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Good Burger was the twenty-sixth movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of FigNewton, Fernin, Chivesy, TheThunderThief, Crazy_Bastard, and Mr_Scotty.


[23:26] <@Dr_Pretzel> Goo! [23:27] <@Crazy_Bastard> shit. [23:27] <@Dr_Pretzel> Oh man, greatest intro ever [23:27] <@Fernin> good ol crazy stop motion animation [23:27] <@Mr_Scotty> Effing stomers [23:27] <@Mr_Scotty> *stoners [23:28] <@Fernin> ...dude, this is a Nick movie, drugs don't exist [23:28] <@Crazy_Bastard> ,,,the fuck? [23:28] <@Dr_Pretzel> Oh man, bitchin' stereo [23:29] <@Crazy_Bastard> ,,,the FUCK? [23:29] <@Dr_Pretzel> I miss the nineties [23:29] <@Crazy_Bastard> So do I.... [23:29] <@TheThunderThief> indeed [23:29] * @Mr_Scotty wishes his roller blades still fit him [23:32] <@Fernin> 10 months is a long time for a building like that... talk about your lazy workers [23:32] <@Crazy_Bastard> Tha'ts one fat manager [23:32] <@Chivesy> I wonder if mcdonald workers are like that guy [23:32] <@Crazy_Bastard> Now THOSE are some pants [23:32] <@TheThunderThief> He's like a Norm from Cheers Dopplehganger, except he needs more slouch and more beer [23:33] <@TheThunderThief> Oh man Sinbad [23:33] <@Mr_Scotty> Fern, they were building the new high school in my town for a couple years [23:33] <@Mr_Scotty> And it isn't even that big [23:33] * @Crazy_Bastard smacks hacker [23:33] <@Crazy_Bastard> shush [23:34] <@TheThunderThief> Yeah there's a lot of stuff that goes into constructing a spankin new building [23:34] <@TheThunderThief> as opposed to a remodel [23:34] <@TheThunderThief> most of it is beuracracy but all the same [23:34] <@Dr_Pretzel> I wish I knew a burger place that did deliveries [23:34] <@TheThunderThief> Roger... [23:35] <@TheThunderThief> Mc. D's does it in some locales [23:35] <@TheThunderThief> such as NY [23:35] <@TheThunderThief> and even then in a few specific places [23:36] <@Dr_Pretzel> Ready? [23:36] <@Fernin> ready [23:36] <@Chivesy> ready [23:36] <@Crazy_Bastard> one moment [23:36] <@Crazy_Bastard> mmk [23:36] <@TheThunderThief> Ja [23:36] <@Mr_Scotty> I'll be back in 1 minute my mom got home and I need to grab my chem [23:37] <@Chivesy> who else thinks a minute passed [23:38] <@Mr_Scotty> Ready [23:38] <@Dr_Pretzel> Goo! [23:38] <@Crazy_Bastard> He talk the jive [23:38] <@Crazy_Bastard> somewhat [23:39] <@Mr_Scotty> Today that kid would have got off of this claiming that the teacher assulted him [23:40] <@Mr_Scotty> *assaulted [23:40] <@Fernin> giant phone! [23:40] <@Mr_Scotty> ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone [23:40] <@Chivesy> rofl [23:42] <@Dr_Pretzel> lmao [23:42] <@Chivesy> I can't beleive I'm watching this [23:42] <@Crazy_Bastard> Strawberry jacuzzi! [23:43] <@Mr_Scotty> ... [23:43] * @Mr_Scotty facepalms [23:43] <@Fernin> Kurt has a bit of a Hitler complex, don't mind him [23:43] <@Crazy_Bastard> This movie is terrible. [23:43] <@Crazy_Bastard> I love it [23:43] <@Chivesy> I agree [23:44] <@Mr_Scotty> I started doing my chem earlier and thought "I can't do this I don't remember how" [23:44] <@TheThunderThief> speaking of bad movies... [23:44] <@Mr_Scotty> And I just realized after looking over my notes i realized I was doing it right [23:44] <@Crazy_Bastard> Dude, a meat patty is something! [23:44] <@Dr_Pretzel> Hah [23:45] <@Mr_Scotty> a nick movie...with swearing [23:46] <@Dr_Pretzel> He verbally ABUSED me! [23:46] <@TheThunderThief> Has t"The Last Dragon" been watched in here? If not I strongly recommend it as mslt3k fodder in the near future [23:47] <@Crazy_Bastard> Poor otis [23:47] <@TheThunderThief> so