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Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory was the twenty-eighth movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of Fernin, Klimbatize, Mr_Scotty, Crazy_Bastard, and Drew_Linky.


[19:19] <@Mr_Scott> Who's fig for tonight?
[19:19] <@Crazy_Bastard> aww, fig isn't here to say "goo!" [19:19] <@Fernin> I will, I guess [19:19] <@Crazy_Bastard> cool beans [19:19] <@Fernin> alright, since everyone's ready [19:19] <@Fernin> Go! [19:20] <@Mr_Scott> Gah stupid blank annotation [19:20] <@Crazy_Bastard> dun, dun dun dun dun dun dun dun DUN DUN DUN DUN! [19:20] <@Klimbatize> Loony Tunes Entrance [19:20] <@Crazy_Bastard> ^_^ [19:20] <@Crazy_Bastard> I haven't seen this movie in ages..... [19:20] <@Klimbatize> me neither [19:20] <@Mr_Scott> same [19:20] <@Klimbatize> use to watch a lot when I was a kid [19:21] <@Crazy_Bastard> Oh man same here. [19:21] <@Fernin> mmm, chocolate [19:21] <@Crazy_Bastard> so much I almost hated [19:21] <@Crazy_Bastard> it [19:21] <@Klimbatize> there's a commercial for a phone or something that has a song from this...made me want to watch it again [19:21] <@Fernin> ...crap, I don't think we have any chocolate in the house, I'm gonna need some after this... [19:21] <@Mr_Scott> heh [19:21] <@Mr_Scott> ... [19:21] <@Crazy_Bastard> As far as chocolate goes: White=>Milk>Dark [19:21] * @Mr_Scott runs to get some [19:22] <@Klimbatize> white is the worst [19:22] <@Crazy_Bastard> D: [19:22] <@Klimbatize> i have Rolos! [19:22] <@Fernin> dark is the best for you, and the best tasting [19:22] <@Fernin> just so long as it's not /too/ dark [19:22] <@Crazy_Bastard> I love hershey's cookies and cream bars [19:22] <@Klimbatize> as I get older, I like dark more...I'm an old fuck [19:22] <@Mr_Scott> yay for nestle milk chocolate morsels [19:22] <@Crazy_Bastard> Dark is /okay/ so long as it's not too rich, yeah [19:23] <@Fernin> we have some of that 80% dark stuff in the fridge, but I'm not counting that... it's not chocolate, it's a candy bar shaped hunk of bitter [19:23] <@Crazy_Bastard> Lol, those glasses on that kid [19:23] <@Klimbatize> i use to fast forward through a lot of these songs [19:23] <@Crazy_Bastard> THE CAND MAN! [19:23] <@Mr_Scott> This movie didn't make up this song did it? [19:23] <@Crazy_Bastard> No, I'm sure writers did. [19:24] <@Mr_Scott> ... [19:24] <@Fernin> all the songs in this movie were made for this movie, Hack, to my knowledge [19:24] <@Klimbatize> lol [19:24] <@Crazy_Bastard> :P [19:24] * @Crazy_Bastard agrees [19:24] <@Mr_Scott> huh well cool [19:24] <@Fernin> that's what movies used to do, Hack, create their own songs, they were things called "musicals" [19:24] <@Klimbatize> i hate those huge lollipops [19:24] <@Crazy_Bastard> Woo, musicals [19:24] <@Mr_Scott> ...thank you [19:24] <@Crazy_Bastard> Oh man. [19:24] <@Crazy_Bastard> I want hack to see RHPS with a bunch of us. [19:25] <@Crazy_Bastard> RHPS would be chaos if we weren't synchewd well though [19:25] <@Klimbatize> ha ha, dumb poor kid [19:25] <@Mr_Scott> RHPS? [19:25] <@Crazy_Bastard> Rocky Horror Picture Show :) [19:25] <@Fernin> Rocky Horror Picture Show [19:25] <@Mr_Scott> Oh okay [19:26] <@Crazy_Bastard> One of the most awesome bad movies ever :D [19:26] <@Klimbatize> worst newsboy ever [19:26] <@Fernin> known mostly for its epic music and midnight showings at theaters where folks show up in costume and shout the lines along with the movie [19:26] <@Mr_Scott> Fun! [19:26] <@Klimbatize> there is a theater here in Vegas that plays RHPS once every two weeks [19:27] <@Klimbatize> for that reason [19:27] <@Mr_Scott> Crazy ass guy with a knife cart [19:27] <@Crazy_Bastard> I need to get some fishnets for it [19:27] <@Klimbatize> lol, Grandpa Joe can't get off his ass....until chocolate's involved! [19:27] * @Crazy_Bastard is now holding an infant [19:27] <@Crazy_Bastard> lol, I know, right? [19:28] <@Klimbatize> stole it! [19:28] <@Mr_Scott> He didn't tell Joe that Mr. Joepeck said hi [19:28] <@Klimbatize> good point [19:28] <@Crazy_Bastard> little