with Mick Jagger where he talked about drugs and gave them to friends and stuff [03:35] PepsiHiding: But they actually had Brian Jones and they just mistook him for Mick Jagger [03:35] PepsiHiding: :D [03:35] rossrifle: wow haha [03:35] Ghandi: (Link: [03:36] Fernin: lemme know when we're ready for part 2, it can wait til after the chat [03:36] PepsiHiding: I'm all ready for part 2 [03:36] Ghandi: Nice history lesson, love the Prince entry [03:36] Fernin: TT? [03:36] PepsiHiding: Stu Sutcliffe quit the Beatles... that get listed? [03:37] rossrifle: he didn't walk away from fame [03:37] TheThunderThief: Pt2? [03:37] TheThunderThief: I'm set [03:37] *** Richthofen has signed off IRC (Quit: Want to be different? Try HydraIRC -> (Link: <-). [03:38] PepsiHiding: Brian Wilson? [03:38] *** swayzes_revenge has joined #sydlexia. [03:38] Fernin: k, ready, then [03:38] PepsiHiding: I don't think having a complete and total schizoaffective breakdown counts as "quitting" [03:38] Fernin: go! [03:39] Ghandi: I think it was a good article, my music history isn't that good. Mostly because I wasn't alive during some of the entries [03:39] Ghandi: hey swayze [03:39] PepsiHiding: Swayze! [03:40] PepsiHiding: That amount of ashtrays seems excessive... [03:40] Fernin: heh, indeed... and it's not like they can't ask for more if they need more, or empty the ashes out if they get filled [03:40] PepsiHiding: And why'd he count? [03:40] Fernin: but, it is the 50's, and damn near all of those guys smoke [03:40] PepsiHiding: You'd think he could just look and say "Well, one of their hands isn't up" [03:41] Ghandi: The Oasis entry was going to happen... though, like anyone else, I'd have laughed if Noel said he was quitting [03:42] PepsiHiding: "Shyeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt!" [03:43] Ghandi: Oasis' fued is going down in music history, even fi their music might not. Sibling rivalry made Oasis great [03:44] Ghandi: If it weren't for the clash of ideas, the brother dynamic, their music wouldn't be what it was. Sometimes you need great conflict to make great music [03:44] *** Ghandi has been kicked from #sydlexia by Fernin: Hush, we're trying to watch a movie here. [03:45] *** Ghandi has joined #sydlexia. [03:45] rossrifle: burn [03:45] Ghandi: Not a good one though [03:45] Ghandi: Just edit me out, like we did during G.W. Presidency [03:45] PepsiHiding: Oasis sucks [03:46] PepsiHiding: They sat around and rewrote their two or three good songs over and over again... [03:46] Ghandi: "Where were you while we were getting high?" [03:46] PepsiHiding: A good career does not that make [03:46] Ghandi: Bes line ever :) [03:46] Ghandi: Maybe, but 1000s of careers were bult and sustained doing that [03:46] PepsiHiding: Shush, you're distracting me [03:46] TheThunderThief: Radar? [03:46] TheThunderThief: !ping [03:47] *** swayzes_revenge has signed off IRC (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.5.3/20090824101458]). [03:49] PepsiHiding: Ready [03:49] Fernin: TT? [03:49] Fernin: ...TT...? [03:49] TheThunderThief: go [03:49] Fernin: ah, k [03:50] Fernin: yes, go [03:51] PepsiHiding: Hmm, the jacket's a nice step, but if it's /that/ hot, you'd think he'd take his hat off [03:52] Fernin: heh, quite true [03:53] *** rossrifle has signed off IRC (Quit: #yhiselamu | (Link: [03:53] * Ghandi goes back to watch Big Trouble in Little China [03:57] Fernin: heh, snarky little response there... "after being hit" [03:59] Fernin: bam, first upset [03:59] TheThunderThief: nice [04:00] PepsiHiding: Ready [04:00] Fernin: go [04:01] PepsiHiding: What is it, eighty percent of heat escapes through your head? [04:01] PepsiHiding: And on the hottest day of the year you aren't taking off your hat? [04:01] PepsiHiding: Really? [04:01] PepsiHiding: The