horribly, awesomely bad [23:47] <@Mr_Scotty> Oh, I may be getting a job at the local bowling alley [23:48] * @Mr_Scotty should probably fill out the application [23:48] <@Dr_Pretzel> [23:48] <@Dr_Pretzel> eady? [23:48] <@TheThunderThief> Oh Abe Vigoda [23:48] <@Crazy_Bastard> Ja [23:48] <@Chivesy> ready [23:48] * @Mr_Scotty can make vegitarians eat meat [23:48] <@TheThunderThief> da [23:48] <@Mr_Scotty> ready [23:48] <@Fernin> ready [23:48] <@Dr_Pretzel> Goo! [23:50] <@Fernin> heh, snarky [23:50] <@Crazy_Bastard> ooohh, put down [23:50] <@TheThunderThief> Poor Abe Vigoda, a far cry from Tessio in the Godfather [23:50] <@TheThunderThief> uber lag [23:50] <@Chivesy> rofl [23:50] <@Mr_Scotty> 0_0 the burger mobile [23:50] <@Fernin> far cooler than the burger mobile in the Spongebob movie [23:50] <@Mr_Scotty> so this is where spongebob stole it from [23:50] <@Crazy_Bastard> I love those windshield wipers [23:52] <@Fernin> "destroy Sinbad's stuff" isn't a particularly good running gag... [23:53] <@Crazy_Bastard> The las vegas of burger joints [23:53] <@TheThunderThief> Well I IS Sinbad... [23:53] <@Crazy_Bastard> I recently played celebration with a pep band.... [23:54] <@Chivesy> this is screwy [23:54] <@Fernin> burger joints in Las Vegas don't get opening parties this big [23:54] <@Crazy_Bastard> I know, it's awesome, right? [23:55] <@Chivesy> that would be best job in the world... not doing anything [23:55] <@Crazy_Bastard> Except you'd stop getting paid [23:55] <@Crazy_Bastard> And it'd be boring [23:56] <@Dr_Pretzel> Oh man [23:56] <@Dr_Pretzel> This is excellent cinema [23:56] <@TheThunderThief> masterpiece [23:56] <@Crazy_Bastard> better than The Dark Knight, no doubt [23:58] <@Dr_Pretzel> ... [23:58] <@Fernin> "It'll be okay, Abe. We'll get you out of this movie." [23:58] <@Dr_Pretzel> Ready? [23:58] <@Fernin> ready [23:58] <@Mr_Scotty> Yes [23:58] <@Chivesy> ready [23:58] <@Crazy_Bastard> Ja [23:59] <@TheThunderThief> Si [23:59] <@Dr_Pretzel> Goo! Session Time: Thu Mar 11 00:00:00 2010 [00:00] <@Dr_Pretzel> Bloopety bloopety bloopety bloopety [00:00] <@Chivesy> its semen!!!! [00:00] <@TheThunderThief> looks like Fry sauce [00:01] <@Fernin> looks like Russian dressing to me [00:02] <@Mr_Scotty> "it makes me glad I'm not dead" [00:02] <@Crazy_Bastard> :D [00:02] <@Fernin> I love the way the manager emphasizes his words [00:03] <@Crazy_Bastard> Man, now I really want in 'n out.... [00:04] <@Mr_Scotty> This is great [00:04] <@Crazy_Bastard> "I know some of these words!" [00:06] <@Crazy_Bastard> Dex is such a fuckin' jerk [00:06] <@Dr_Pretzel> Deep moment, time [00:07] <@Chivesy> .... [00:08] <@Crazy_Bastard> sad.... [00:09] <@Crazy_Bastard> Ready. [00:09] <@Dr_Pretzel> Ready? [00:09] <@TheThunderThief> Hai [00:09] <@Fernin> ready [00:09] <@Mr_Scotty> oui [00:09] <@Mr_Scotty> ... [00:09] <@Dr_Pretzel> Chivesy? [00:10] <@Chivesy> yeah? [00:10] <@Mr_Scotty> ready? [00:10] <@Dr_Pretzel> [22:09:52] <@Dr_Pretzel> Ready? [00:10] <@Chivesy> yeah sorry [00:10] <@Dr_Pretzel> Goo! [00:10] <@Mr_Scotty> ANd of course dex doesn't understand how good this makes Ed feel [00:11] <@Crazy_Bastard> Is that shaq? [00:11] <@Mr_Scotty> yeah [00:11] <@Dr_Pretzel> That reporter guy looked like Jon Stewart [00:12] <@Mr_Scotty> ROFL [00:12] <@Crazy_Bastard> I forgot how popular shaq was in the 90's/ [00:12] <@TheThunderThief> Was this Magic Era shaq or Heat Era Shaq? [00:12] <@Mr_Scotty> I litterally can't stop laughing [00:12] <@TheThunderThief> Probably Orlando Magic Era [00:14] <@Crazy_Bastard> uh oh.... [00:14] <@Crazy_Bastard> hahahahahaha [00:14] <@Crazy_Bastard> sounds like.... kskshskshsks [00:14] <@Dr_Pretzel> lol [00:15] <@Chivesy> ... omg... [00:15] <@Chivesy> that what does $10 sound like actually made me laugh [00:15] <@Crazy_Bastard> Dipthong [00:15] <@Crazy_Bastard> same :D [00:16] <@Fernin> if this movie doesn't make you laugh, there's something wrong with you [00:16] <@Mr_Scotty> Aw...Now dex begins to understand [00:16] <@Crazy_Bastard> That is indeed a bitchin' yo-yo [00:16] <@Chivesy> well stupid humor usually pisses me off [00:16] <@Chivesy> and this at the moment has been mostly stupid humor [00:17] <@Dr_Pretzel> Eww [00:17] <@Dr_Pretzel> What a /horrible/ version of that song [00:17] <@Dr_Pretzel> It's not even catchy [00:17] <@Mr_Scotty> damn who did I discuss Steambot Chronicles with [00:17] <@Fernin> ...why does that matter now, Hack? [00:17] <@Dr_Pretzel> Oh man, hot [00:17] <@Mr_Scotty> He would have understood a joke about rosetta in red [00:18] <@Mr_Scotty> never mind [00:18] <@Chivesy> the bad humor is getting worse [00:18] <@TheThunderThief> I'd empathize with this more if I found Carmen Elecxtra hot. [00:18] <@TheThunderThief> but I dont [00:18] <@Crazy_Bastard> "who, ELVIS?!" [00:18] * @Dr_Pretzel agrees with Thunder [00:18] <@Mr_Scotty> You know shes a whore when she has her address on cards that she hands out [00:19] <@Crazy_Bastard> Thanks for stating the obvious. [00:19] * @Dr_Pretzel thinks of Arrested Development [00:19] <@Chivesy> So true Scotty [00:19] <@Mr_Scotty> Go Ed [00:19] <@Chivesy> does ed... ever take off that uniform this whole movie [00:19] <@Chivesy> WTF... was that atie [00:20] <@Mr_Scotty> Her but ws fine [00:20] <@Mr_Scotty> *was [00:20] <@Crazy_Bastard> Question: what MSLT3K is this? the 11th? [00:20] <@Dr_Pretzel> Ready? [00:20] <@TheThunderThief> Aye [00:20] <@Crazy_Bastard> yep [00:20] <@Dr_Pretzel> Twenty-third? [00:20] <@Mr_Scotty> rrrrready [00:20] <@Chivesy> aye aye captain [00:20] <@Fernin> um... I haven't updated the list in about a week now... but I think it's about the 32nd [00:21] <@Fernin> also, ready [00:21] <@Dr_Pretzel> Goo! [00:21] <@Fernin> I have a backlog of 4 movies to add to the page [00:21] <@Mr_Scotty> "I just love your sauce" [00:21] <@Mr_Scotty> lol [00:22] <@Chivesy> That was sick [00:22] <@Chivesy> of course right [00:22] <@Dr_Pretzel> Oh man [00:23] <@Dr_Pretzel> He got her good [00:23] <@Crazy_Bastard> Ed rocks [00:23] <@Chivesy> really... knocked her out? [00:23] <@Crazy_Bastard> Ed can do anything\ [00:23] <@Mr_Scotty> It doesnt take much to knock out a bimbo [00:23] <@Crazy_Bastard> shit, gotta run [00:23] <@Crazy_Bastard> later [00:24] <@Dr_Pretzel> Awww [00:24] <@Dr_Pretzel> See you, Bastard [00:25] <@Fernin> he's a little young to try to be seducing... [00:25] <@Chivesy> I see satan how about you? [00:26] <@Fernin> Lori Beth! [00:29] <@Chivesy> did he say cunt [00:29] <@Chivesy> or punk? [00:29] <@Dr_Pretzel> lol [00:29] <@Mr_Scotty> Punk [00:29] <@Fernin> it's a Nick movie from 1997, do you really need to ask? ;) [00:29] <@Mr_Scotty> Be back in like 20 seconds [00:30] * Sukato_san ( has joined #MSLT3K [00:31] <@Dr_Pretzel> Ready? [00:31] * @Mr_Scotty ( Quit (SVSKilled: Ghost command used by Sukato_san!�) [00:31] <@Fernin> ready [00:31] <@Chivesy> ready [00:31] <Sukato_san> ready [00:31] * Sukato_san is now known as Mr_Scotty [00:31] <@TheThunderThief> ready [00:31] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Mr_Scotty [00:31] <@Dr_Pretzel> Goo! [00:32] <@Chivesy> alright lets go xD [00:33] <@Mr_Scotty> great I accidentaly closed part 7 [00:33] <@Mr_Scotty> oh well [00:33] <@Chivesy> ROFL!!!!!!!!! [00:33] <@Chivesy> Was not expecting that [00:35] * Sukato_san ( has joined #MSLT3K [00:35] <Sukato_san> What time are you guys at? [00:35] <@Dr_Pretzel> 4:00 [00:36] <@TheThunderThief> 4:00 and counting [00:36] <Sukato_san> "im a psychopath" [00:36] <Sukato_san> lol [00:36] * @Mr_Scotty ( Quit (SVSKilled: Ghost command used by Sukato_san!