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Across the Universe was the twenty-fourth movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of FigNewton, Fernin, Chivesy, and Mr_Scotty.


[22:10] <@FigNewton> But Goo! [22:11] <@FigNewton> I saw this a bit after it came out [22:11] <@FigNewton> Don't really remember it, hopefully it'll come back to me [22:11] <@Fernin> I got it for my father as soon as it came out on DVD, he's a huge Beatles fan [22:11] <@Mr_Scotty> What exactly is this about [22:11] <@Fernin> just watch, Hack [22:11] <@Fernin> you'll see [22:12] <@FigNewton> Yeah [22:12] <@Mr_Scotty> okay well how is involved with the beetles [22:12] <@FigNewton> Are you one of those people who reads the backs of VHS's? [22:12] <@Mr_Scotty> Only when I have no clue what its about [22:12] * @FigNewton enjoys this chick singing "Helter Skelter" [22:12] <@Fernin> tempted to de-op Hack and ban him just to silence him [22:12] <@Fernin> but that would defeat the purpose [22:13] <@Mr_Scotty> Can't ban me [22:13] <@Mr_Scotty> I'm the founder :p [22:13] <@Fernin> Hack, just shut the fuck up and watch [22:13] <@Fernin> you learn a �lot� more in life by listening and observing than you do by flapping your gums [22:13] <@Mr_Scotty> ...this part reminds me of back to the future [22:14] <@Fernin> by this point, it should be pretty fucking obvious how it's involved with The Beatles [22:14] <@Mr_Scotty> Yeah well I know jack-shit about the beetle's [22:14] <@Mr_Scotty> *beatles [22:16] <@FigNewton> What did she say? [22:17] <@Fernin> no clue... too much accent [22:17] <@Mr_Scotty> okay after reading a review [22:17] <@Mr_Scotty> all this is is a movie about the 60's with beatles songs? [22:18] <@Mr_Scotty> It sounds good [22:18] <@Fernin> jesus fuck, Hack, are you that god damned impatient? [22:18] <@Fernin> you couldn't have just sat and watched? [22:18] <@Mr_Scotty> I hate watching something and having no clue whats it about [22:18] <@FigNewton> Then you pay attention to the movie [22:18] <@FigNewton> And you learn [22:19] <@FigNewton> All my loving, I will send to you... [22:19] <@FigNewton> Great dancing song [22:19] <@FigNewton> Sounds funny without the OOOooo's [22:20] <@Fernin> oh yeah, wanted to mention, I could've easily had this be 12 parts... but I didn't want to split any songs [22:20] <@FigNewton> Ready? [22:20] <@Fernin> ready [22:20] <@Mr_Scotty> yeah [22:20] <@FigNewton> Good job [22:20] <@FigNewton> Goo! [22:20] <@Mr_Scotty> She looks kinda cute [22:21] <@Fernin> take note of who she's singing the song to, Hack [22:21] <@Mr_Scotty> Okay [22:21] <@Mr_Scotty> The football player [22:21] <@FigNewton> Her phrasing during the chorus is prettier than the original [22:21] <@Mr_Scotty> oh... [22:21] <@FigNewton> Not as catchy, though [22:21] <@Mr_Scotty> OH [22:21] <@Mr_Scotty> Thank you fern [22:22] <@Mr_Scotty> I wasn't expecting that [22:22] <@FigNewton> lol "I get high" [22:23] <@Mr_Scotty> He looks like the british guy from "all i like about you" [22:24] <@Mr_Scotty> The guy who got into the car [22:24] <@Fernin> you'd probably know him best as the lead guy in 21... though, his name escapes me right now [22:24] <@Mr_Scotty> I actually dont watch 21 [22:24] <@Fernin> ...21 is the name of a movie, not a show [22:25] <@Mr_Scotty> oh [22:25] <@Fernin> it was a movie about card counting geniuses from MIT [22:25] * @Mr_Scotty confused that with 24 [22:25] <@Fernin> about... 