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A Night at the Opera was the third movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of Dignant, Fernin and LowEndLem.


[01:16] <@Fernin> there we go, windows rearranged
[01:16] <Dignant> Hm. Might be a good idea to go ahead and open the next part in another tab or something.
[01:16] <@Fernin> heh, leave it to a new mind to think of something we should've done in the first place...
[01:16] <LowEndLem> No, we usually just bullshit until it's ready
[01:16] <LowEndLem> k, loading up
[01:17] <LowEndLem> I'm halfway
[01:17] <@Fernin> ready to go on the first part, then?
[01:17] <LowEndLem> uep
[01:17] <LowEndLem> go?
[01:17] <@Fernin> off we go
[01:17] <@Fernin> roar
[01:18] <LowEndLem> I miss the loins of old
[01:18] <LowEndLem> wait, lions
[01:18] <LowEndLem> fuck
[01:18] <@Fernin> haha
[01:18] <LowEndLem> I wonder how many of these people are dead now
[01:18] <@Fernin> aw, that's not a fun way to start a comedy movie
[01:19] <@Fernin> Dig, you with us?
[01:19] <Dignant> Yep.
[01:19] <LowEndLem> Shall i go back to talking about loins then?
[01:19] <@Fernin> heh, k, just making sure
[01:19] <Dignant> I wonder how many of them have alzheimer's and watch the movie without realizing they're in it.
[01:20] <Dignant> And that is the first time I have ever heard the phrase "Oh, boy" used in a serious context.
[01:20] <LowEndLem> Really. $9's an outrage.
[01:20] <@Fernin> $10 for a meal, that's a helluva lot in 1935 dollars
[01:20] <LowEndLem> True
[01:21] <LowEndLem> ...actually, i can go to a local place and grab a nice breakfast for $9.54
[01:21] <@Fernin> heh, Groucho always mooches off some rich lady in these films
[01:21] <@Fernin> mile a minute jokes with him
[01:21] <LowEndLem> Well, he has to be funny, he ain't much to look at
[01:21] <LowEndLem> it's why i'm funny
[01:22] <Dignant> I think a lot of people only know this guy from a Bugs Bunny cartoon.
[01:22] <@Fernin> "Do you follow me? Yes. Well, stop following me, or I'll have you arrested!"
[01:22] <@Fernin> XD
[01:22] <LowEndLem> hehe
[01:22] <LowEndLem> I love this already
[01:22] <Dignant> Those... eyebrows....
[01:22] <LowEndLem> you get used to them
[01:22] <Dignant> FLCL joke.
[01:23] <LowEndLem> Ah, i get it.
[01:23] <@Fernin> they are just about as big as the ones in FLCL...
[01:23] <LowEndLem> "you take a whack at it"
[01:23] <LowEndLem> how'd they get away with this?
[01:23] <@Fernin> it was definitely a different time
[01:24] <Dignant> I think it's because they speak so quickly; there's no time to get outraged, since you have to listen to what they say next.
[01:24] <@Fernin> ahh, Harpo
[01:24] <LowEndLem> What the fuck...
[01:25] <@Fernin> silliness, for silliness' sake
[01:25] <LowEndLem> a dress?
[01:25] <LowEndLem> Oh, okay.
[01:25] <Dignant> So... a mute clown cabin boy transvestite idiot monkey child.
[01:25] <@Fernin> and to set that guy up as an asshole
[01:25] <LowEndLem> Yes.
[01:26] <Dignant> How did he get the whip so fast after shutting the door? What kind of person throws someone out, brings them back in and whips them all over again?
[01:26] <LowEndLem> that guy, I'd assume
[01:26] <@Fernin> a grade A jackass, that's what kind of person
[01:27] <LowEndLem> Whoo, meatstick!
[01:27] <Dignant> And that is the inspiration for that stain scene in Grudge.
[01:27] <Dignant> stair*
[01:27] <LowEndLem> haha
[01:28] <Dignant> Typos are abundant tonight, apparently.
[01:28] <LowEndLem> mine's done
[01:28] <@Fernin> on to part 2, time to load part 3
[01:28] <LowEndLem> go?