�) [00:37] * Sukato_san is now known as Mr_Scotty [00:37] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Mr_Scotty [00:38] <@Dr_Pretzel> I bet they're bad dudes [00:38] <@Mr_Scotty> But can they save the president? [00:40] <@Chivesy> when did ottis become so able bodied [00:40] <@Mr_Scotty> A while ago [00:40] <@TheThunderThief> lol George Clinton [00:41] <@Mr_Scotty> I can't help but think of one flew over the cuckoos nest [00:41] <@Dr_Pretzel> Hah! Yeah! Yeah! Hah, yeah! Yeah! [00:42] <@Dr_Pretzel> Preparado? [00:42] <@Mr_Scotty> Si [00:42] <@TheThunderThief> Megazord sequence initiated [00:42] <@Chivesy> si [00:42] <@Fernin> ready [00:42] <@Dr_Pretzel> Umm, goo! [00:45] <@Mr_Scotty> great they let a psychopath out [00:46] <@Mr_Scotty> And I'm guessing that jumps up to two -_- [00:46] <@Fernin> "It's just a broken spine, I'll walk it off" [00:46] <@Fernin> or, for Abe, "I think I broke my ass again!" [00:46] <@Mr_Scotty> lol [00:47] <@Chivesy> at least hes a honest theif [00:49] <@Chivesy> they did invent windshield wipers [00:50] <@Dr_Pretzel> Him screaming like that makes it /awesome/ [00:50] <@Dr_Pretzel> Oh things never work out for that wacky Sinbad [00:51] <@Fernin> who puts mustard on a burger, anyway? [00:51] <@Mr_Scotty> I think she broke her ass [00:52] <@Chivesy> I put mustard on my burgers [00:52] <@Fernin> note how they ignored the other little old lady, who has assuredly eaten her own burger by this point... [00:52] <@Mr_Scotty> I noticed that [00:52] <@Fernin> well, you deserve to be tackled by an Ed, Chivesy [00:52] <@Dr_Pretzel> Ready? [00:52] <@Fernin> ready [00:52] <@TheThunderThief> yep [00:52] <@Mr_Scotty> Yeah [00:52] <@Chivesy> ready [00:53] <@Dr_Pretzel> Goo! [00:53] <@TheThunderThief> some people wait for others before they start eating btw [00:53] <@Mr_Scotty> This some parkour shit right here [00:53] <@TheThunderThief> so it's not entirely implausible that shge didnt eat it [00:54] <@Fernin> yay, dated references! [00:55] <@Dr_Pretzel> Ed's such a high-o [00:56] <@Dr_Pretzel> :O [00:56] <@Dr_Pretzel> They got condements on them! [00:57] * @Mr_Scotty facepalms [00:57] <@Mr_Scotty> Let the mental guy handle the poison [00:57] <@Dr_Pretzel> I bet he said cunt [00:57] <@Dr_Pretzel> =:-B [00:57] <@Fernin> ...that's the stuff that makes the meat bigger, not the poison [00:58] <@Mr_Scotty> I missed that part [00:59] <@Fernin> exploding meat causes earthquakes, doncha know [01:01] <@Dr_Pretzel> I like how no one even cares the giant burger fell on his car [01:03] <@Dr_Pretzel> Ready? [01:03] <@Fernin> he's not stupid... he's just... Ed [01:03] <@Fernin> ready [01:03] <@Chivesy> ready [01:03] <@Mr_Scotty> read e [01:03] <@Dr_Pretzel> These cuts all suck, by the way D: [01:03] <@Dr_Pretzel> Thunder? [01:03] <@TheThunderThief> go [01:03] <@Dr_Pretzel> Goo! [01:03] <@Mr_Scotty> My Spinal tap cuts were worse [01:04] <@Mr_Scotty> awkwaard [01:05] <@Dr_Pretzel> Oh that Ed [01:05] <@Dr_Pretzel> Grrrreat movie [01:05] <@Mr_Scotty> Indeed [01:05] <@Dr_Pretzel> Definitely one of the best, most underrated films of our time [01:06] <@Mr_Scotty> It reminded me too much of clerks 2 [01:06] <@Chivesy> ....... [01:07] <@Chivesy> that was pretty bad not going to lie [01:07] <@Mr_Scotty> It wasn't the best [01:07] <@Dr_Pretzel> Bad like Michael Jackson [01:07] <@Mr_Scotty> But it wasnt the worst [01:07] <@Chivesy> Agreed I've seen worse