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The Shining was the nineteenth movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of FigNewton, Fernin, TARDISman, and TheThunderThief.


[00:10] <@LowEndLem> okay, loaded enough
[00:10] <@LowEndLem> say when �
[00:10] * @Mr_Scotty ( Quit (Client closed connection�)
[00:10] <@LowEndLem> ....
[00:11] <+not_sure> is that the signal?
[00:11] <@LowEndLem> no it is not. �
[00:11] * +not_sure rewinds �
[00:11] * Mr_Scotty ( has joined #MSLT3K
[00:11] <Mr_Scotty> ready
[00:12] <Mr_Scotty> I guess I'll fill in for fig
[00:12] <Mr_Scotty> SO who's ready?
[00:12] <@LowEndLem> we good then?
[00:12] <Mr_Scotty> *So �
[00:12] <@Fernin> well, we were ready when you first asked us, but when you disappeared, we all said fuck it and closed all the youtube windows
[00:12] <Mr_Scotty> ...
[00:12] <Mr_Scotty> Seriously?
[00:12] <+not_sure> stop that
[00:12] <@Rycona> Youtube? OH!
[00:13] <@LowEndLem> HOLY SHIT. REALLY?
[00:13] <@Rycona> I thought this was on Redtube...
[00:13] <@LowEndLem> *facepalm* �
[00:13] <@Fernin> yes, we're ready, do your Fig impression already
[00:13] <Mr_Scotty> Okay a go go go
[00:13] <@Rycona> Ah, WB.
[00:13] <+not_sure> I'm officially using all my "ready's" in advance
[00:14] <+not_sure> so I don't say to say so each time
[00:14] <Mr_Scotty> ominous music lets you know it's a horror
[00:14] <+not_sure> have to say so*
[00:14] <@Rycona> Lazy robot.
[00:14] <@LowEndLem> I spy....
[00:14] <@LowEndLem> nothing. I lied.
[00:14] <Mr_Scotty> I spy your mom
[00:15] <@LowEndLem> yaay, kubrick
[00:15] <+not_sure> also, a scene is cut from this, from what I saw in the comments ahead
[00:15] <@Rycona> This is National Lampoon's Scary Abandoned Hotel Vacation, right?
[00:15] <+not_sure> real shame
[00:15] <@LowEndLem> also, i'm probably a few seconds ahead �
[00:15] <@Fernin> I'm guessing it has to do with a bathtub, NS?
[00:15] <+not_sure> that's the one �
[00:15] <@Fernin> thought as much
[00:16] <@LowEndLem> Christ, I'm already bored.
[00:16] <+not_sure> it's Kubrick :P
[00:16] <@LowEndLem> This better be like, an orgasm of a movie.
[00:16] <Mr_Scotty> The intro could have been easily made on windows movie make
[00:16] <@LowEndLem> I literally better jizz. I gave up porn to watch this �
[00:16] <@Fernin> it was 1970 something, give 'em a break, Hack
[00:16] <+not_sure> 80
[00:16] <+not_sure> well, released, anyway
[00:17] <@Rycona> This movie is brought to you by
[00:17] <+not_sure> ha
[00:17] <Mr_Scotty> how punny
[00:17] <@Rycona> Someday, I'll turn that p into an f. �
[00:17] <@Fernin> humorously enough, any movies I put up were gotten via
[00:18] <@Rycona> Hahaha.
[00:18] <@Rycona> Secret pun.
[00:18] <@Rycona> Not even I knew about it!
[00:18] <@LowEndLem> that kid is all fucked up
[00:18] <Mr_Scotty> The mother is as well
[00:18] <@Rycona> It's because his mom smokes at the fucking table while he eats his meals.
[00:19] <Mr_Scotty> facially anyway �
[00:19] <@Fernin> read the book, Danny's alter-ego is just plain awesome in the book �
[00:19] <@Fernin> he's barely even touched upon in the movie
[00:19] <+not_sure> I heard King didn't like the movie
[00:19] <@Rycona> Some people get emphysema or cancer... some start expressing themselves through a finger.
[00:19] <Mr_Scotty> IF i randomly DC go on without me
[00:20] <@Rycona> I haven't read the book. Damn.
[00:20] <Mr_Scotty> Your mom expresses herself with her finger
[00:20] <@Rycona> I didn't know Pat Sajak ran a hotel. �
[00:20] <@Fernin> yay, seclusion!
[00:20] <@Rycona> Yea, usually the middle one. �
[00:20] <@Fernin> yay, sanity-draining seclusion!