[01:28] <@Fernin> yep, go
[01:30] <LowEndLem> I will never understand Groucho, and I am okay with this.
[01:30] <@Fernin> heh, that scene was simple enough... he hates Opera, he just happens to work at an operahouse
[01:31] <LowEndLem> he dropped his hat.
[01:31] <LowEndLem> That was a nice hat.
[01:31] <Dignant> At the mention of a thousand dollars a night, though.
[01:31] <@Fernin> yeah, that'd make me drop my hat even now
[01:31] <LowEndLem> I would go pick up my hat and drop it.
[01:32] <Dignant> So, the title is "A Night at the Opera", but the opra is over for the season?
[01:32] <@Fernin> heh, yup
[01:32] <LowEndLem> Well, night is a loose term
[01:32] <@Fernin> there's one more opera before the end of the film, though
[01:33] <LowEndLem> Yay, mallets!
[01:33] <Dignant> It's interesting to see that the bitter pang of rejection looked the same 70 years ago.
[01:33] <@Fernin> and there, again... silliness for silliness' sake, just happily banging away and piping on a flute
[01:33] <LowEndLem> I might be afew seconds ahead of you
[01:33] <LowEndLem> Best deadpan ever
[01:34] <LowEndLem> "Well, he pulled a knife so i shot him"
[01:35] <Dignant> Eight dollars a night.
[01:35] <@Fernin> Three dollars
[01:35] <LowEndLem> That's quite possibly the worst math ever.
[01:36] <Dignant> Canider.
[01:37] <@Fernin> legalese is normally pointless... but this goes above and beyond
[01:37] <Dignant> Sadly, it still makes more sense than a real legal document.
[01:38] <LowEndLem> Jesus christ, my brain just exploded
[01:38] <DJStonie> o:
[01:38] <DJStonie> whyd ti do taht
[01:38] <Dignant> Who's on first?
[01:38] <LowEndLem> what's on second
[01:38] <@Fernin> I don't know's on third
[01:39] <LowEndLem> part 3, go?
[01:39] <@Fernin> go
[01:39] <LowEndLem> Why's out in left field
[01:40] <Dignant> Three more concussions and he's out.
[01:41] <LowEndLem> they weren't in america in the first place?
[01:41] <Dignant> No.
[01:41] <@Fernin> nope, it starts off in Italy
[01:41] <Dignant> Which explains the rrrrrrrrrrr
[01:41] <@Fernin> poor guy, separated from his girl
[01:41] <LowEndLem> oh
[01:42] <@Fernin> more dickishness from him
[01:42] <LowEndLem> sing because you're not an asshole, maybe?
[01:42] <@Fernin> it's worth noting that there's a couple of songs in this film... and that her voice is beautiful, and his voice is amazing
[01:42] <Dignant> That would necessitate not being an asshole.
[01:43] <Dignant> It is a very nice voice.
[01:43] <Dignant> It's a shame that voices like that aren't heard as often in mainstream media anymore.
[01:43] <LowEndLem> I'd be talking more if i hadn't just found the cosplay thread
[01:43] <LowEndLem> but yes, her voice is amazing
[01:43] <@Fernin> bah, bad Lem, pay attention to the movie
[01:43] <Dignant> Unless you're playing Fallout 3 or something.
[01:44] <LowEndLem> I'm trying1
[01:44] <@Fernin> ...granted, it is just a song right now, so listening is fine
[01:45] <@Fernin> everyone gets a kiss
[01:46] <Dignant> Ship captains; abruptly ending random singing encounters since 1934.
[01:46] <LowEndLem> Let him on the boat!
[01:47] <@Fernin> let who on the boat, Groucho?
[01:47] <@Fernin> or the singer?
[01:47] <@Fernin> scratch that, good scene coming up
[01:48] <LowEndLem> Groucho can sing, man
[01:49] <@Fernin> ...I never noticed that before, he steps right in her suitcase
[01:49] <Dignant> Those eyebrows must be magic; how else could a guy that looks like him just randomly walk into some crying woman's room and not leave screaming and clawing at the pepper spray in his eyes.
