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Turtles Forever was the twenty-seventh movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of FigNewton, Fernin, Not Sure, and UsaSatsui.


[22:45] <@Dr_Pretzel> Goo! [22:45] <@UsaSatsui> [22:44] <UsaSatsui> Eh, he saw it already. And he'll be back [22:45] [22:45] <@UsaSatsui> -->| Dr_Pretzel ( has joined #secretburrow [22:45] [22:45] <@UsaSatsui> <UsaSatsui> Told ya [22:45] <@UsaSatsui> The cell phones of the future? [22:46] <@Fernin> nothing hurts more than a 90 degree punch [22:46] <@UsaSatsui> Wait, the turtles live on a shack on a pond? [22:47] <@UsaSatsui> Why walk when you can ninja-flip? [22:47] <@Dr_Pretzel> Something sorta like this happened in the Easter VHS I have of the old show [22:47] <@Dr_Pretzel> lol [22:48] <@UsaSatsui> Replacement Voice Acting [22:48] <@Dr_Pretzel> Leo's voice sucks especially [22:49] <@UsaSatsui> I mean, come on, Rob Paulson is still workiong [22:49] <@UsaSatsui> working [22:49] <@Dr_Pretzel> I don't like how they annoying-ed them up for this [22:49] <@UsaSatsui> "Boss, we have an insect problem" [22:49] <@Dr_Pretzel> I get why, but it still bothers me [22:50] <@Fernin> he's lucky that didn't make a new Baxter Stockman [22:50] <@Fernin> human dominoes! [22:51] <@UsaSatsui> The new turtles have no eyes [22:52] <@UsaSatsui> or, pupils [22:52] <@Fernin> as they say in the comics, Youngblood's disease [22:52] <@not_sure> or curved edges [22:52] <@Dr_Pretzel> Gah [22:53] <@Fernin> oh lord, that is horrible [22:53] <@Dr_Pretzel> Leo's voice just sucks so bad [22:53] <@not_sure> yeah [22:53] <@Dr_Pretzel> They always wore trenchcoats or whatever, didn't they? [22:53] <@UsaSatsui> Yeah [22:53] <@UsaSatsui> I think [22:53] <@Dr_Pretzel> I always remember them wearing disguises [22:54] <@Dr_Pretzel> Ready? [22:54] <@UsaSatsui> Okay, after one part, I am thus far highly amused [22:54] <@Fernin> ready [22:54] <@not_sure> yeah [22:54] <@UsaSatsui> yes [22:54] <@Dr_Pretzel> Goo! [22:54] <@Dr_Pretzel> Almost a great cut [22:55] <@Dr_Pretzel> New Splinter looks so funny [22:55] <@UsaSatsui> AH, the Technodrome [22:55] <@Fernin> when did mutagen go from dark purple to bright neon pink? [22:55] <@Fernin> ...or was it green? It's been a long time... [22:56] <@UsaSatsui> I can just imagine the "gah" looks on their faces [22:56] <@not_sure> wind only applies to the future headbands [22:56] <@UsaSatsui> Future Raph is a dick [22:57] <@UsaSatsui> Oh, come on. The starter is busted on the fucking Technodrome? [22:58] <@Fernin> horrible job on his voice as well... [22:58] <@UsaSatsui> Bebop and Rocksteady! [22:59] <@Fernin> well, those voices are pretty good, at least [23:00] <@Fernin> ahh, the fun of using robots instead of humans [23:00] <@UsaSatsui> That's why they did. [23:00] <@UsaSatsui> Ugh, bad Krang voice [23:00] <@Fernin> only good ones so far are Bebop and Rocksteady [23:00] <@Dr_Pretzel> I don't remember Krang doing that... thing while he was talking [23:00] <@Dr_Pretzel> Not near as much as he does here, anyway [23:01] <@UsaSatsui> ...that is the most effective foot soldier attack ever [23:01] <@Fernin> indeed, good thing they wasted it underground, instead of in a populated area [23:02] <@UsaSatsui> Shredder using intelligent tactics? Bullshit! [23:02] <@Fernin> wow... '00s Shredder actually looks badass [23:02] <@Fernin> ...did Krang just ribbit? [23:02] <@UsaSatsui> Yeah, he did that [23:03] <@Dr_Pretzel> Ready? [23:03] <@UsaSatsui> Come to think of it, the technodrome being mobile is a new thing. [23:03] <@not_sure> yea [23:03] <@Fernin> ready [23:03] <@UsaSatsui> It was always stuck in rock, or lava, or something. And ready [23:03] <@Dr_Pretzel> Goo! [23:04] <@Fernin> I think I'm gonna end up like Fig... may well have