[00:20] <@LowEndLem> im hungry.
[00:21] <@LowEndLem> I wish i was a repairman in a very out of the way hotel where no one can find me
[00:21] <Mr_Scotty> You'd jack off in a closet
[00:21] <@Rycona> I'd jack off on all the elevator buttons.
[00:22] <@Rycona> It's like the ass pennies system of self-confidence with elevator buttons.
[00:22] <@LowEndLem> I would really just walk around without pants, randomly touching myself
[00:22] <@Rycona> Hmm... this feels like foreshadowing.
[00:22] <@Rycona> Nahhhh.
[00:22] <Mr_Scotty> gah mine froze
[00:23] <@LowEndLem> fail
[00:23] <@Rycona> I don't like Stuart spelled with the U.
[00:23] <Mr_Scotty> okay
[00:23] <@LowEndLem> "By the way, your predecessor died."
[00:23] <Mr_Scotty> its back �
[00:23] <@Fernin> good for you, Hack, we don't particularly care
[00:23] <@Rycona> "Oh, it is because you need a LITERARY DEVICE?"
[00:24] <@LowEndLem> okay, mine finished
[00:24] <@LowEndLem> on to next?
[00:24] <@Rycona> Don't forget, NS is ready.
[00:24] <@Rycona> Lazy bastard.
[00:24] <+not_sure> :P
[00:24] <@Rycona> ^_^
[00:24] <+not_sure> you're just jealous you didn't think of it
[00:24] <@LowEndLem> just say when, boyos
[00:25] <Mr_Scotty> ready
[00:25] <Mr_Scotty> go
[00:25] <@LowEndLem> god, that's disturbing.
[00:25] <Mr_Scotty> gah i gotta go �
[00:25] * Mr_Scotty ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.5.7/20091221164558]�)
[00:25] <+not_sure> ask Tony is he knows the winning lotto numbers
[00:25] <@Rycona> If my kid ever does that, he's going to grow up in the basement.
[00:26] <@LowEndLem> why's his finger named "tony" of all thing-THAT'S NOT WIERD AT ALL. �
[00:26] <@Fernin> man, I wanna say what Tony is, but I can't remember if it's said in the movie, and I don't wanna say much about Danny
[00:26] <+not_sure> "That's strange, usually the blood gets off at the third floor."
[00:26] <@Rycona> It's Tony Danza, the one true god.
[00:27] <@LowEndLem> is he not wearing pants?
[00:27] <@Rycona> /What/ he is??
[00:27] <@Rycona> ...I don't remember anything like that being addressed.
[00:27] <@Rycona> It's been a long time though. �
[00:27] <@Fernin> like I said, in the book :3
[00:28] <@Rycona> Damn it! �
[00:28] <@Fernin> it really deeply goes into Tony and Danny
[00:28] <@LowEndLem> "No, Tony's my finger. I'm not crazy!"
[00:28] <@Rycona> The books are always better.
[00:28] <@LowEndLem> I dunno, the film version of Back Door Sluts 6 was better than the book.
[00:28] <@Rycona> I named my fist "Mouthshutter Willie."
[00:28] <@Rycona> Touché, Lem. �
[00:28] <@Fernin> I think he is wearing really short shorts [00:29] <@Rycona> I had an English teacher that dressed like his mom. �[00:29] <@Fernin> if he wasn't, it makes that scene far more fucked up [00:29] <+not_sure> mentally, on the otherhand... [00:29] <@LowEndLem> "Aside from the fact my son's batshit insane, he's fine!" [00:30] <@Rycona> Autohypnosis? Is this a Christine tie-in? [00:30] <@Rycona> Looks like she smokes 100's. [00:31] <@Rycona> Watch the cigarette... [00:31] <@Rycona> Continuity... �[00:32] <@Fernin> "Oh, my husband dislocated my son's arm, it's no big deal" [00:32] <@LowEndLem> yes, because i care about that when I'm worried about my son being crazy! [00:32] <@Rycona> "Also, he can shoot fire out of his eyes. It's so cute!" [00:33] <@LowEndLem> That's the look of a happy father! [00:33] <@Rycona> That's why he goes nuts. Too little oxygen. �[00:33] <@Fernin> The Donnor Party, a /great/ thing to bring up with your 6 year old! [00:33] <@Rycona> Covered Wagon Times = 1960's [00:33] <@LowEndLem> I figured it was because Tony's all sortsa fucked up [00:34] <@LowEndLem> WHO LET HIM WATCH THAT �[00:34] <@Fernin> NS, have you read the book? [00:34] <@Rycona> Jack looks crazy even before he becomes crazy. I'd say it's