2 years old now, I think [22:25] <@Mr_Scotty> but yeah I've seen 21 [22:27] <@Mr_Scotty> rooftop golfing [22:27] <@Mr_Scotty> ...sounds fun :) [22:29] <@FigNewton> Heh, good cut [22:29] <@FigNewton> Ready? [22:29] <@Fernin> ready [22:29] <@Mr_Scotty> Oh wow this is good [22:29] <@Mr_Scotty> yeah [22:29] <@FigNewton> Goo! [22:29] <@FigNewton> lol at Stephen Harper singing this [22:30] <@Mr_Scotty> damned featured video adds [22:30] <@FigNewton> Get adblock [22:30] <@Mr_Scotty> i should add that to adblock [22:31] <@Mr_Scotty> yay more golfing [22:32] <@Fernin> I definitely prefer the actual song to this [22:33] <@FigNewton> Me as well [22:34] <@Fernin> this one, not nearly as bad [22:34] <@Fernin> though, she does a good job with the songs she gets [22:36] <@Mr_Scotty> Lucy is a realist [22:36] <@Mr_Scotty> And a realist is an optimist with experiance [22:37] <@Mr_Scotty> *experience [22:38] <@Mr_Scotty> "oh my god what will he do" [22:38] <@Mr_Scotty> I love the way he said that [22:38] <@FigNewton> See how he's smoking, Hack? [22:39] <@FigNewton> That's because smoking is cool [22:39] <@Mr_Scotty> yeah [22:39] <@FigNewton> Take note [22:39] <@Mr_Scotty> It makes sense [22:39] <@Mr_Scotty> smoking is cool! [22:40] <@FigNewton> Ready? [22:40] <@Mr_Scotty> /sarcasm [22:40] <@Fernin> ready [22:40] <@Mr_Scotty> ready [22:40] <@FigNewton> Goo! [22:40] <@FigNewton> Mm, love this song [22:41] <@Mr_Scotty> "great music great dop" [22:42] <@Mr_Scotty> *dope [22:42] <@Mr_Scotty> I like this max [22:42] <@Mr_Scotty> he's hilarious [22:44] <@FigNewton> Heh, a hammer [22:45] <@FigNewton> Beautiful [22:46] <@FigNewton> Don't like this take much [22:46] <@Mr_Scotty> ...I walked down here and realized i forgot to pause a secton while it was loading [22:46] <@Mr_Scotty> i heard a girl say somebody des [22:46] <@Mr_Scotty> it had better not be either max or jude [22:47] <@Mr_Scotty> *dies [22:47] <@Fernin> I liked the kid singing, but the choir part isn't that great [22:47] <@Mr_Scotty> the kid died? how? [22:47] <@Fernin> in the riot [22:47] <@Mr_Scotty> oh [22:49] <@FigNewton> Ready? [22:49] <@Fernin> ready [22:49] <@Mr_Scotty> i gotta take a piss [22:52] <@Mr_Scotty> back and ready [22:52] <@FigNewton> Goo! [22:54] <@Mr_Scotty> Whats this song called? [22:54] <@FigNewton> Definitely like this version [22:54] <@FigNewton> "Come Together" [22:54] <@Mr_Scotty> Thanks [22:55] <@Mr_Scotty> Guy barely comes to America and he sees people singing and dancing [22:56] <@FigNewton> Psych slide solos are so bitchin' [22:56] <@Mr_Scotty> hey a pimp [22:58] <@FigNewton> I love hearing all these things that are so totally going over Hacker's head [22:58] <@Mr_Scotty> like what [22:58] <@FigNewton> Damned promiscuous dope fiends [22:58] <@Fernin> haha, yeah [22:58] <@Fernin> She came in through the bathroom window [22:58] <@FigNewton> Yeah, heh [22:59] <@Mr_Scotty> I find those things hilarious [22:59] <@Mr_Scotty> I just cant type fast enough to comment on it [22:59] <@Fernin> >< [22:59] <@FigNewton> This version's totally better than the original [22:59] <@FigNewton> ...Not that that's very hard... [22:59] <@Fernin> you find it hilarious, but you don't know why it's making Fig and I laugh [22:59] <@FigNewton> "Why Don't We Do it in the Road" was such