to bust out my old TMNT VHS tapes [23:04] <@UsaSatsui> Krang's in love. [23:05] <@UsaSatsui> ...brainfight? [23:06] <@Fernin> the engine room looks exactly like any other corridor in the Technodrome... [23:07] <@UsaSatsui> Damn, was Shredder ever this smart? [23:08] <@UsaSatsui> ...random chick! [23:08] <@not_sure> what's he afraid of... he's invincible! [23:10] <@Dr_Pretzel> Ready? [23:10] <@Fernin> ready [23:10] <@UsaSatsui> Bringing some of the wackier plot points of 1987 into the 2000 series was a VERY good idea [23:10] <@not_sure> yeah [23:10] <@Fernin> agreed [23:10] <@UsaSatsui> Ready [23:11] <@Dr_Pretzel> Goo! [23:12] <@UsaSatsui> So far, except for some lousy VA and the over-whackification of the 1987 turtles, this is very very well done [23:12] <@UsaSatsui> I mean, the series was silly, but not that bad [23:12] <@UsaSatsui> ...ew [23:12] <@UsaSatsui> anyone else see a long pause there? [23:13] <@Fernin> yeah, I was wondering about that [23:13] <@Dr_Pretzel> Yeah [23:14] <@Fernin> hm, rats, crocodiles, flies... are there any sewer critters he could combine with that haven't already been done? [23:15] <@UsaSatsui> Snakes? [23:15] <@Fernin> or they could make him a turtle, that works too [23:15] <@UsaSatsui> Oh, that giant eye is a light! [23:17] <@UsaSatsui> ...too subtle, Karai [23:18] <@Fernin> didn't the mutagen used to require an animal to combine the human with? [23:18] <@Fernin> are these humans just /really/ in touch with their inner animal spirit? [23:18] <@Dr_Pretzel> Ready? [23:19] <@not_sure> yeah [23:19] <@Fernin> ready [23:19] <@UsaSatsui> It's the last animal they had contact with [23:19] <@UsaSatsui> Even if they're not touching it now [23:19] <@UsaSatsui> Anyways, ready [23:19] <@Dr_Pretzel> Goo! [23:20] <@UsaSatsui> I think the 1987 ninja just got called out. [23:20] <@Fernin> jeez, embedding a staff in solid metal [23:20] <@UsaSatsui> I think Splinter just put them in their fucking place [23:21] <@UsaSatsui> "Let's bend the dimensions. It'll be easy" [23:21] <@UsaSatsui> Fuck, I wish you could do that in the game. [23:22] <@UsaSatsui> "I'm invincib..." "Yoink!" [23:22] <@Fernin> I so wanna hear the '00s Shredder say "Tonight I dine on Turtle soup" [23:23] <@UsaSatsui> I remember that gizmo! [23:25] <@Fernin> handy deus ex machina stick [23:26] <@UsaSatsui> The Ninja District! [23:26] <@Fernin> ...wasn't that the un-mutated Bebop and Rocksteady walking by? [23:26] <@not_sure> again? really? [23:26] <@not_sure> looked like it [23:27] <@UsaSatsui> I can't stop laughing at this [23:28] <@Fernin> ...until Leo speaks. Then the laughter stops [23:30] <@UsaSatsui> ...Casey Jones? [23:30] <@Fernin> hey, future Casey and April [23:30] <@UsaSatsui> I like past Casey better [23:30] <@Dr_Pretzel> Ready? [23:30] <@not_sure> yeah [23:30] <@Fernin> ready [23:30] <@UsaSatsui> "When do I get to...break something?" [23:30] <@UsaSatsui> yep [23:31] <@Dr_Pretzel> Goo! [23:31] <@not_sure> random pause [23:31] <@UsaSatsui> We gotta save April! [23:32] <@not_sure> argh [23:32] <@UsaSatsui> Wow [23:32] <@Fernin> that's really getting annoying [23:32] <@not_sure> 4 times now? [23:32] <@Dr_Pretzel> I don't get why they couldn't have at least got someone who sounded sorta like Leo [23:33] <@UsaSatsui> ...Tokka and Razhar? [23:33] <@Fernin> I was just thinking that [23:34] <@Fernin> ...whoa, an April that can save herself [23:34] <@UsaSatsui> And April has a combat helicopter? [23:34] <@Fernin> at least Casey's still using baseball bats and hockey sticks [23:34] <@UsaSatsui> That Technodrome is really fucking scary [23:38] <@Fernin> fairly sure it was Fig who commented before that they turned every one of the '80s Turtles into Mikey [23:38] <@UsaSatsui> Future Raph actually mentioned that. [23:39] <@Dr_Pretzel> Both