foreshadowing, but Nicholson looks like that all the time anyway. [00:34] <+not_sure> nope �[00:34] <@Fernin> haha, so true, Ry �[00:35] <@Fernin> this is our second Nicholson movie this week, actually, we watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest a few days ago [00:35] <@Rycona> Now Sajak looks like Kinnicky (sp). �[00:35] <@Fernin> where he played another crazy man :D [00:35] <@Rycona> Really??? [00:35] <@Rycona> That movie is awesome. [00:35] <@LowEndLem> "Can't wait to chop it up with an axe" [00:35] <@Rycona> I watched that again a few weeks ago. It's one of the few DVDs I actually have. �[00:35] <@Fernin> next part! �[00:35] <@Fernin> I know you're all ready, so go! [00:36] <@LowEndLem> "Oh, it's b eautiful, until the blood explodes off the elevators and the tiny demon girls appear [00:36] <@Rycona> Royalty are really the best people. �[00:36] <@Fernin> speak of the tiny demon devils [00:37] <@LowEndLem> DUN DUN DUNNNNNN [00:37] <@Rycona> New friends. [00:37] <@Rycona> Yay. [00:37] <@LowEndLem> Or he can just break in to any room he wants [00:37] <@Rycona> "Quarters? I thought I was getting $30,000 a year?!" [00:37] <+not_sure> shame, when he finds new kids to play with they turn out to be evil �[00:38] <@Fernin> well, not really evil, just kinda dead [00:38] <@Rycona> Feel free to roam around with any AXE of your choosing. [00:38] <@LowEndLem> "Because we're geniuses!" [00:39] <@Rycona> Haha. I forgot about the Indian burial ground. I was actually just going to make a comment before he said it. �[00:39] <@Fernin> King loved his Indian burial grounds [00:39] <@Rycona> I'm guessing this place turns into a casino in the sequel. [00:40] <@LowEndLem> or both! [00:40] <@Rycona> But it doesn't have one signle toaster. [00:41] <@Rycona> single* [00:41] <@LowEndLem> "Where you will probably be locked" [00:41] <@LowEndLem> STEAK!!! �[00:41] <@Fernin> Walk-in freezer, which naturally locks from the outside [00:41] <@Rycona> "...and 14 dead bodies" �[00:42] <@Fernin> Whoops! Shit, got caught red-handed reading your son's mind. [00:42] <@LowEndLem> foooooreshadowing [00:42] <@Rycona> Black people naturally assume that all white people are doctors. [00:42] <@Rycona> The tea is ready! [00:42] <@Rycona> Someone take the water off the heat! [00:43] <@LowEndLem> turn off the goddamn steamwhistle! [00:43] <@Rycona> Dried dreams [00:43] <@Rycona> Ice Cream is the ultimate parenting tool. [00:44] <@LowEndLem> that and beatings. [00:44] <@Rycona> The light and dark side of parenting. [00:45] <@LowEndLem> but which is which.... [00:45] <@LowEndLem> DUN DUN DUNNN [00:46] <+not_sure> He tells me to burn things [00:46] <@Rycona> What a perfect cutoff point. �[00:46] <@Fernin> Tony told Danny plenty about this place, he told him to stay the fuck away. �[00:46] <@Fernin> Danny should've listened [00:47] <@LowEndLem> hang on [00:47] <@LowEndLem> lemme queue up part 7 [00:47] <@LowEndLem> readu [00:47] <@Rycona> Ready. �[00:47] <@Fernin> k, go [00:48] <@Rycona> I prefer the Undertouch Hotel myself. [00:48] <@LowEndLem> har har [00:49] <@Rycona> Can anyplace be THAT shining?? �[00:49] <@Fernin> The hotel's haunted, kid. The ghosts're gonna slaughter ya. [00:50] <@Rycona> So, is that why my $15,000 diamond-encrusted Timex watch always points to 7:? �[00:50] <@Fernin> My porn collection's in room 237, keep away from it, kid [00:50] <@LowEndLem> crazy porn stealing kids [00:50] <@Rycona> Aunt Jemina's Jugs. [00:51] <@Rycona> ...of pyrup. [00:51] <@Rycona> syrup* [00:51] <+not_sure> and don't be reading my mind between 11 and 12 at night! [00:51] <@Rycona> Yes! Power Wheel! [00:51] <@LowEndLem> Big Wheels kick ass! [00:52] <@LowEndLem> "Wake up, failed author that is my husband!" [00:52] <@Rycona> Good, some protein to get my brain all