a "Huh?" moment on the White Album [22:59] <@Fernin> numerous things that folks have said as normal lines are song titles or lyrics, Hack [23:00] <@Mr_Scotty> Oh [23:00] <@Fernin> like the paycheck guy who mentioned When I'm 64 [23:02] <@Mr_Scotty> Induction? [23:02] <@FigNewton> Oh [23:02] <@FigNewton> And all the characters are named after songs, too [23:02] <@Fernin> Induction, to be inducted into the army [23:02] <@Mr_Scotty> what's that mean? [23:02] <@Mr_Scotty> Oh [23:02] <@FigNewton> "Hey Jude," "Sexy Sadie," "Maxewell's Silver Hammer," "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," et cetera [23:02] <@Mr_Scotty> Thank you fern [23:02] <@Mr_Scotty> How did that work? [23:02] <@Fernin> the Vietnam war had a draft, any male over 17 who wasn't a student could be drafted into the army [23:02] <@Mr_Scotty> was it like the draft? [23:03] <@Mr_Scotty> Oh [23:03] <@Fernin> wasn't /like/ the draft, it /was/ the draft [23:03] <@FigNewton> The draft for World War 1 was a really big deal up here [23:04] <@FigNewton> Considering Canada's only stake in that war was that England was in it... a lot of people were upset England considered us their soldiers [23:04] <@FigNewton> Ready? [23:04] <@Fernin> ready [23:04] <@Mr_Scotty> ready [23:04] <@FigNewton> Goo! [23:04] <@Fernin> there was a big scare about the possibility of a draft during the war in Iraq, but that was mostly just idiots and folks mudslinging [23:05] <@FigNewton> In an art class once we had to draw with pencils on metre sticks [23:05] <@FigNewton> I disliked that [23:05] <@Mr_Scotty> My dad almost got drafted into the first iraq war [23:06] <@Fernin> tell, how does one "almost" get drafted? [23:06] <@Mr_Scotty> He got a knee injury so they wouldnt let him go [23:06] <@Mr_Scotty> Fernin, try not being an ass [23:06] <@Mr_Scotty> it's way fun [23:06] <@Fernin> stop being stupid and I'll stop being an ass [23:07] <@FigNewton> If we had a draft, I'd be stuck doing intellegence stuff or whatever [23:07] <@Fernin> considering there wasn't a draft in the Gulf War, I'm a little disinclined to believe that, Hack [23:07] <@Mr_Scotty> Not that it'd be my choice but I'd either get sent in as a sniper or computer tech [23:08] <@Mr_Scotty> ...Maybe I'm getting my facts wrong [23:08] <@Mr_Scotty> I'll ask him about it tomorrow [23:09] <@Mr_Scotty> dun dun dunnn [23:09] <@Mr_Scotty> acid? [23:10] <@Fernin> cotton balls [23:10] <@Mr_Scotty> Why? [23:10] <@Fernin> attention, much? [23:11] <@Fernin> one of the guys at the table earlier when he first got the letter said [23:11] <@Fernin> eat a cotton ball, it'll show up as a spot on your lung in the x-ray [23:11] <@Mr_Scotty> oh [23:11] <@Fernin> I don't care much for this version of the song, but the coreography's awesome [23:12] <@FigNewton> Agreed [23:12] <@FigNewton> D: [23:12] <@Mr_Scotty> "learn french or die" [23:13] <@Fernin> same song, different perspective... [23:14] <@FigNewton> Ready? [23:14] <@Fernin> ready [23:14] <@Mr_Scotty> red-E [23:14] <@FigNewton> Goo-o! [23:15] <@Fernin> love this version [23:15] <@FigNewton> This was Julian Lennon's favourite song of his father's [23:16] <@Mr_Scotty> That would be a funky ass paint job [23:16] <@Mr_Scotty> the clouds [23:18] * Chivesy ( has joined #MSLT3K [23:18] <@Mr_Scotty> Fern, I really like the cut job you did on this [23:18] * @FigNewton ( Quit (Quit: �) [23:18] * FigNewton ( has joined #MSLT3K [23:18] * FigNewton pressed the red button [23:19] <Chivesy> This is the part I dislike in the movie... its just so bizarre [23:19] <@Fernin> er, hold up, Chivesy [23:19] <FigNewton> You're on Part 8? [23:19] <@Fernin> we're still halfway through part 7 [23:19] <FigNewton> "Flying" is a pretty song [23:19] <Chivesy> yeah [23:19] <Chivesy> should I wait? [23:19] <FigNewton> Yeah, what Fern said [23:19] <@Fernin> you should [23:19] <FigNewton> We're halfway through seven [23:19] <@Fernin> whole point is being in synch ;) [23:19] <Chivesy> I'll wait and join with you guys [23:19] <@Mr_Scotty> No spoilers chive's [23:19] <@Mr_Scotty> I haven't seen it [23:19] <Chivesy> I won't say anything [23:20] <@Mr_Scotty> cool [23:20] <FigNewton> Original "Blue Jay Way" is much prettier [23:20] * Mr_Scotty sets mode: +oo Chivesy FigNewton [23:20] <@FigNewton> ? [23:20] <@FigNewton> Why didn't ChanServ op me? [23:21] <@Mr_Scotty> Because chanserv is flawed [23:21] <@FigNewton> I super like this "I Am the Walrus" [23:22] <@Fernin> same here, he did a great job with it [23:22] <@Fernin> visuals are exactly what a song like this should have, too [23:22] <@Mr_Scotty> bewbs? [23:23] <@Chivesy> pooooo missing I am the walrus [23:23] <@FigNewton> You know what's hilarious? [23:23] <@FigNewton> The ridiculous amount of arguments and debates that have been had about what they're chanting at the end of this song [23:24] <@FigNewton> Good ol' acid [23:24] <@Mr_Scotty> heh [23:25] <@Mr_Scotty> masturbating aligators? [23:25] <@Chivesy> where??!?!? [23:25] <@Fernin> and eatin taters [23:25] <@Chivesy> lost my interest if they are eating taters [23:26] <@FigNewton> Hah [23:26] <@Mr_Scotty> ready [23:26] <@FigNewton> Ready? [23:26] <@Fernin> ready [23:26] <@Chivesy> ready for what? [23:26] <@Fernin> to start part 8 [23:26] <@FigNewton> Part 8 [23:26] <@Chivesy> o are we starting 8 now? [23:26] <@Chivesy> ready [23:26] <@FigNewton> When I say "Goo" [23:26] <@FigNewton> Goo! [23:26] <@Fernin> start loading part 9, too, Chives [23:27] <@Mr_Scotty> Crazy french bastard [23:27] * @FigNewton likes this take, too [23:28] <@Fernin> Eddie Izzard is very British, thank you [23:28] <@Mr_Scotty> ...Who is that [23:28] <@Mr_Scotty> and yes I'm serious [23:28] <@Fernin> ...The guy talking now [23:28] <@Fernin> the one doing a spoken word version of Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite [23:28] <@Chivesy> this is what I was saying is so weird [23:28] <@Mr_Scotty> I mean "who" is he [23:28] <@Mr_Scotty> what has he done [23:29] <@Fernin> a fairly famous standup comedian and actor [23:29] * @FigNewton turns on, tunes in, and drops out [23:29] <@Mr_Scotty> It sounded familiar [23:29] <@FigNewton> Good ol' Tim Leary [23:29] <@Mr_Scotty> *he sounded [23:30] <@Fernin> heh, lovely rita [23:31] <@Mr_Scotty> orgy! [23:31] <@FigNewton> I liked the cut of "Because" off /Love/ aload [23:31] <@Mr_Scotty> or not [23:31] <@Chivesy> Id call it a orgy [23:31] <@Chivesy> there obviously high out of their minds [23:31] <@Mr_Scotty> true true [23:32] <@Mr_Scotty> Bewbs! [23:33] <@Mr_Scotty> ( o Y o ) [23:33] <@Chivesy> WHERE> [23:33] <@Chivesy> ? [23:33] <@Mr_Scotty> ascii bewbs [23:33] <@FigNewton> Must be some kinda way out of here... [23:33] <@FigNewton> =:-B [23:33] <@Chivesy> this is why