[01:49] <LowEndLem> heh
[01:49] <LowEndLem> Mine'sdone
[01:49] <@Fernin> part 4, ready?
[01:49] <LowEndLem> yep
[01:49] <Dignant> yep
[01:49] <@Fernin> go
[01:50] <LowEndLem> oh god no, not squeaky shoes!
[01:51] <Dignant> I do not doubt for an instant that Groucho could find squeaky shoes, put them on and go back to the room in one minute.
[01:51] <@Fernin> yay, stowaways!
[01:52] <LowEndLem> This movie is amazing
[01:52] <Dignant> Sleeping off insomnia. Fantastic.
[01:52] <LowEndLem> aaand, there;s harop
[01:52] <@Fernin> Sleep is the best cure for insomnia, you know
[01:54] <LowEndLem> hehehe
[01:54] <@Fernin> honk
[01:55] <LowEndLem> That's a lot of hardboiled eggs
[01:55] <LowEndLem> hahaha
[01:56] <Dignant> It's hard to make fun of something that's funny already.
[01:56] <LowEndLem> Yeah, next time, we'll go with drama
[01:56] <LowEndLem> Party in the stateroom!
[01:57] <@Fernin> crowded? A can of sardines looks roomy compared to that room
[01:57] <Dignant> Lovely situational humor.
[01:57] <LowEndLem> Harpo has the best part in this scene
[01:58] <Dignant> I'm hoping for a hard boiled egg fight.
[01:58] <Dignant> Oh well.
[01:58] <LowEndLem> All that food!
[01:58] <@Fernin> I love how not one single person doesn't turn back on seeing the crowded room
[01:58] <@Fernin> ...I also love making confusing double negative sentences, apparently, that came out badly
[01:58] <Dignant> Honestly, in a situation that crazy, how can you turn away?
[01:59] <LowEndLem> He's got a point
[01:59] <LowEndLem> I'd go in just to party.
[02:00] <Dignant> All set for part 5?
[02:00] <LowEndLem> Woah, I can't find part 6 to load up
[02:00] <LowEndLem> anyone got a link?
[02:00] <Dignant>
[02:00] <LowEndLem> k, ready
[02:00] <@Fernin> off to part 5, go
[02:01] <LowEndLem> Do they really have to feed you if they deport you?
[02:01] <@Fernin> I would imagine so, they can't exactly legally deport a dead body
[02:01] <Dignant> If they keep you in the brig until they get to port, I guess you have to be fed.
[02:02] <LowEndLem> Nice
[02:02] <@Fernin> if you thought you saw a lot of food before...
[02:02] <LowEndLem> And now I'm hungry again
[02:02] <Dignant> Crazy amounts of pasta.
[02:02] <LowEndLem> you'd think I'd learn after buffalo wings
[02:02] <LowEndLem> again.
[02:03] <LowEndLem> is that an entire bottle of wine?
[02:03] <Dignant> Maybe an intermission after part 5; I'm hungry too.
[02:03] <@Fernin> intermission sounds like a good idea, I could go for a midnight snack myself
[02:03] <@Fernin> and yeah, it was an entire bottle of wine, and an entire bread, and all sorts of fruit and meat and... yeah
[02:04] <Dignant> People don't smile like that anymore, either. Well, except for Vault Boy.
[02:04] <LowEndLem> If i wake up my family, i'll be ended. Also, the only thing we have is the buffalo wings i have in the fridge. Those are my breakfast.
[02:04] <Dignant> I'm waiting for something made of glass to break. In a opera movie that has humor it's practically mandatory.
[02:05] <LowEndLem> That's true
[02:05] <LowEndLem> but this is the marx brothers.
[02:05] <@Fernin> come to think of it... I think this movie was made before that idea became popular
[02:05] <Dignant> For all I know they invented it.
[02:06] <Dignant> From the way these people are dressed, I keep expecting someone to grab a girl's hair and tug really hard, revealing that she's actually one of those russian nesting dolls.
[02:06] <@Fernin> woo, song and dance section is over... on to Chico playing the piano
[02:07] <Dignant> And it's also in the time where you actually had to be able to do the things your character was going to do.
