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UHF was the twenty-second movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of FigNewton, Fernin, Not_Sure, Mr_Scotty, TARDISman, and Crazy_Bastard.


[00:44:00] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Goo! [00:44:12] <@TARDISman> Spook! Shut up! [00:44:12] <@Crazy_Bastard> RAWR! [00:44:24] <@TARDISman> Orion orion is bankrupt now! [00:44:36] <@Crazy_Bastard> Did he lose his belt? [00:45:06] <@TARDISman> God-damn I love this movie [00:45:07] <@Mr_Scott> ooh UFH in yellow [00:45:38] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ooh, we should do Airheads sometime [00:45:42] <@Crazy_Bastard> OH SNAP [00:45:53] <@Crazy_Bastard> 9literally) [00:45:56] <@Mr_Scott> Oh i heard of this i think [00:46:00] <@TARDISman> Its Indian-Weird Al Yankovic [00:46:15] <@Mr_Scott> missing an A there [00:46:22] <@Crazy_Bastard> hacker, please try to refrain from your normal idiocy [00:46:44] * @TARDISman is doing the lines in sync with the movie [00:46:48] <@Mr_Scott> Cb please try to refrain from your normal assholeishness [00:46:58] <@Fernin> Hack, you've been extra stupid lately, so just hush [00:47:12] <@Mr_Scott> nice [00:47:13] <@TARDISman> Let there be peace in the chatroom or the banhammer shall smite us all! [00:47:13] <@Fernin> I counted at least 5 times of Fig saying Hush to you while I was away today [00:47:16] <@Mr_Scott> death by train [00:47:41] <@Crazy_Bastard> Clearly, weird al is going the wrong way. [00:48:07] <@TARDISman> MY PANTS! [00:48:21] <@Mr_Scott> is that an emmy? [00:48:28] <@TARDISman> Oscar [00:48:32] <@Crazy_Bastard> Woody. [00:48:34] <@TARDISman> Emmies have wings and a globe [00:48:44] <@Fernin> and are for tv shows, not movies [00:49:05] <@Mr_Scott> I knew he was gonna pull some out [00:49:07] <@Crazy_Bastard> Clutch your balls of gold, Oscar! [00:49:24] <@TARDISman> He's ignoring signs left and right [00:49:40] <@Mr_Scott> heh [00:50:12] <@Crazy_Bastard> Canada! [00:50:13] <@TARDISman> Run you crazy singer/songwriter! [00:50:37] <@Mr_Scott> pancake [00:51:13] <@Mr_Scott> This part reminds me of clerks II [00:51:25] <@TARDISman> Much less cursing [00:51:39] <@Crazy_Bastard> UH IT's BIG EDNA [00:51:41] <@Mr_Scott> wow that's big [00:52:03] <@Mr_Scott> My french teachers still bigger [00:52:17] <@Crazy_Bastard> now that is a short car. [00:52:17] <@TARDISman> Fun Fact Learned from the Commentary: Burger World inspired the area from Beavis and Butthead [00:52:17] <@Fernin> love that tiny little car [00:52:24] <@Crazy_Bastard> Reminds me a clown car [00:52:35] <@Fernin> Kuni! [00:52:40] <@TARDISman> Fun Fact Learned from the Commentary: That car was in Its All About the Pentiums [00:52:43] <@TARDISman> KUNI!!! [00:52:44] <@Crazy_Bastard> Wheel of fish man! [00:52:47] <@TARDISman> I've had this!!! [00:52:49] <@Mr_Scott> STUUPID [00:52:52] <@Crazy_Bastard> Really? [00:52:55] <@Crazy_Bastard> nifty... [00:53:00] <@TARDISman> My friend had it with me, he's vegan now [00:53:02] <@Mr_Scott> ...Does that even look good [00:53:07] <@Crazy_Bastard> OH YEAH SPRA THAT CHEEZE WHIZ [00:53:21] <@TARDISman> I like to think I had something to do with it [00:53:31] <@Mr_Scott> Damn a candy gas pump [00:53:54] <@TARDISman> I never noticed that before [00:53:59] <@TARDISman> STUPIIIIID! [00:54:03] <@Crazy_Bastard> heh [00:54:19] <@Mr_Scott> kick his ass [00:54:21] <@Mr_Scott> kick his ass [00:54:41] <@Mr_Scott> aw [00:54:43] <@TARDISman> POTATOES POTATOES! [00:54:50] <@TARDISman> Ready [00:54:52] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready? [00:54:54] <@Fernin> ready [00:54:58] <@Mr_Scott> What he said [00:55:02] <@Crazy_Bastard> yep [00:55:16] <@Crazy_Bastard> say the word. [00:55:32] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Aahh!!! [00:55:45] <@TARDISman> Can we start? [00:55:49] <@Fernin> ...that's a different word than usual [00:55:53] <@FabriqueAuMexique> You guys just said a page and a half of text in a second [00:55:58] <@FabriqueAuMexique> I hate it when that happens [00:56:06] <@Mr_Scott> should we just start this part over [00:56:07] <@FabriqueAuMexique> ANYWAY [00:56:07] <@Crazy_Bastard> Are we starting? [00:56:07] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Goo! [00:56:15] <@Mr_Scott> wow [00:56:15] <@not_sure> this is important [00:56:22] <@Fernin> dammit Hack, you don't start the part until Fig says Go [00:56:23] <@Crazy_Bastard> Sculpt those potatos [00:56:35] <@Mr_Scott> He's said other words than go before [00:56:43] * @Crazy_Bastard smacks hacker [00:56:53] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Like what? [00:57:08] <@Mr_Scott> ...the spanish word for go [00:57:20] <@Crazy_Bastard> Now that is a rubbery face [00:57:21] <@TARDISman> This scene's amazing [00:57:22] <@FabriqueAuMexique> I've definitely played with the format, but I'm pretty sure I've always used the letters "Go" [00:57:23] * @FabriqueAuMexique facepalms [00:57:29] <@Crazy_Bastard> I am currently at !:20 [00:57:33] <@Crazy_Bastard> 1:20 [00:57:36] <@Fernin> same here [00:57:39] <@FabriqueAuMexique> El go-o is /not/ the Spanish word for "go" [00:57:41] <@Crazy_Bastard> good [00:57:46] <@FabriqueAuMexique> I'm about the same [00:57:52] <@Mr_Scott> i skipped back a second [00:57:54] <@not_sure> :/ [00:58:31] <@Crazy_Bastard> THE FATEFUL MOMENT! [00:58:37] <@TARDISman> Plunk!@ [00:58:46] <@Fernin> more of a Sploosh! [00:58:50] * @TARDISman is giggling like a stoned schoolgirl [00:58:51] <@Mr_Scott> poor dog [00:58:59] <@TARDISman> He wouldn't drink! [00:59:15] <@TARDISman> They tried all night to get him to drink and he wouldn't so they just dropped him in there [00:59:16] <@Crazy_Bastard> He deserved it [00:59:16] <@Mr_Scott> i guess I'm two seconds ahead [00:59:29] <@Crazy_Bastard> hacker, shut up about how on time you are. [00:59:37] <@not_sure> uh huh [00:59:43] <@TARDISman> We all have a friend like this guy [00:59:51] <@Mr_Scott> Yup [00:59:55] <@FabriqueAuMexique> lol [01:00:24] <@TARDISman> Philo! [01:00:32] <@Crazy_Bastard> GREAT SCOTT [01:00:55] <@TARDISman> This guy has the best deadpan deleted scene ever [01:01:26] <@Fernin> I think that scene'd be even more fun with how Weird Al's hair is now [01:01:27] <@TARDISman> Not so much deadpan as slow as hell, to the point where you can't stop laughing [01:01:38] <@Crazy_Bastard> heh, it would, fern [01:01:45] <@TARDISman> Definitely [01:01:45] <@Crazy_Bastard> Love that analogy [01:02:10] <@Mr_Scott> crazy bitch [01:02:23] <@TARDISman> If I ever make it as a writer I want to work on remaking it in 20 years [01:02:23] <@Crazy_Bastard> Is that that chick from The Nanny? [01:02:23] <@TARDISman> Or 15 [01:02:27] <@not_sure> yes [01:02:30] <@Fernin> yep, Fran Drescher [01:02:35] <@Crazy_Bastard> Crazy Eddie! [01:02:49] <@TARDISman> I'm gonna club this baby seal! [01:02:59] <@Mr_Scott> ...enough cars to choke a camel? [01:03:06] <@Crazy_Bastard> best. advertising. campaign. ever. [01:03:08] <@TARDISman> Hell. Yes. [01:03:12] <@TARDISman> To both [01:03:51] <@Crazy_Bastard> Dun Dun DUNNNNN [01:04:18] <@Crazy_Bastard> That damn janitor! [01:04:24] <@Mr_Scott> it must be the janitor! [01:04:34] <@Crazy_Bastard> I love him. [01:04:35] <@TARDISman> STANLEY!!!! [01:04:49] <@Crazy_Bastard> ...because you're lonely? :D [01:05:06] <@TARDISman> That stapler! [01:05:40] <@Mr_Scott> whoa is this the guy who plays Kramer on seinfeld [01:05:46] <@Fernin> yep yep [01:05:47] <@TARDISman> Indeed he is [01:05:48] <@not_sure> no kidding [01:05:51] <@Mr_Scott> Sweet [01:05:53] <@Crazy_Bastard> Indubitably [01:05:53] <@Fernin> and he's even more zany in this role [01:06:00] <@TARDISman> Waaaaaaaaaay zanier [01:06:02] <@Crazy_Bastard> Jackass. [01:06:06] <@Mr_Scott> that possible fernin [01:06:12] <@Crazy_Bastard> Insane jackass [01:06:16] <@TARDISman> Its like Normal and Super Saiyan 3 [01:06:34] <@Crazy_Bastard> Chirp...chirp [01:06:36] <@Mr_Scott> oh shi.... [01:06:42] <@TARDISman> Camera kept moving! [01:06:48] <@TARDISman> Ready [01:06:49] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Read-o? [01:06:52] <@Fernin> ready [01:06:56] <@Mr_Scott> oui [01:07:23] <@Mr_Scott> ready [01:07:26] <@FabriqueAuMexique> CB? [01:07:27] <@Crazy_Bastard> ok [01:07:27] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Goo! [01:07:41] <@TARDISman> An AD?! [01:07:58] <@Crazy_Bastard> .the fuck..... it decided to reload [01:08:19] <@Crazy_Bastard> When are we at? [01:08:30] <@TARDISman> 1:10, now [01:08:31] <@not_sure> 1:10 [01:08:42] <@Crazy_Bastard> mmmk Ill catch up in a few [01:08:50] <@Crazy_Bastard> MAH MOP [01:09:41] <@TARDISman> BLIND GUY WITH A RUBIX CUBE! [01:09:53] <@not_sure> hilarious [01:09:54] <@Crazy_Bastard> 2:00? [01:09:55] <@Mr_Scott> ...I think I like his role in seinfeld better [01:09:55] <@TARDISman> I really want to do this at the entrance of my community college sometime with a friend [01:10:01] <@not_sure> 2:40 [01:10:04] <@Crazy_Bastard> dammit. [01:10:09] <@Fernin> Hack, shush, we're not even a third of the way into the movie yet [01:10:28] <@Crazy_Bastard> Sorry about my delay :\ [01:10:49] <@TARDISman> Yeah, its not even at the first Clubhouse scene [01:11:07] <@Crazy_Bastard> I've got 4:00 [01:11:29] <@TARDISman> Close enough [01:11:39] <@Mr_Scott> Broads don't belong in broadcasting [01:11:39] <@Fernin> CB, take the advice you gave Hack, stop worrying about what time you're on [01:11:54] <@Crazy_Bastard> True enough, Sorry. [01:11:54] <@Fernin> at worst, you'll be in synch with us when we get to part 4 [01:12:06] <@Mr_Scott> I didnt say anything about the time im on in several minutes now [01:12:23] <@Fernin> good for you, twit, no one said anything about that [01:12:28] <@TARDISman> Ohhhhhhoohohohoho, I love this scene [01:12:30] <@not_sure> oh.. Emo Philips [01:12:31] <@not_sure> awesome [01:12:43] <@Crazy_Bastard> black guy is all like LOLWUT [01:12:57] <@TARDISman> There're 2 separate deleted endings to this scene, both beyond awesome [01:13:32] <@TARDISman> Classic scene [01:13:49] <@Crazy_Bastard> Spatula