I'm not in a war [23:34] <@FigNewton> I have a VHS of John Lennon live [23:34] <@FigNewton> I think I'll put that on and draw when this is done [23:35] <@Mr_Scotty> VICTORY IS MINE [23:35] <@FigNewton> This is such a pretty song [23:35] <@Mr_Scotty> BOOBIE! [23:35] * @FigNewton swoons [23:35] <@Fernin> congrats, Hack, you got one second of one boob [23:35] <@Mr_Scotty> fern watch this get reported [23:35] <@Fernin> it's been up for two weeks and has 92 views, I think it's fine, Hack [23:36] <@Mr_Scotty> I see 96 [23:36] <@Chivesy> I see 97 [23:36] <@Chivesy> SO HA [23:36] <@FigNewton> Heh, I see ninety-seven too [23:37] <@Chivesy> o no... [23:37] <@Chivesy> part 8 over D: [23:37] <@FigNewton> Ready? [23:37] <@Mr_Scotty> ready [23:37] <@Fernin> ready [23:37] <@Chivesy> ready [23:37] <@FigNewton> Goo! [23:38] <@Chivesy> amazing cut :D [23:38] <@FigNewton> That guitar is so annoying and intrusive d: [23:38] <@FigNewton> D: [23:39] <@Mr_Scotty> Does he not get what's going on? [23:40] <@Mr_Scotty> nevermind [23:40] <@Mr_Scotty> I take that back [23:40] <@Mr_Scotty> he has no clue what's going on [23:41] <@Chivesy> drinking is going on duh [23:41] <@Mr_Scotty> Was he doing that shit on purpose to get her to leave? [23:42] <@Fernin> ooh, just about up to one of my favorite songs [23:43] <@Chivesy> food :D [23:43] <@Chivesy> why isn't that shit legal today... [23:44] <@Chivesy> I want to get high!! [23:44] <@FigNewton> Acid got outlawed in '66, if I recall [23:45] <@FigNewton> I wonder if the whole hippy movement would have still happened if it had been made illegal earlier [23:45] <@FigNewton> Like, before '63, or so [23:45] <@Chivesy> that is a good question [23:45] <@Chivesy> nmoooooo not fred!!!!!!! [23:46] <@Mr_Scotty> I miss fredd [23:46] <@Chivesy> why strawberries to represent the war [23:47] <@Mr_Scotty> How's he doing fern? [23:47] <@FigNewton> I heard some guy once go on for a very long while about fruit and its artistic symbolism [23:47] <@FigNewton> It was pretty fascinating, actually [23:47] <@Fernin> haven't heard much from him lately... I have facebook now, but I never remember to check his status [23:48] <@FigNewton> Ready?! [23:48] <@Fernin> ready [23:48] <@Mr_Scotty> yes [23:48] <@Chivesy> interesting, indeed [23:48] <@Chivesy> yep [23:48] <@FigNewton> Goo! [23:49] <@Chivesy> And this is how relationships end [23:49] <@Chivesy> :D [23:49] <@FigNewton> Man, I hate it when you go to laundromats and people are having loud conversations [23:49] <@FigNewton> It's so awkward [23:49] <@FigNewton> It's like you're standing in their living room [23:49] <@Chivesy> fool! [23:50] <@Chivesy> Run after her [23:50] <@FigNewton> I like his vocals [23:50] <@FigNewton> I'm not a fan of the music as much, though [23:50] <@Chivesy> What a fag [23:50] <@Chivesy> error 2 [23:51] <@Chivesy> error 3 [23:51] <@Chivesy> error 4 [23:51] <@Chivesy> error 5 [23:51] <@Chivesy> he is just racking them up now :d [23:51] <@Mr_Scotty> What a panzy \ [23:51] <@Mr_Scotty> can't take a punch [23:52] <@Chivesy> neither can I but life is all good [23:52] <@Chivesy> well I've seen about 8 fatal relationships flaws! yay jude [23:52] <@FigNewton> Woo! [23:53] <@FigNewton> Not much a fan of this take [23:54] <@Chivesy> I wish I could play the guitar [23:55] <@FigNewton> I didn't used to be cool, but then I learned to play guitar, and