crazy. [00:53] <@Rycona> Can axe-wield on an empty stomach. [00:53] <@Rycona> Can't* [00:53] <@LowEndLem> "IT's a nice place to go crazy" �[00:54] <@Fernin> 20 points if you hit the buffalo square between the eyes [00:54] <@Rycona> 30 if it blinks. [00:54] <@LowEndLem> Don't look at the map or anything. [00:55] <@Rycona> Maps are for chumps. [00:55] <@Rycona> Real women and children have no need for maps. [00:55] <+not_sure> mind the skeletons [00:55] <@LowEndLem> and the occasional minotuar [00:56] <@Rycona> What are the Pope and Don King doing in here? [00:56] <+not_sure> Christ, man �[00:56] <@Fernin> that thing is way too damned big for its own good [00:56] <+not_sure> ha... Critic? [00:56] <@Rycona> Yup. �[00:57] <@Fernin> a nifty hedge maze is one thing, but seriously... the amount of upkeep it'd take for that is beyond ridiculous [00:57] <@Rycona> OH MY GOD! TUESDAY! [00:57] <@Rycona> Maybe it's all fake. [00:57] <@Rycona> That's the only plausible way. [00:57] <@Rycona> Is that a can of egg yolks? [00:57] <@LowEndLem> Yes [00:57] <@Rycona> Botulism supreme. �[00:58] <@Fernin> they're getting ready for a Rocky marathon [00:58] <@Rycona> ".....poooooorrrrrnnn." [00:58] <@LowEndLem> next? �[00:58] <@Fernin> next �[00:58] <@Fernin> go! [00:59] <@LowEndLem> go? �[00:59] <@Fernin> yes, go [00:59] <@LowEndLem> went! [00:59] <+not_sure> not like the room of ultimate evil is locked or anything [00:59] <@LowEndLem> DUN DUN DUNNNN [00:59] <+not_sure> or maybe it is [00:59] <@Rycona> Evil knows no bounds... or locks. [00:59] <@LowEndLem> GAh [00:59] <@Rycona> If only I had an axe... [00:59] <@LowEndLem> That actually creeped me out [:00] <+not_sure> Quit smothering me! �[:] <@Fernin> really, what was the point of interrupting him just to tell him it's gonna snow? [:] <@LowEndLem> exposition �[:] <@Fernin> what did you expect, was he gonna jump up and down for joy, was he gonna break down crying? �[:] <@Fernin> ...though, it does beg the question, how's she supposed to know where he is, if she doesn't enter the room to see if he's there? [:] <@LowEndLem> turn off the goddamn steam whistle! �[:04] <@Fernin> Thursday was a helluva day [:04] <@LowEndLem> TURN IT THE HELL OFF. I WILL FIGHT YOU. [:04] <@LowEndLem> thank you. [:07] <@LowEndLem> So, that's creepy [:07] <@LowEndLem> ack! [:07] <@Rycona> Let's play doctor, doc. [:07] <+not_sure> damn kids and their overactive imaginations [:07] <@Rycona> Fix these people. �[:07] <@Fernin> yay for psychic seeing-into-the-past abilities! �[:07] <@Fernin> just what every 6 year old kid needs in a hotel filled with murder victims! [:08] <@Rycona> I prescribe Ritalin. [:08] <@Rycona> I how Tony would manifest if Danny lost all of his fingers? [:08] <@LowEndLem> toes. [:08] <@LowEndLem> or his penis. [:09] <@Rycona> Boners make me evil. �[:09] <@Fernin> try taking those boots off if you don't want to make a sound [:10] <@Rycona> So I can blow smoke on your peanut butter sandwiches. �[:10] <@Fernin> next part, set �[:10] <@Fernin> and go [:11] <@Rycona> Don't wake daddy. [:11] <@Rycona> Oh. [:11] <@Rycona> Too late, game over. [:11] <@LowEndLem> and DIE [:11] <@Rycona> I love the mirror shot. [:11] <@Rycona> in the* �[:12] <@Fernin> does the audio seem de-synched to anyone else? [:13] <@Rycona> I was just going to ask that. [:13] <+not_sure> yeah �[:13] <@Fernin> man, that's gonna bug me the rest of the movie now... [:13] <@Rycona> What terrible English dubbing. [:13] <@Rycona> Hopefully it's only this part. [:14] <+not_sure> of course I would! err I mean wouldn't. Wouldn't. [:14] <@Rycona> "Ehhh... probably not." [:14] <@LowEndLem> creeeepy [:14] <@Rycona> The more I watch this, the more I want to read the book. [:14] <@Rycona> Damn you, Fernin! �[:15] <@Fernin> gimme about... 