bastard [19:28] <@Klimbatize> sign of generational poverty...blowing money on shit like tobacco when you don't have any food [19:29] <@Klimbatize> whoa, 10 minutes gone already? time flies when you're watching a kick ass movie [19:30] <@Crazy_Bastard> yeah :D [19:30] <@Fernin> But who, indeed... ready? [19:30] <@Klimbatize> good cliffhanger...'But Who?' [19:30] <@Mr_Scott> red-e [19:30] <@Crazy_Bastard> yup [19:30] <@Klimbatize> yup [19:30] <@Fernin> Go! [19:30] <@Klimbatize> i love this teacher [19:30] <@Crazy_Bastard> hah, me too [19:30] <@Mr_Scott> He's not a dick [19:30] <@Crazy_Bastard> I shall need an assisstant, come give me a hand! [19:30] <@Mr_Scott> He's a smart ass [19:31] <@Klimbatize> no, he's definitely a dick [19:31] <@Klimbatize> in a hilarious way [19:31] <@Crazy_Bastard> Exactly [19:32] <@Klimbatize> wheee, chocolate is more important than school! [19:32] <@Klimbatize> damn British [19:32] <@Mr_Scott> "You gotta buy wonka bars to find 'em" [19:32] <@Fernin> any teacher who would dismiss his class for chocolate is awesome in my book [19:32] <@Mr_Scott> Yeah [19:32] <@Crazy_Bastard> indeed [19:32] <@Klimbatize> when I was a kid, I didn't get some of this [19:33] <@Klimbatize> and then when I was older, thought it was hilarious [19:33] <@Crazy_Bastard> hm? [19:33] <@Klimbatize> like when they hold someone for ransom [19:33] <@Crazy_Bastard> people wanting to get in? [19:33] <@Klimbatize> for a box of Wonka bars [19:33] <@Klimbatize> no, this whole montage right here [19:33] <@Klimbatize> how people are obsessed [19:33] <@Crazy_Bastard> oh, lol [19:33] <@Klimbatize> I don't know, I was a dumb 7 year old [19:33] <@Crazy_Bastard> I love the psycologist scene [19:33] <@Klimbatize> well-placed antlers [19:33] <@Mr_Scott> II know huh [19:33] <@Mr_Scott> -I [19:33] <@Mr_Scott> Fat-ass [19:34] <@Klimbatize> sad, nowadays that kid isn't that fat [19:34] <@Klimbatize> he just looks like a normal kid [19:34] <@Klimbatize> Happy Birthday! We took our month bath early for you! [19:34] <@Crazy_Bastard> ! [19:34] <@Crazy_Bastard> It is! [19:35] <@Crazy_Bastard> It's not even the right kind of bar. [19:35] <@Crazy_Bastard> is it? [19:35] <@Klimbatize> lol [19:35] <@Crazy_Bastard> I never thought it was [19:35] <@Klimbatize> I always thought it was weird [19:35] <@Mr_Scott> Fucking kid [19:35] <@Klimbatize> it's like a marshmallow thing [19:35] <@Crazy_Bastard> that was a dick move :P [19:35] <@Mr_Scott> had to trick 'em [19:35] <@Klimbatize> that is a dick move..could have killed one of them [19:35] <@Fernin> CB's right, that isn't the right kind of bar [19:35] <@Klimbatize> from shock [19:35] <@Crazy_Bastard> mmm, marshmwllows [19:35] <@Mr_Scott> What a waste of chocolate [19:35] <@Klimbatize> i know chicks like this [19:35] <@Klimbatize> I dated one [19:35] <@Crazy_Bastard> Not even close [19:36] <@Mr_Scott> Bitch needs to get slapped [19:36] * @Crazy_Bastard slaps hack [19:36] * @Crazy_Bastard grins [19:36] <@Mr_Scott> ...fuck off [19:36] <@Klimbatize> one pound bonus!! [19:36] <@Mr_Scott> lol [19:36] <@Crazy_Bastard> hahah [19:36] <@Fernin> oh boy, a whole pound! [19:36] <@Klimbatize> that's like...2 bucks! [19:36] <@Crazy_Bastard> heard the cheers :P [19:37] <@Mr_Scott> ...henretta [19:37] <@Crazy_Bastard> It'd prolly be more for how angry Veruca is [19:37] <@Mr_Scott> What kind of name is that [19:37] <@Klimbatize> you know if any of them had found it they would have snagged it for themselves [19:37] <@Klimbatize> i would have [19:37] <@Crazy_Bastard> No, that one pound is way more important [19:37] <@Klimbatize> heh [19:37] <@Mr_Scott> lol [19:37] <@Fernin> the new version did have the finder try to take it away, just to be caught [19:38] <@Klimbatize> oh, I have blocked the new one from my memory [19:38] <@Crazy_Bastard> I can't imagine anything of this scale actuallt happening.... [19:38] <@Crazy_Bastard> In real life, I mean. [19:38] <@Crazy_Bastard> Joshua! [19:38] <@Klimbatize> lol [19:38] <@Crazy_Bastard> Wait, wrong movie [19:38] <@Klimbatize> Would you like to play a