City! [01:13:53] <@TARDISman> Spatula city! [01:14:22] * @TARDISman is still saying lines in sync [01:14:32] * @Crazy_Bastard applauds TARDIS [01:14:47] <@TARDISman> This movie is my liiiiiiiiife [01:15:17] <@Crazy_Bastard> hehe, I love the giggle [01:15:28] <@TARDISman> Words can't describe how hilarious this scene is [01:15:32] <@TARDISman> Look up [01:15:37] <@TARDISman> Look down [01:15:44] <@TARDISman> Now look at Mr. Frying Pan [01:15:49] <@Crazy_Bastard> ahahaha [01:16:05] <@Fernin> love that half-assed horn honk [01:16:41] <@Mr_Scott> oh shit moment [01:17:11] <@TARDISman> This is where the line's from [01:17:39] <@Mr_Scott> Guns don't kill people, I do [01:17:44] <@Mr_Scott> thats great [01:18:00] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready?! [01:18:06] <@Fernin> ready [01:18:09] <@Mr_Scott> ready [01:18:11] <@TARDISman> Ready [01:18:20] <@not_sure> listo [01:18:20] <@Crazy_Bastard> One sec lemme put some more popcorn in [01:18:56] <@Mr_Scott> My favourite parody of that guns thing is [01:19:09] <@Crazy_Bastard> Ok, ready [01:19:10] <@Mr_Scott> Guns don't kill people. Husbands who come home early do [01:19:37] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Goo! [01:20:11] <@Mr_Scott> gah that stupid little loading thing is still on my screen [01:20:20] <@Mr_Scott> despite it being fully loaded [01:20:28] <@Fernin> that happens sometimes, annoyingly enough... just gotta deal with it [01:20:39] <@TARDISman> Great song [01:20:52] <@TARDISman> I just listened to a Dire Straits song on West Wing [01:20:58] <@Fernin> fun to think how high tech this was in the '80s [01:20:59] <@Mr_Scott> i like this scene [01:21:14] * @TARDISman sings along [01:21:18] <@Fernin> why is the 3D Jed so fat? [01:21:34] <@TARDISman> Disney. Magic. [01:23:11] <@Crazy_Bastard> George...? Hey george....? [01:23:17] <@Mr_Scott> that hey george thing reminds me of "of mice and men" [01:23:36] <@Crazy_Bastard> ahaha, I love stanley. [01:23:39] <@TARDISman> I was just thinking that [01:23:55] <@Crazy_Bastard> Uh... what the fuck [01:23:56] <@not_sure> wonder if that's intentional or what [01:24:06] <@Crazy_Bastard> My entire screen went green for no reason [01:24:11] <@Crazy_Bastard> LLike the whole LCD [01:24:11] <@TARDISman> Gotta love 80's fashion [01:24:13] <@Mr_Scott> I thought that to NS [01:24:21] <@Crazy_Bastard> ....I might have to leave and come back. [01:24:29] <@Mr_Scott> But then i remembered that of mice and men was made after this [01:24:38] <@not_sure> <_< [01:24:44] <@Mr_Scott> or am i wrong [01:24:49] <@TARDISman> You are [01:24:53] <@Mr_Scott> wow [01:25:01] <@TARDISman> Of Mice and Men is pretty old [01:25:07] * @Mr_Scott is really off today [01:25:22] <@TARDISman> Like, 50 years older [01:25:51] <@Mr_Scott> holy shit i forgot about the novel [01:26:02] <@TARDISman> Go sit in the corner Hack [01:26:08] * @Mr_Scott sits in the corner [01:26:11] <@not_sure> movie [01:26:25] <@TARDISman> Shut up you little weasel! [01:27:19] <@not_sure> heh [01:27:22] <@TARDISman> We all have days like this where we say "Screw it the janitor can have my job I wanna drink" [01:27:29] <@Mr_Scott> He'll make a great uncle nuttso [01:27:33] *** Crazy_Bastard has quit IRC: Ping timeout [01:27:41] <@Fernin> ...Nutsy [01:27:48] <@TARDISman> Nutsy [01:27:49] *** Crazy_Bastard_ has joined #MSLT3K [01:27:49] *** Crazy_Bastard_ is now known as Crazy_Bastard [01:27:56] <Crazy_Bastard> Damn. We still on part 4? [01:27:59] <@Mr_Scott> I think I might die now [01:28:00] <@TARDISman> Yeah [01:28:04] <Crazy_Bastard> Ok, thanks [01:28:05] <@not_sure> 2 minutes left [01:28:14] <@Mr_Scott> I haven't been this off in forever [01:28:34] <@TARDISman> Great scene this [01:28:44] * @TARDISman is reciting this [01:28:51] <@Mr_Scott> and stanley reminds me of fred oddly enough [01:28:54] <Crazy_Bastard> :D [01:29:29] <@Mr_Scott> life is like a mop [01:29:33] <@Mr_Scott> Great [01:29:36] <@TARDISman> Inspired Forrest Gump [01:30:07] <Crazy_Bastard> Awesome analogy. [01:30:12] <@Mr_Scott> Thats funny [01:30:15] <@TARDISman> HEY THESE FLOORS ARE DIRTY AS HELL AND I'M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANY MORE! [01:30:17] <@not_sure> good stopping point [01:30:21] <@Mr_Scott> ready [01:30:21] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready-o? [01:30:24] <@TARDISman> Ready [01:30:24] <@not_sure> err transition [01:30:25] <@Fernin> ready [01:30:29] <@TARDISman> I was worried it'd cut it off [01:30:30] <Crazy_Bastard> one moment [01:30:54] <Crazy_Bastard> Ready [01:31:00] * @FabriqueAuMexique dances the dance of life [01:31:07] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Goo! [01:31:30] <@Mr_Scott> thank you for splitting it after and before for these parts [01:31:50] <Crazy_Bastard> All in a day's work [01:32:20] <@TARDISman> TO STANLEY SPADOWSKI'S CLUBHOUSE! [01:32:39] <Crazy_Bastard> I love his laugh [01:32:59] <@not_sure> skills [01:32:59] <@Fernin> Wheel! Of! Fish! [01:33:01] <@TARDISman> WHEEL! OF! FISH! [01:33:05] <Crazy_Bastard> :D :D :D WHEEL OF FISH [01:33:06] <@Mr_Scott> nice [01:33:13] <@TARDISman> Have you seen the deleted ending Fern? [01:33:22] <@Fernin> yep yep [01:33:27] <@Mr_Scott> Kuni Kicks ass [01:33:39] <@TARDISman> Red Snapper! mmmmmmmmmmmmVery tasty! [01:33:55] <@Mr_Scott> THE BOX [01:33:59] <@Mr_Scott> GO FOR THE BOX [01:34:18] <Crazy_Bastard> NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! STUPIIIIIIIID! YOU SO STUPIIIIID! [01:34:20] <@TARDISman> Stupid! You're so stupid! [01:34:35] * @TARDISman jumps up and down [01:34:39] <@TARDISman> YEEEEEEEEEEES! [01:34:53] <@Mr_Scott> I need to make a demotivational poster with "STUPID! YOU SO SYUPIIID!!!" [01:35:00] <Crazy_Bastard> It's been done [01:35:16] <@Mr_Scott> I'll bet [01:35:21] <@Fernin> every possible... no, every single line from this movie has been made into multiple posters, Hack [01:35:54] <@TARDISman> Look! It sticks! [01:36:19] <Crazy_Bastard> They hate it when you do this! *shake* [01:36:28] * @TARDISman is honestly dying from laughing [01:36:38] <@TARDISman> Oh god the poodles!!!! [01:36:51] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Oh wow [01:36:56] <Crazy_Bastard> ahahahahahaha [01:37:07] <@Mr_Scott> A PILE OF DOGS!!! [01:37:09] <@Fernin> giant pile of poodles [01:37:16] <@TARDISman> They're learning! [01:37:26] <Crazy_Bastard> Slowly, butsurely [01:37:26] <@Mr_Scott> that was horrible tardis :) [01:37:28] <@TARDISman> I've nearly left a message like that [01:38:08] <Crazy_Bastard> Eter insane jackass [01:38:37] <Crazy_Bastard> It's weird to hear that about channel 8, because here channel 8 is PBS [01:38:40] <@TARDISman> Wait, wha-HUUUUUUUUUUUUH?! [01:38:44] <@Mr_Scott> huh [01:38:53] <Crazy_Bastard> No joke [01:39:15] <@TARDISman> Oh god, almost time for another classic... [01:39:29] <@TARDISman> You get to drink from the... FIRE HOOOOOSE!!! [01:39:36] <Crazy_Bastard> fucker, it hung up [01:39:45] <@Mr_Scott> thats what she won :) [01:39:58] <@TARDISman> OOOOOOOOOoohohohohohohoho!!! [01:40:04] <@Fernin> the kid actually did get injured there, if I recall [01:40:16] <@Mr_Scott> Why do i think of cesar romero when i see this guuy [01:40:29] <@TARDISman> And Raul unfortunately died during filming in a car accidnet [01:40:32] <@TARDISman> dent [01:40:56] <@Mr_Scott> there goes the stations budget [01:41:23] <@TARDISman> Dooooooooon't you know the Dewey Decimal System?! [01:41:34] <@Mr_Scott> OWNED [01:41:43] <@TARDISman> Such clean cuts! [01:41:51] <@FabriqueAuMexique> I would love to see Conan the Librarian [01:41:53] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready? [01:41:56] <@Fernin> ready [01:41:59] <@TARDISman> Ready, and Yes [01:42:01] <@Mr_Scott> yeah, ready [01:42:32] <Crazy_Bastard> I'ma run through the shower, start without me I'll be abck soon. [01:42:38] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Okey [01:42:40] *** Mr_Scott sets mode +o Crazy_Bastard [01:42:42] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Goo! [01:42:50] <@Mr_Scott> what about NS? [01:43:09] <@Fernin> pay attention, he said his readies in advance [01:43:22] <@not_sure> laziness [01:43:24] <@Mr_Scott> this add would get a lot of kids to buy that cereal [01:43:39] <@Fernin> this isn't an ad, it's Stanley Spadowski's Clubhouse [01:45:08] <@Mr_Scott> strip solitare [01:45:09] <@Mr_Scott> nice [01:45:15] <@TARDISman> Mikhail Gorbacheov [01:45:29] <@Fernin> Dr. Demento eating whipped cream, gotta love it [01:46:29] <@TARDISman> Hell yeah [01:47:56] <@Mr_Scott> Fig, let that be a lession in gambeling? [01:47:59] <@Mr_Scott> -? [01:49:10] <@Mr_Scott> and -I [01:49:25] <@not_sure> almost [01:50:14] <@Mr_Scott> I'll bet Philo has the money [01:50:44] <@Mr_Scott> Go Philo [01:52:28] <@TARDISman> Sex with Furniture, whaddaya think?! [01:52:58] <@Mr_Scott> do artificial vagina's count as furniture? [01:53:00] <@Mr_Scott> :joke: [01:53:13] <@Mr_Scott> I like that lesbian thing [01:53:31] <@TARDISman> Ready [01:53:33] <@Mr_Scott> ready [01:53:34] <@Fernin> ready [01:53:36] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready? [01:53:58] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Oh yeah, Bastard's off somewhere [01:53:59] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Goo! [01:55:10] <@Mr_Scott> whore yourself out to 50 fat chicks for 100 bucks a piece [01:55:29] <@TARDISman> Keep that Family Guy crap outta here [01:55:41] <@not_sure> and bad math [01:55:47] <@Crazy_Bastard> What part? [01:55:50] <@Mr_Scott> damn mine just decided to re-load [01:55:53] <@Mr_Scott> 7 [01:55:59] <@TARDISman> 7 2 minutes in [01:56:03] <@Crazy_Bastard> still? [01:56:10] <@Fernin> youtube doesn't "decide to reload", it's not a sentient thing with a mind of its own >< [01:56:20] <@Mr_Scott> Might as well be [01:57:27] <@Crazy_Bastard> Uh oh.... [01:57:44] <@Mr_Scott> Go Stanley [01:57:48] <@Crazy_Bastard> I loooooove anchovies [01:58:05] <@Mr_Scott> I've never tried them [01:58:28] * @Crazy_Bastard smacks hacker [01:59:07] <@Crazy_Bastard> somethin' Bluuuueeeee! [01:59:08] <@Mr_Scott> That