10 minutes [:15] <@Rycona> Making me want to read. [:16] <@Rycona> Sweet Apollo sweater. [:16] <+not_sure> oh shit �[:16] <@Fernin> Is that... Is that?! 237?!?! Oh, no, wait, it's 327, nevermind [:16] <@LowEndLem> why is she doing all the matenince? �[:16] <@Fernin> because he's gone insane already, she's just pretending not to notice [:17] <@LowEndLem> oh �[:17] <@Fernin> ...not really, but apparently I wasn't far off �[:17] <@Fernin> and, uhh... *cough* *cough* [:17] <+not_sure> Dammit! stop bothering me! You know how i always like to scream for inspiration [:18] <@Rycona> Awesome. Thanks, Fer. �[:18] <@Fernin> I think I'll actually spend the next couple nights re-reading that myself �[:19] <@Fernin> I dunno if this is where the scene was deleted or not... NS? [:19] <@LowEndLem> "autoerotic asphxyation" [:20] <+not_sure> not yet, I think [:20] <@Rycona> He's been hanging out with David Carradine again. [:20] <+not_sure> maybe... I don't remember �[:21] <@Fernin> part 7, ready, and set [:21] <+not_sure> ah... comments in part 8 talk about it �[:21] <@Fernin> and go �[:22] <@Fernin> Welcome to the Insano-Bar! You must be this insane to drink here. [:23] <@LowEndLem> Oh, insanity is awesome. [:24] <@LowEndLem> Hey, Jack's drinking Jack! [:24] <@Rycona> White man's burden? [:24] <@Rycona> What? Success and affluence? [:24] <@LowEndLem> I just slapped myself for that joke. [:24] <@Rycona> Not only are his characters named after himself, but so is the alcohol he drinks. [:25] <@Rycona> The upstairs sperm bank? [:26] <@Rycona> I didn't mean to dislocate his arm... I meant to kill him. [:28] <@Rycona> Rinker. What a terrible stage name. �[:29] <@Fernin> ...what, they're fine with the picture of a naked lady? [:29] <@Rycona> It's Arthur "Two Lamps" Jackson. [:29] <@Rycona> A lot of light for so little reading. [:29] <@LowEndLem> STOP RINGING THE BELL [:30] <@LowEndLem> Christ, I hate noises like that. [:30] <@LowEndLem> Oh, you tripped the burgler alarm [:30] <+not_sure> Damn cicadas [:30] <@Rycona> Decorative pillows piss me off. �[:31] <@Fernin> at this point, I'm 99% sure that something that was in the book won't get shown at all... �[:31] <@Fernin> it was supposed to be shown back when they were first touring the hotel �[:31] <@Fernin> but, anyway, onto the next part [:31] <+not_sure> *missing scene* [:32] <@LowEndLem> huh? �[:32] <@Fernin> before we start part 8 [:32] <@Rycona> Let's have a prayer. �[:32] <@Fernin> they cut out the naked old decaying lady in the bathtub scene for youtube [:32] <@LowEndLem> ooooh [:32] <@Rycona> That sucks, but sensible enough. �[:32] <@Fernin> Jack finds her, she gets up and starts walking after him and cackling [:33] <@Rycona> Sexy. �[:33] <@Fernin> despite being fully and obviously dead [:33] <+not_sure> well, we could watch one of the related videos that claim to have it :P [:33] <@LowEndLem> terrifying [:33] <+not_sure> or not �[:33] <@Fernin> okay, go, if you haven't already [:34] <@Rycona> Not even the WWIII phone works. �[:35] <@Fernin> "I'll just lie to my wife and make her think /she's/ the crazy one" [:35] <@Rycona> "There was a nice, naked old lady. She gave me some cookies and told me what a nice boy Danny was." [:36] <@Rycona> Someone call CSI! �[:37] <@Fernin> convenient that his parents keep forgetting he's psychic and can hear them wherever they are [:37] <@LowEndLem> I want some rum now. [:37] <@Rycona> I wonder if there are any beers left... [:37] <@Rycona> I'm sick, but I might have one anyway. [:38] <@Rycona> He could get by Boulder if he had the HAMMER instead of the AXE. �[:38] <@Fernin> I'm not gonna let you fuck this up! I'ma fuck it up myself! [:40] <@Rycona> I'm too lazy to call you back. [:40] <@Rycona> I didn't know NS was a cop... or whatever. [:41] <@Rycona> Ghosts don't need money. [:43] <@Rycona> No