now everyone loves me [23:55] <@Mr_Scotty> It takes time but it's worth it [23:55] * @FigNewton pops collar [23:55] <@Mr_Scotty> you wanna know how cool he is [23:55] <@Mr_Scotty> Slash met HIM [23:55] <@Chivesy> .... I still don't play guitar and people love me [23:55] <@Chivesy> right tardis? [23:55] <@FigNewton> :O [23:56] <@Fernin> ...Tardis ain't here ;) [23:56] * @Mr_Scotty doesnt see tardis here [23:56] <@FigNewton> lol [23:56] <@Chivesy> noooo... he was going to back me up [23:56] <@Chivesy> well I just proved myself wrong [23:57] <@Chivesy> ready [23:57] <@FigNewton> Ready-o? [23:57] <@Fernin> ready [23:57] <@FigNewton> Damnit wait for the question! D: [23:57] <@Mr_Scotty> redeee [23:57] <@FigNewton> Goo! [23:57] <@Chivesy> Sorry [23:57] <@Chivesy> I'm not very patient [23:57] <@Chivesy> I like this song [23:57] <@FigNewton> I don't [23:57] * TARDISman ( has joined #mslt3k [23:57] <@FigNewton> Never have [23:58] <@Mr_Scotty> What happened to prudence? [23:58] <TARDISman> Yep people do love him! [23:58] * TARDISman ( has left #mslt3k [23:58] <@FigNewton> lol [23:58] <@Chivesy> >.> [23:58] <@Mr_Scotty> I told him what happened [23:58] <@Chivesy> >.< [23:58] <@Fernin> time that would've been better spent watching the movie [23:59] <@Mr_Scotty> meh, copy/paste [23:59] <@Mr_Scotty> didnt take more than a few seconds [23:59] <@Chivesy> I've always been a pessimistic so I like depressing songs Session Time: Thu Mar 04 00:00:00 2010 [00:00] <@FigNewton> Very nice part of the movie [00:01] <@Chivesy> I forgot the amount of symbolisms in this [00:01] <@FigNewton> There you go, Hack [00:02] <@Mr_Scotty> She drowned? [00:02] <@Chivesy> your sick hack if your watching this for boobs [00:02] <@Fernin> that's not Prudence, Hack [00:02] <@Mr_Scotty> oh [00:02] <@Mr_Scotty> good [00:04] <@Chivesy> doo dee doo [00:04] <@Chivesy> I forget who that man is [00:04] <@Mr_Scotty> His dad [00:04] <@Mr_Scotty> That left him before he was born [00:04] <@Chivesy> oooo [00:05] <@FigNewton> I like English chicks [00:05] <@FigNewton> But only if their accents are watered down [00:05] <@FigNewton> But still definitely there [00:05] <@Chivesy> but the English accent is so fun [00:06] <@FigNewton> I love it [00:06] <@FigNewton> I just don't love it when it's so thick I can't understand them [00:06] <@FigNewton> Or when I haev to ask them to repeat themselves a few times [00:06] <@FigNewton> Like this take [00:06] <@FigNewton> Like the original better [00:07] <@FigNewton> Hmm [00:07] <@FigNewton> A part of me wants to watch Apocolypse Now, now [00:07] <@FigNewton> It's a song about drugs! [00:07] <@Chivesy> never seen that any good? [00:07] <@FigNewton> Get it, shoot up! [00:07] <@FigNewton> Yes, yes it is [00:07] <@FigNewton> Quite good [00:07] <@FigNewton> Oh funny story [00:08] <@Mr_Scotty> ready [00:08] <@Chivesy> ready [00:08] <@FigNewton> So everyone was all "ZOMG, 'Can't Buy Me Love' is about prostitution!" and then Paul was all "People can take our songs any way they want, but saying 'Can't Buy Me Love' is about prostitutes is too far" [00:08] <@FigNewton> Ready? [00:08] <@Fernin> ready [00:09] <@FigNewton> Goo! [00:10] <@Chivesy> she is lucky she isn't dead [00:10] <@Mr_Scotty> stray-bullet? [00:10] <@Chivesy> not even sure hack not even sure x [00:10] <@Chivesy> xD [00:11] <@FigNewton> LOVE THIS BIT [00:11] <@FigNewton> Musically, I mean [00:11] <@Chivesy> I love the one in the bowling alley [00:11] <@Chivesy> that is my favorite one! [00:11] <@Mr_Scotty> Fig, I can't help thinking of fancy claps right now [00:11] <@Fernin> yeah, the whole song wouldn't have made sense anywhere in this movie, but that guitar riff is just awesome [00:11] <@Chivesy> bombs :P [00:12] <@Mr_Scotty> Chive have you ever heard of wolf parade? [00:12] <@Chivesy> no I haven't [00:12] <@Mr_Scotty> Look them up on youtube [00:12] <@Mr_Scotty> there pretty good [00:12] <@FigNewton> They're the greatest band ever that no one's heard of [00:12] <@Mr_Scotty> Fig recommended me [00:12] <@Mr_Scotty> and he's a musical genius [00:13] <@FigNewton> Not much a fan of this "Blackbird" [00:13] <@FigNewton> I really dug that "Blackbird"/"Yesterday" mashup they did on /Love/, though [00:14] <@FigNewton> You guys should all get /Love/ [00:14] <@FigNewton> That kicked so much ass [00:14] <@Mr_Scotty> I make it so I guess i could take one [00:14] <@Mr_Scotty> :joke: [00:15] <@Chivesy> well the modern world song by them is so true [00:15] <@FigNewton> That reminds me [00:15] <@FigNewton> I wish Wolf Parade didn't take /forever/ between albums D: [00:15] <@Mr_Scotty> heh [00:16] * @FigNewton definitely has to go to the washroom [00:16] <@FigNewton> But I'll wait [00:16] <@Mr_Scotty> to the lue [00:17] <@FigNewton> One band played this at a festival I went to once [00:17] <@FigNewton> We all sang along [00:17] <@FigNewton> It was beautiful [00:18] <@Mr_Scotty> Max looks british now [00:18] <@FigNewton> Ready? [00:19] <@Chivesy> no [00:19] <@Fernin> ready [00:19] <@FigNewton> You look British [00:19] <@Chivesy> I can't find 13 [00:19] <@FigNewton> � [00:19] <@Mr_Scotty> [00:19] <@FigNewton> Err [00:19] <@FigNewton> Woops [00:19] <@Mr_Scotty> Meh [00:19] <@Chivesy> okay now I'm ready [00:19] <@FigNewton> Fern-o? [00:19] <@Mr_Scotty> and ready [00:19] <@FigNewton> Oh, he already answered [00:19] <@FigNewton> Goo! [00:20] <@FigNewton> ./Definitely/ liked the original better [00:20] <@FigNewton> I don't think she does this one too well [00:20] <@Chivesy> agreed [00:20] <@FigNewton> The spacious accompaniment is nice, though [00:20] <@Mr_Scotty> At least he isn't being an asshole with the guitar now [00:21] <@Mr_Scotty> and there's prudence [00:21] <@Fernin> gotta love the tiny toy piano [00:21] <@Chivesy> soooo should I learn piano or guitar/ [00:21] <@Chivesy> ? [00:21] <@FigNewton> Piano's so much more stylish [00:23] <@Chivesy> vote for piano [00:23] <@FigNewton> But guitar is pretty fun... [00:23] <@FigNewton> And guitar you get to be a nerd about caps and trannies and pedals and effect loops and delays and reverbs and PAF's and so on... [00:23] <@FigNewton> So much fun! [00:24] <@FigNewton> All you need /is/ love [00:24] <@FigNewton> But I don't enjoy his take of it [00:24] <@Fernin> the lack of music for the first half of it definitely doesn't help [00:25] <@FigNewton> Doo doo dododo doo [00:25] <@FigNewton> I wish Hendrix and Joplin and Paul McCartney did a rooftop concert together [00:25] <@FigNewton> That would've been so badadss [00:26] <@FigNewton> Goo-ood movie [00:26] <@Mr_Scotty> Good movie [00:26] <@Mr_Scotty> gooooooooooooooooooooo-oooooooooooooooooooooooood movie [00:26] <@Mr_Scotty> bitch [00:26] * Mr_Scotty was kicked by FigNewton (dumbass�)