guy who said the killing stuff reminds me of Biff [01:59:19] * @TARDISman starts singing Bonanza [01:59:40] <@TARDISman> Its like the Internet's sick older brother! [01:59:45] <@TARDISman> Fuck yeah Ghandi! [01:59:50] <@Crazy_Bastard> I love that yodeler. [01:59:52] <@Mr_Scott> Kick ass [02:00:09] <@Fernin> that's the director of the movie there, as Ghandi [02:00:14] <@FabriqueAuMexique> :D [02:00:15] <@Crazy_Bastard> Where is Ghandi, anyway? [02:00:19] <@Crazy_Bastard> :D [02:00:22] <@TARDISman> And Weird Al's manager [02:00:26] <@Mr_Scott> So thats where Ghandi got his avatar from [02:00:27] <@Crazy_Bastard> i did not know that [02:00:34] <@TARDISman> Hell yeah [02:00:35] <@not_sure> Gandhi [02:00:38] <@Crazy_Bastard> I already knew that. [02:00:43] <@Crazy_Bastard> Missspelled it though [02:01:16] <@TARDISman> Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacky foreshadowing or incredible sarcasm? [02:01:18] <@Mr_Scott> Go hobo go [02:01:45] <@Mr_Scott> NS I knew what i was saying [02:02:06] <@not_sure> it's not always about you [02:03:34] <@Crazy_Bastard> THE MOP! [02:03:34] <@Mr_Scott> nice [02:03:38] <@TARDISman> Mooooooooooooop! [02:03:43] <@Mr_Scott> Gotta love that mop [02:03:53] <@TARDISman> Woosh! [02:04:02] <@Mr_Scott> Gotta wonder how we would do as an actual Jedi [02:04:04] <@Crazy_Bastard> and all the empty boxes :P [02:04:09] <@Fernin> Stanley can beat ass with that mop [02:04:25] <@TARDISman> PBHT! [02:04:42] <@Crazy_Bastard> and a staple gun [02:04:49] <@TARDISman> One of them shot their gun! [02:05:00] <@TARDISman> Ready [02:05:01] <@Mr_Scott> ready [02:05:01] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready? [02:05:01] <@Fernin> ready [02:05:15] <@Crazy_Bastard> just a sec [02:05:24] <@Crazy_Bastard> I forgot to preload before the shower [02:05:35] <@Crazy_Bastard> Ok, ready [02:05:36] * @Mr_Scott hits CB [02:05:52] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Goo! [02:05:59] * @FabriqueAuMexique hits Hacker [02:06:07] <@Crazy_Bastard> Thanks, fig [02:06:11] <@TARDISman> Oh balls, its reloading [02:06:58] <@Crazy_Bastard> run george run! [02:07:03] <@TARDISman> Time for the best fantasy ever [02:07:09] <@Mr_Scott> Oh dam [02:07:11] <@Crazy_Bastard> Hell yeah! [02:07:23] <@TARDISman> RAMBO! RAMBO! RAMBO! [02:08:19] <@Crazy_Bastard> If you watch Rambo backwards, it's about slyvester stallone healing people with his magical bullet vacuum [02:08:36] <@Mr_Scott> ...nice [02:09:05] <@TARDISman> Awesome [02:09:11] <@Crazy_Bastard> Undoubtably [02:09:37] * @Mr_Scott snaps his fingers [02:09:40] <@Mr_Scott> Oh no he didn't [02:09:43] <@FabriqueAuMexique> lol [02:10:02] <@Fernin> pimped out helicopter [02:10:15] <@Mr_Scott> what if pimp my ride did a helicopter [02:10:16] <@Crazy_Bastard> Love the fuzzy dice. [02:10:21] <@TARDISman> Totally awesome sequence coming up [02:10:36] <@Mr_Scott> Load it with 50 screens and an X-box 360 then call it pimped I bet [02:10:46] <@Crazy_Bastard> ahahahahahahah [02:10:56] <@Crazy_Bastard> Stanely rocks so hard. [02:11:07] <@TARDISman> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! [02:12:13] <@Crazy_Bastard> :D [02:12:33] <@TARDISman> Dubbed! [02:12:35] <@Mr_Scott> I GOT THE MOP!!! [02:12:39] <@Crazy_Bastard> FUCK YEAH MOP [02:12:51] <@TARDISman> TRIUMPHANT MUSIC!!!! [02:13:05] <@TARDISman> WE DID IT FIGGY! [02:13:13] * @TARDISman tackle-hugs Fig [02:13:14] <@Mr_Scott> WHAT THE HELL?