music's... odd [04:02] Fernin: it's rather subtle throughout the film [04:03] PepsiHiding: That's probably why it was so strange when it tookj the forefront there [04:08] PepsiHiding: Heh, if we're going to continue watching '50s movies, you should program Lexy a currency inflator :D [04:08] Fernin: hehe [04:09] PepsiHiding: May I make a prediction? [04:09] Fernin: You may [04:09] PepsiHiding: I'm thinking he's going to be guilty in a crazy lemon twist [04:11] PepsiHiding: Ready [04:11] TheThunderThief: x2 [04:11] Fernin: go [04:12] Fernin: talk about insensitive... [04:13] PepsiHiding: He REALLY hasn't connected this yet? [04:14] Fernin: terrible defense attorney, remember? [04:16] TheThunderThief: Observant old man [04:18] Fernin: heh, corrected by a foreigner, old timey zing [04:18] TheThunderThief: Grammar nazis exisred way back when lol [04:18] TheThunderThief: existed even [04:18] PepsiHiding: "He don't even speak good English"? [04:19] PepsiHiding: That's such obvious irony... pshh [04:21] PepsiHiding: Estoy listo [04:21] TheThunderThief: ^ [04:22] Fernin: sorry, don't know the Spanish word for go... so, go! [04:22] PepsiHiding: You coudlve' at least said "El go-o!" [04:22] Fernin: ...true [04:23] PepsiHiding: The scream wasn't very loud? [04:31] PepsiHiding: Oh ho ho [04:32] Fernin: lovely how he keeps disproving his own arguments [04:32] PepsiHiding: Ready [04:32] TheThunderThief: ready [04:32] Fernin: part 7, go [04:34] PepsiHiding: lol, can't notice those backdrop mattes at all... [04:35] PepsiHiding: He /still/ hasn't taken of the damned hat? [04:35] PepsiHiding: Look at him, he's fucking drenched, his shirts all loose... but he still has the hat... [04:35] PepsiHiding: What's he hiding?! [04:36] Fernin: I guess he just /really/ likes that hat [04:37] PepsiHiding: Fashion knows no season [04:40] Fernin: least he's in the best position for the fan [04:42] PepsiHiding: R [04:42] PepsiHiding: E [04:42] PepsiHiding: A [04:42] PepsiHiding: D [04:42] TheThunderThief: ready [04:42] PepsiHiding: Y [04:43] Fernin: part 8, go [04:43] TheThunderThief: combo broken [04:47] PepsiHiding: I think I'd be pretty damned uncomfortable to be that guy, right now... [04:48] PepsiHiding: Everyone taking turns to pretend stabbing him like that [04:48] Fernin: agreed, he shows a lot of nerve to not even flinch [04:50] TheThunderThief: reminds me of Al Bundy [04:53] PepsiHiding: Grand spot for a part break [04:53] PepsiHiding: Ready [04:53] Fernin: part 9, go [04:53] Fernin: prejudice is indeed an evil thing [04:54] PepsiHiding: What an annoying voice to do a monologue like this [04:55] PepsiHiding: I could just imagine Opie sitting on his lap [04:59] Fernin: observant old man to the rescue again [04:59] PepsiHiding: She wears glasses?! [04:59] PepsiHiding: Okay, I can take a bad lawyer to a point, but she wears glasses?! And they didn't bring that up?! [05:03] TheThunderThief: as an aside, he looks like the GMan [05:04] Fernin: last part... last dissenting man [05:04] TheThunderThief: also finished [05:04] PepsiHiding: Ready [05:04] Fernin: part 10, go [05:06] PepsiHiding: I know, /he/ did it! [05:08] PepsiHiding: The music seems much more appropriate this time around [05:09] PepsiHiding: Huzzah! [05:10] Fernin: John Fielder, I know I recognize his voice from something... now to look up what [05:10] PepsiHiding: That was enjoyable, though far too trite [05:10] PepsiHiding: Well, I give it four Sweaty Jack Wardens out of five [05:11] Fernin: oh, that's who it is... John Fiedler was the voice of Piglet in Winnie the Pooh [05:12] PepsiHiding: Ah, thst definitely fits, yeah [05:13] Fernin: it's easily one of my favorite movies... great actors, good writing, great emotion from everyone [05:16] Fernin: not a very good MSLT3K, admittedly, but worth watching