of those statements are true [23:39] <@Dr_Pretzel> Ready? [23:39] <@Fernin> ready [23:39] <@not_sure> yeah [23:39] <@UsaSatsui> Yep [23:39] <@Dr_Pretzel> Goo! [23:40] <@UsaSatsui> Awww, baby turtles [23:40] <@UsaSatsui> Ooo, movie turtles! [23:40] <@Fernin> ...Samurai Pizza Turtles? [23:40] <@UsaSatsui> THat's what that was! Awesome! [23:41] <@UsaSatsui> I have the urge to go back and look at those again [23:41] <@not_sure> I'm getting dizzy [23:42] <@UsaSatsui> This is getting extremely meta [23:43] <@UsaSatsui> Instead of just sort of meta [23:43] <@UsaSatsui> And what did just happen? Did that chick save them? [23:45] <@Dr_Pretzel> Ready? [23:45] <@not_sure> yeah [23:45] <@Fernin> ready [23:45] <@UsaSatsui> Gimmee a second, I'm looking back over those stills. [23:46] <@UsaSatsui> OK [23:46] <@Dr_Pretzel> Goo! [23:48] <@UsaSatsui> Outrun the apocalypse [23:48] <@Fernin> nice of the apocalypse to slow down while they chatted [23:49] <@UsaSatsui> ...stop breaking the fourth wall, only the past turtles can do that, Han [23:50] <@UsaSatsui> That's a very convenient apocalypse. [23:52] <@UsaSatsui> ...they're in the comics? [23:52] <@UsaSatsui> FUCKING AWESOME! [23:53] <@UsaSatsui> And they even monologue! [23:55] <@UsaSatsui> Ooooo. When the fucking Mirage turtles call you out. [23:56] <@Dr_Pretzel> lol at Krang's handcuffs [23:56] <@Dr_Pretzel> Ready? [23:56] <@UsaSatsui> So does Shredder's daughter have a thing for the TMNT or something? [23:56] <@Fernin> ready [23:57] <@UsaSatsui> Again, I'm not up on the 2003 series [23:57] <@Fernin> hard to say, none of us are, either [23:57] <@UsaSatsui> Ready [23:57] <@not_sure> yeah [23:57] <@Dr_Pretzel> Goo! [23:57] <@UsaSatsui> HA! [23:57] <@Fernin> hey, just like the first Turtles movie [23:58] <@Fernin> ...sort of, anyway [23:58] <@Fernin> yep, Satsui called it [23:59] <@Dr_Pretzel> Why is he giant? [23:59] <@UsaSatsui> "Yeah, only we can monologue!" Session Time: Tue Mar 16 00:00:00 2010 [00:00] <@Fernin> we'd have to watch the '00s show to know that, Fig [00:00] <@Fernin> ...why was that part so short? [00:00] <@Dr_Pretzel> Oh yeah, the midget part [00:00] <@Dr_Pretzel> I remember that :D [00:01] <@Dr_Pretzel> Anway, ready? [00:01] <@Fernin> ready [00:01] <@not_sure> yeah [00:01] <@UsaSatsui> Actually, he grew because he merged Dimension X technology in. [00:01] <@UsaSatsui> And Krang, as he just demonstrated, can also grow. [00:01] <@UsaSatsui> Almost a badass moment, Krang. Almost [00:01] <@UsaSatsui> Ready [00:01] <@Dr_Pretzel> Goo! [00:06] <@Dr_Pretzel> lol [00:06] <@Dr_Pretzel> That's great [00:06] <@Fernin> ...Bebop and Rocksteady save the day. Nice. [00:10] <@UsaSatsui> ...that...was awesome [00:10] <@Fernin> definitely fun stuff [00:10] <@Dr_Pretzel> Yeah, agreed-o [00:10] <@UsaSatsui> That was, like, someone taking a crappy what-if fanfic scenario and putting some actual thought into it. [00:12] <@UsaSatsui> I mean, there were some flaws, but it was amazing just how well done the story was [00:12] <@Dr_Pretzel> Leo's voice grated on me a lot more this time [00:13] <@Dr_Pretzel> Maybe it's because I didn't have a story I hadn't just heard before to focus on [00:13] <@UsaSatsui> Yeah, the voice acting of the original turtles was not good [00:13] <@UsaSatsui> None of them were bad, except Leo's, but they weren't even close to the original. [00:14] <@Dr_Pretzel> Yeah [00:14] <@Fernin> yet they nailed Bebop and Rocksteady [00:14] <@UsaSatsui> And holy shit, Comic World was awesome. [00:14] <@Dr_Pretzel> I didn't mind Shredder or Krang [00:18] <@UsaSatsui> Would have liked to see Shredder from the past do a bit more. [00:18] <@UsaSatsui> In the final fight [00:19] <@UsaSatsui> Oh, god, that was hilarious when the Mirage Shredder showed up.