\ [02:13:16] <@not_sure> and they raised nowhere near enough money, roll credits [02:13:37] <@Mr_Scott> The potato of injustice? [02:13:44] <@Crazy_Bastard> The potato of injustice. [02:13:44] <@TARDISman> Yeah but the bad guys got their office trashed, that's a win [02:13:51] <@TARDISman> Ican't hear you! [02:14:38] <@TARDISman> My cat's watching this now [02:14:38] <@Crazy_Bastard> prepare to be owned, jackass. [02:15:00] <@Crazy_Bastard> Your cat is awesome. [02:15:21] <@Crazy_Bastard> I love the popcorn in the beaker. [02:16:48] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Last part [02:16:49] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready? [02:16:50] <@Fernin> ready [02:16:51] <@TARDISman> Ready [02:16:56] <@Mr_Scott> ydaer [02:17:01] <@Crazy_Bastard> Tready [02:17:10] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Goo! [02:17:57] <@Mr_Scott> Dun dun duuun [02:18:49] <@TARDISman> Hey Mishter! [02:19:05] <@Mr_Scott> GO HOBO GO [02:19:24] <@TARDISman> Urgh [02:19:36] <@TARDISman> TRIUMPHANT MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! [02:19:42] <@Crazy_Bastard> Fuck yeah! [02:19:49] <@Mr_Scott> now end with a musical number =D [02:19:54] <@Mr_Scott> or not [02:19:58] <@FabriqueAuMexique> WE DID IT!! [02:20:15] <@Crazy_Bastard> YAY HAPPY FUN FIME FIREWORKS! [02:20:19] <@TARDISman> Nah, end with the villains getting the crap kicked out of them in every way imaginable [02:21:11] <@Crazy_Bastard> pwnt [02:21:14] <@Mr_Scott> midget owned [02:21:14] <@TARDISman> Karma, you sexy bitch! [02:21:18] <@Crazy_Bastard> by a midget! [02:21:43] <@Crazy_Bastard> Bye Philis! [02:21:52] <@FabriqueAuMexique> lol wut [02:21:55] <@TARDISman> Philo! Farewell! [02:21:56] <@Mr_Scott> philis noooooo [02:22:03] <@Crazy_Bastard> sorry, philio :P [02:22:04] <@Fernin> nice Large Marge moment there [02:22:12] <@Mr_Scott> damnit [02:22:14] <@TARDISman> Philo! [02:22:34] <@Mr_Scott> what a touching moment [02:22:46] <@Crazy_Bastard> Damn right it is. [02:22:46] <@Mr_Scott> I mean that [02:23:09] <@TARDISman> Triumphant music, love, a villain being crushed completely, heartwarming moments... gotta love the 80s [02:23:17] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Hahahaha [02:23:27] <@Crazy_Bastard> And the villain crying like a baby [02:23:32] <@Crazy_Bastard> :D [02:23:58] <@Crazy_Bastard> Last Fantasy! [02:23:58] <@TARDISman> And end it with a Gone with the Wind reference [02:24:18] <@Mr_Scott> It would have been funny if they had done some sort of a back to the future parody [02:24:18] * @TARDISman does a standing ovation [02:24:25] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Woo!! [02:24:27] <@Crazy_Bastard> the fuck? [02:24:32] <@Crazy_Bastard> It's already funny hacker. [02:24:39] <@TARDISman> Nah, the series wasn't really established at that point [02:24:47] <@TARDISman> There wasn't even a series I believe [02:24:52] <@FabriqueAuMexique> What year was this? [02:25:04] <@Fernin> UHF was '89 [02:25:05] <@TARDISman> 89 [02:25:07] <@Crazy_Bastard> Anyone here ever seen the Weird al show? [02:25:10] <@TARDISman> So there was actually [02:25:16] <@Mr_Scott> This movie was funny as hell and I'm glad I stayed up to watch it [02:25:25] <@TARDISman> Its a classic