club soda? [:43] <@Rycona> Or is that just a woman thing? [:44] <+not_sure> one sec. bathroom [:44] <@Rycona> Seems like everyone's getting too wrapped up in the movie to make comments. [:44] <@Rycona> I'm grabbing a beer. [:45] <@LowEndLem> I was reading TvTropes.... [:45] <+not_sure> ok �[:45] <@Fernin> bah you, Lem, you're the one who hasn't seen it [:45] <@LowEndLem> I have it open next to me [:45] <@LowEndLem> two windows [:45] <@LowEndLem> i flicked between both. [:45] <@LowEndLem> besides, tvtropes! [:46] <@Rycona> I need to dig into that site a bit more too. [:46] <@Rycona> And damn it, the beer is gone. [:46] <@Rycona> Probably for the best, since I just took some Tylenol and am sick. �[:46] <@Fernin> okay, all set for part 9, where it starts to get even freakier �[:46] <@Fernin> go [:46] <@LowEndLem> kk [:48] <@LowEndLem> the look on his face is epic �[:48] <@Fernin> two daughters, twins, like wearing blue and being eviscerated [:48] <+not_sure> i'm a big fan. [:48] <+not_sure> any advice? [:48] <@LowEndLem> ok, now the look is actually terrifying. [:50] <@Rycona> What time are you guys at? I think I'm a bit behind you. �[:50] <@Fernin> 3:45 right now [:50] <+not_sure> 3:50 [:51] <@Rycona> Yea, I was 30 seconds behind. [:51] <@Rycona> Thanks. [:51] <@LowEndLem> I'm at 4:35 [:51] <@Rycona> Or a spanking. [:52] <@Rycona> Or a killling. [:52] <@LowEndLem> with a hatchet �[:52] <@Fernin> You can do a lot of... corrrecting with a... dammit, Lem beat me to it [:52] <+not_sure> Gave her a real hatchet job [:52] <@Rycona> Hahaha. [:53] <@Rycona> I'd rather call the Power Rangers. [:53] <+not_sure> Danny, you know you're not old enough to drink. �[:53] <@Fernin> Are you having a bad dream... with your eyes open? [:54] <@Rycona> Stop pouring food coloring into Daddy's alcohol. [:54] <@Rycona> At least the demon has respect. [:54] <@LowEndLem> Would you like to leave a message? [:54] <@Rycona> Danny is sleepdemoning again. [:55] <@Rycona> 1 + 12 = 13!!! [:56] <@LowEndLem> flimsy.... [:57] <@LowEndLem> next �[:57] <@Fernin> part 10, the spoooooky airplane ride [:57] <@LowEndLem> serioisly? �[:57] <@Fernin> go [:57] <@Rycona> Someone's watching Heroes on the plane. [:58] <+not_sure> "kill kill kill kill kill kill"... writer's block. oh! "kill kill kill" [:] <@Rycona> Oh shit. I left my cows outside! [:] <@Rycona> Let me put my cigarette out in your chocolate milk. [:] <@LowEndLem> roadrunner fixes everything [:] <@LowEndLem> even demon possession [:] <+not_sure> I didn't even know there was a roadrunner theme song [:] <@Rycona> No baseball allowed in the hotel. �[:] <@Fernin> holding it at the bottom will give you a better swing, lady, no need to choke up on it so much [:] <@Rycona> She's always been a bunter. [:] <+not_sure> "feelin' fine." Oh, well that's good. [:04] <@LowEndLem> I actually wrote that on an English assignment i didn't feel like doing one day. [:04] <@LowEndLem> My tacher was not amused. �[:04] <@Fernin> haha [:04] <@LowEndLem> *teacher [:04] <@LowEndLem> best novel ever! [:04] <@Rycona> I would act like I wasn't, but deep down, I'd be proud. [:05] <+not_sure> Is this how King pads his novels? [:05] <@LowEndLem> yeah, it actually says that on a few pages of Christine [:] <@Rycona> Hmmm. �[:] <@Fernin> "You're batshit insane. Anything else new with you?" �[:07] <@Fernin> next part, set? [:08] <@LowEndLem> tep [:08] <@Rycona> Yup. �[:08] <@Fernin> go [:09] <@Rycona> Fucking ads. No, I don't want to cartoon myself. [:10] <@Rycona> And since when is cartoon a transitive verb? �[:10] <@Fernin> �[:10] <@Fernin> you have ads on youtube or something? [:10] <@Rycona> Just one of those ads that popped up over the bottom of the movie. �[:10] <@Fernin> ahh, that kind of ad [:11] <@LowEndLem> i had ads [:11] <+not_sure> dammit, woman. sing the bat! [:11] <+not_sure> swing* [:11] <@LowEndLem> that counts as hurting [:12] <+not_sure> this scene is so brilliant �[:12] <@Fernin> now that's a solid double [:12] <@Rycona> Do the stairs get an RBI? [:12] <@LowEndLem> he seems like he had fun with this role. �[:13] <@Fernin> who wouldn't? You get to be batshit insane [:13] <@Rycona> And bathit insane. [:13] <@LowEndLem> Seriously lady? You couldn't UNLOCK IT? [:13] <@Rycona> Chef's get an office? [:13] <@Rycona> * - ' �[:14] <@Fernin> calm down, at least she didn't stick you in the freezer [:14] <@Rycona> I never understood how people can say "I'll forget the whole thing" about something as traumatizing as this. �[:15] <@Fernin> especially when they instigated it themselves [:15] <@LowEndLem> Well shit, she won't [:15] <@LowEndLem> STOP DETAILING YOUR PLAN �[:16] <@Fernin> either I wasn't paying attention, or they skipped the scene showing him dismantling the snow cat [:16] <@Rycona> I don't remember seeing that either. �[:16] <@Fernin> I think they have it as a Surprise! moment in the movie, the book talks about him while he does it [:16] <@LowEndLem> they skipped it �[:17] <@Fernin> in fact, the book has it as a big battle with him, he first considers it early on, and considers it again and again as he loses his sanity �[:17] <@Fernin> it's a much slower process in the book, him going wacko [:17] <@Rycona> I'm afraid I'm going to read the book and hate the movie. [:18] <@Rycona> That's happened with other things. [:18] <+not_sure> Well, movies are movies, books are books [:18] <@Rycona> Although I can still watch It. [:18] <+not_sure> can't cover it all [:18] <@Rycona> True. �[:18] <@Fernin> I've only read the book once, and while the movie does skip out on a lot of stuff from the book... it's still a /damned/ good horror movie �[:19] <@Fernin> part 12, ghosts everywhere! [:19] <@LowEndLem> k �[:19] <@Fernin> and this time I am serious about that, go [:20] <@Rycona> Or the batter of you. [:20] <+not_sure> that was uncalled for [:21] <@Rycona> It's the only word he can muster with his writer's block. [:23] <@Rycona> I wonder if the kid felt a little weird doing this for the movie. �[:23] <@Fernin> I wonder how many takes it took to shoot the scene... [:24] <@Rycona> How cute, a backwards D and R. [:24] <@LowEndLem> "Mommy has a headache, please be quiet" �[:25] <@Fernin> oh, right, the earlier scene that got left out of the movie during the hotel tour... �[:26] <@Fernin> the hotel has a Presidential Suite... that Danny saw blood and brains on the wall of during the tour �[:26] <@Fernin> pales a bit in comparison to the elevator of blood, but it still would've been nice to drive home the "lots and lots and lots of murders have happened here" idea [:26] <@Rycona> I wonder if a King or Dictator would feel insulted staying in a Presidential suite. [:28] <@LowEndLem> stab fail! [:28] <@LowEndLem> shoulda slit his wrist or something [:29] <@Rycona> She doesn't seem to have much proficiency with knives or bats. [:29] <@LowEndLem> part 13! [:29] <@LowEndLem> yaaaaaay [:29] <@LowEndLem> weee [:29] <@LowEndLem> stupid lag. �[:29] * FabriqueAuMexique ( has joined #MSLT3K [:29] <FabriqueAuMexique> Aloha �[:29] <@Fernin> here you are, Fig - [:29] <@LowEndLem> fucking took you long enough! [:30] <@Rycona> Yo, Fig. [:30] <FabriqueAuMexique> Sorry 'bout passing out, earlier [:30] <+not_sure> only 2 parts left [:30] <@LowEndLem> oh, then it's cool [:30] <@Rycona> And one is a penis. �[:30] <@Fernin> also, if you're interested, Fig, here's the novel, in pdf format - [:31] <@Rycona> According to the top comment: "apparenlty kubrick was able to film the whole movie without the little boy realizing it was a horror movie... " [:31] <FabriqueAuMexique> Heh, the novel [:31] <FabriqueAuMexique> No thanks, I've got a real copy [:31] <@Rycona> Well, aren't you a fancy man? [:31] <FabriqueAuMexique> I've heard that before, Ry [:31] <@Rycona> With your physical books. [:31] <FabriqueAuMexique> Anyway, ready [:32] <@LowEndLem> ready �[:32] <@Fernin> I think we're all set, then [:32] <@Rycona> It makes sense though. You don't want to traumatize the poor kid. �[:32] <@Fernin> go! [:32] <FabriqueAuMexique> Ooh, the climactic ending [:33] <@Rycona> You think she'd dispose of that nasty wedding ring. [:33] <@LowEndLem> Worst protaganist ever [:34] <@Rycona> I don't know if I'd call her that. She has a hand in this as well. [:34] <+not_sure> So she married an axe murderer... [:34] <@Rycona> Hehehehe. �[:34] <@Fernin> who's the protagonist, then, Danny? �[:34] <@Fernin> Jack's clearly of the antagonist variety [:35] <+not_sure> I thought Jack was both [:35] <@LowEndLem> sunch nuanced dialoge. [:36] <@Rycona> Danny, I guess, since it's Tony who is the disturbed one... or whatever. [:36] <@Rycona> Poor kid just had shitty parents. �[:36] <@Fernin> hopefully your memory is better than mine, Fig, we need to explain Tony to them, since the movie doesn't bother [:37] <@LowEndLem> what in the holy dicks is going on �[:37] <@Fernin> looks like I was off by a part, /this/ is the one that has ghosts everywhere [:37] <FabriqueAuMexique> I haven't read the book in years :/ [:37] <@LowEndLem> .... [:37] <@LowEndLem> WHAT �[:37] <@Fernin> random furry sex, something wrong with that? �[:37] <@Fernin> ...and yes, that was in the book, as well [:37] <@LowEndLem> on some level, yes. [:37] <@Rycona> It's amazing what people do with less oxygen in the air. [:38] <@Rycona> ...on an old Indian Burial ground... [:38] <+not_sure> Danny come here! I wanna axe you something! �[:38] <@Fernin> the furry sex stuff was actually greatly expanded in the book, there were all sorts of people in masks, and the "dog"... or, bear, or whatever that thing was did a lot more than just look up once [:38] <@Rycona> He must be from the future. [:40] <@LowEndLem> noooooo [:40] <+not_sure> Nooo! not Scatman! [:41] <@LowEndLem> next! [:41] <FabriqueAuMexique> Ready �[:41] <@Fernin> last part! �[:41] <@Fernin> go! [:42] <@Rycona> They're all having a wonderful time. [:42] <@LowEndLem> thats mildly horrifying [:42] <+not_sure> kids aren't that smart [:42] <@Rycona> Now is not the time for breakdancing practice, Danny! �[:42] <@Fernin> they are when they're possessed by themselves [:43] <+not_sure> dalmations, maybe. [:43] <@LowEndLem> BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOD �[:43] <@Fernin> that's who Tony is... Danny, from slightly in the future, psychically talking to himself �[:43] <@Fernin> ...I think, it's also been a long time since I read the book [:43] <+not_sure> that I didn't know [:43] <@Rycona> Danny = Danza. I was right all along. [:44] <@Rycona> Oh Danny Boy... the axe, the axe is calling... [:45] <@LowEndLem> heheheh �[:46] <@Fernin> Muy li's ah fwozhen! [:46] <+not_sure> Nice Stallone [:46] <+not_sure> now do Arnold [:46] <@Rycona> Haha. [:47] <@LowEndLem> close! [:47] <@Rycona> They get away in the Snowcrawler. [:48] <@LowEndLem> thats disturbimg. �[:48] <@Fernin> just wait for the final mindfuck... which was totally invented for the movie [:49] <@LowEndLem> so, he was a ghost, or now he's a ghost among them [:49] <@Rycona> It's the Matrix. �[:49] <@Fernin> to be honest, I'm not sure [:50] <FabriqueAuMexique> Well, that ending was much less satsifying with absolutely no buildup [:50] <@Rycona> Bela Bartok? No shit. [:51] <@Rycona> Leonard does the best hairstyles. [:51] <@LowEndLem> 20's music advisors...picked a song written in the 30's for the credits. [:52] <@Rycona> Fin. [:52] <@LowEndLem> well, that was interesting