[02:07] <Dignant> No Chico stunt doubles here.
[02:07] <@Fernin> heh, quite true
[02:08] <LowEndLem> How many marx brothers were there?
[02:08] <LowEndLem> I'm sick of missing parts to check wikipedia
[02:08] <Dignant> Granted, it'd be hilarious if there were, since the double would probably look nothing like him.
[02:08] <LowEndLem> he plays stangely..
[02:08] <@Fernin> I'll look that up during the intermission, Lem
[02:08] <Dignant> Which is all of half a minute away.
[02:09] <LowEndLem> true
[02:09] <@Fernin> Harpo's pretty damn good at the piano, but, as his name implies, his true skill is the harp
[02:09] <LowEndLem> whoo, slapstick!
[02:16] <Dignant> Roll call!
[02:16] <LowEndLem> There's 5 marx bros.
[02:16] <@Fernin> lemme know when everyone's ready
[02:16] <LowEndLem> ready
[02:17] <Dignant> ready
[02:17] <@Fernin> k, go
[02:18] <LowEndLem> damn, harpo's good
[02:18] <Dignant> Makes you wonder why they're so poor; one good gig would keep them comfortable for months.
[02:19] <LowEndLem> because scams are more fun?
[02:20] <@Fernin> you have to look at it from Groucho's point of view... work every day of your life with these three as their manager, or marry Mrs. Claypool and her 8 million dollars?
[02:20] <Dignant> Harpo does demonstrate that it is nigh impossible to combine buffoonery and playing the harp.
[02:21] <Dignant> Are you watching the same movie as me? Maybe your version has a Mrs. Claypool that doesn't make my soul weep.
[02:21] <LowEndLem> I would've loved to have been onstage with them
[02:21] <Dignant> I don't think those open anymore.
[02:21] <@Fernin> heh, with good reason, apparently
[02:22] <LowEndLem> The marx brothers might get in
[02:22] <Dignant> I think the upper ones do, but if a wave gets up there you're pretty much done for anyway.
[02:22] <@Fernin> 1935, when suicide jokes were funny
[02:23] <@Fernin> make one now and you'll get all sorts of people after you
[02:23] <LowEndLem> Epic beards
[02:23] <Dignant> The three wise men all sleep together.
[02:23] <Dignant> The look on his face is truly diabolical.
[02:23] <LowEndLem> like you wouldn't get that look?
[02:23] <@Fernin> those are the famous aviators, the ones who decided to cross the sea on a boat
[02:24] <Dignant> Isn't that the pacific?
[02:24] <@Fernin> not unless they went the way long way around
[02:24] <Dignant> Ah, okay.
[02:24] <LowEndLem> Oh, boy.
[02:26] <LowEndLem> This is utterly insane
[02:26] <Dignant> I love the old concept of "If you forget it, you're fine without it until you remember that you forgot it"
[02:27] <LowEndLem> next?
[02:27] <@Fernin> part 7, where Harpo drowns in ice water, go
[02:27] <LowEndLem> At some point, just send the next guy
[02:28] <LowEndLem> You've got a whole nother avaitor
[02:28] <Dignant> You'd think one of them would have learned how to be a ventriloquist by now.
[02:28] <LowEndLem> That would make things easy.
[02:28] <Dignant> Unless it was Groucho providing the voice.
[02:28] <LowEndLem> hahaha!
[02:29] <@Fernin> there's that mallet again
[02:29] <LowEndLem> I missed themallet
[02:29] <Dignant> Mallets are truly timeless.
[02:30] <LowEndLem> Did he just jelly a cigar?
[02:30] <@Fernin> there's nothing on the table he didn't jelly
[02:30] <Dignant> Eating a tie.
[02:30] <LowEndLem> He ate a vest, too
[02:31] <@Fernin> if that scene wasn't silly enough for you, just wait
[02:33] <LowEndLem> what the fu-
[02:34] <Dignant> Beautiful.
[02:34] <@Fernin> one man, driven completely insane
[02:35] <LowEndLem> that is quite possibly the best thing i've ever seen
[02:35] <Dignant> I guess you could say that scene is your bed and butter.
[02:35] <LowEndLem> Oh, you and your puns
[02:36] <Dignant> You can feel the evil plot brewing.
[02:37] <LowEndLem> Part 8, ready
[02:37] <@Fernin> to part 8 now, ready?
[02:38] <@Fernin> and go
[02:38] <LowEndLem> yes
[02:38] <Dignant> yes
[02:38] <LowEndLem> I wish i could walk around with a cigar and cane
[02:39] <Dignant> Otto is pretty awesome.
[02:40] <LowEndLem> Those would get boring after the first flight of stairs
[02:40] <@Fernin> here's another spot where the lack of stunt doubles is apparent, going down those stairs... ouch
[02:40] <Dignant> Better than falling down an escalator.
[02:42] <@Fernin> great way for the asshole to get the girl, get her fired
[02:42] <LowEndLem> thats how assholes work
[02:42] <Dignant> Nice box throw.
[02:43] <Dignant> Buy me some peanuts and applejacks.
[02:43] <@Fernin> there goes that hat again
[02:44] <LowEndLem> Oh no...
[02:44] <LowEndLem> He's speeching
[02:46] <Dignant> The hat goes a third time.
[02:47] <LowEndLem> hahahahah!
[02:47] <@Fernin> hehehe, Dig caught it earlier
[02:47] <Dignant> But of course. I was hoping someone would be singing, though.
[02:48] <LowEndLem> Mallet'd
[02:48] <LowEndLem> 9, reasy?
[02:48] <@Fernin> ready
[02:48] <Dignant> yes
[02:48] <@Fernin> and go
[02:49] <LowEndLem> and another man driven mad
[02:50] <Dignant> Talking with a shoe is Harpo's second specialty.
[02:50] <@Fernin> and Gottlieb takes another blow to the head
[02:51] <LowEndLem> multikill?
[02:51] <Dignant> Where's a hematoma when you need one?
[02:52] <LowEndLem> Is he just wandering the audience and commenting?
[02:52] <@Fernin> he is, yes :)
[02:52] <Dignant> All while evading the cops, yes.
[02:52] <LowEndLem> how meta...
[02:52] <@Fernin> ...let's return to that stunt double topic again, shall we?
[02:52] <@Fernin> Harpo must be part monkey
[02:53] <LowEndLem> about how they don't use any?
[02:53] <Dignant> Rope burn on the thighs must /suck/.
[02:53] <LowEndLem> buster keaton was the same, apparently he broke his neck and didn't know for about a decade
[02:53] <LowEndLem> singing fruitcart!
[02:53] <Dignant> E5
[02:54] <LowEndLem> you sank my harpo!
[02:54] <@Fernin> the audience must be so damn confused
[02:54] <Dignant> Asshole or not, he could sing through the appocalypse.
[02:54] <LowEndLem> I think they're beyond caring at this point
[02:55] <LowEndLem> It's all in latin the fuck'd he climb that so fast?!
[02:55] <LowEndLem> part ten, final go.
[02:55] <Dignant> He is 9/10ths monkey and 1/2 goat.
[02:55] <LowEndLem> ready?
[02:55] <@Fernin> yep, go
[02:55] <Dignant> yarp
[02:56] <LowEndLem> they appear to have misplaced their actor.
[02:56] <LowEndLem> Oh, the opera's got a plot again
[02:57] <LowEndLem> I thought the fruitcart had to fight the battleship for the gypsy's love
[02:58] <LowEndLem> I think the pitch of the woman's voice woke up my dog.
[02:59] <Dignant> Yeah, true.
[02:59] <@Fernin> smart audience
[02:59] <Dignant> No tomatoes?
[02:59] <LowEndLem> apples are cheaper.
[02:59] <Dignant> And harder.
[03:00] <@Fernin> heh, run for it, Otto
[03:00] <LowEndLem> which leaves him three dollars.
[03:00] <LowEndLem> Oh god no, the parties are back
[03:01] <LowEndLem> that was an excellent movie.
[03:01] <Dignant> Truly.