game? [19:38] <@Klimbatize> dumb ass should have tested it before this presentation [19:38] <@Crazy_Bastard> LOL SENTIENT MACHINES [19:39] <@Klimbatize> shove it up his ass! [19:39] <@Mr_Scott> Was this the inspiration for lexy :p [19:39] <@Klimbatize> heh [19:39] <@Crazy_Bastard> What would YOU do if you were a computer and had a lifetime supply of chocolate? [19:39] <@Crazy_Bastard> hah [19:40] <@Crazy_Bastard> It is a smartass, like lexy [19:40] <@Mr_Scott> Sell it [19:40] <@Mr_Scott> Then use the money to by upgrades [19:40] <@Fernin> personally, I like the new Violet more than this one, she actually had more character than just chewing gum [19:40] <@Mr_Scott> And take over the labratory [19:40] <@Mr_Scott> Ready [19:40] <@Klimbatize> i asked if Lexy would like a lifetime supply of chocolate, and he said 'Go for it!' [19:40] <@Klimbatize> i'm ready [19:40] <@Crazy_Bastard> ready [19:40] <@Fernin> have to say, the video quality may be low, but this person did a good job of splitting the parts up [19:41] <@Fernin> Go! [19:41] <@Crazy_Bastard> I'm having it load in High quality, 480p [19:41] <@Crazy_Bastard> well, higer quality [19:42] <@Klimbatize> this chick's teeth must be enamel-free [19:42] <@Mr_Scott> lol [19:42] <@Klimbatize> is that laundry, or dinner? [19:42] <@Crazy_Bastard> DUN DUN DUN [19:42] <@Crazy_Bastard> SLUGWORTH [19:42] <@Crazy_Bastard> Charlie is so damn impulsive [19:42] <@Klimbatize> oh man, I hate this next song [19:42] <@Crazy_Bastard> me too >.< [19:42] <@Klimbatize> i haven't heard it in forever because I ALWAYS fast forwarded [19:43] <@Mr_Scott> This kids acting is... [19:43] <@Mr_Scott> It's not bad...but it's not the best [19:43] <@Klimbatize> wah wah wah, i won't win [19:43] <@Fernin> ...did she just say 100 billion, or 100 million? [19:43] <@Crazy_Bastard> I forgot how emo Charlie was [19:43] <@Mr_Scott> lol [19:43] <@Klimbatize> lol, i'm not sure [19:43] <@Crazy_Bastard> and selfish [19:44] <@Crazy_Bastard> "But I want it more than any of them!" [19:44] <@Klimbatize> god, I'm going to put in some earplugs [19:44] <@Fernin> the Charlie in the new one isn't much better... this Charlie is at least human, new Charlie is a perfect angel [19:44] <@Mr_Scott> Yeah [19:44] <@Crazy_Bastard> I hated how they changed the TV obsessed kid to a videogame obsessed kid. [19:44] <@Crazy_Bastard> hated it [19:44] <@Crazy_Bastard> Gah. [19:45] <@Klimbatize> yeah [19:45] <@Crazy_Bastard> >.< [19:45] <@Klimbatize> at least video games teach you eye-hand coordination and problem solving skills [19:45] <@Crazy_Bastard> Made gamers look terrible in the eyes of the general public [19:45] <@Fernin> agreed, his last name is TeeVee, for crap's sake [19:45] <@Mr_Scott> Fucking emo bastard [19:45] <@Klimbatize> I have a solution, Charlie...armed robbery [19:45] <@Mr_Scott> ^ [19:45] <@Crazy_Bastard> I prefer to interact with my entertainment, not vegetate at it. [19:45] <@Klimbatize> underage [19:46] <@Klimbatize> so he wouldn't get much [19:46] <@Crazy_Bastard> That's why I rarely watch TV [19:46] <@Klimbatize> end: her big scene [19:46] <@Crazy_Bastard> Fucking finally [19:46] <@Klimbatize> that's right, everyone from Arizona is a cowboy [19:47] <@Crazy_Bastard> aw shit, accidentally clicked a link [19:47] <@Klimbatize> Slugworth is the best actor in this scene [19:47] <@Mr_Scott> The movie could've done without the song [19:47] <@Mr_Scott> ..."not 'till you're 12 son" [19:47] <@Mr_Scott> I would NEVER give that kid a gun [19:48] <@Klimbatize> lol, offhand I can't think of what they are [19:48] <@Klimbatize> ok, how the hell did Grandpa Joe get a chocolate bar? [19:48] <@Klimbatize> that always bugged me [19:48] <@Fernin> nah, give him the gun, he'll shoot the tv like he just did with the cap gun, maybe he'd actually learn something [19:48] <@Crazy_Bastard> stle it [19:48] <@Fernin> he can't move, though, CB [19:48] <@Crazy_Bastard> Hah... [19:48] <@Klimbatize> yeah, who bought it for him? [19:48] <@Mr_Scott> He had the money [19:48] <@Crazy_Bastard> Nut unless there's chocolate involved [19:49] <@Mr_Scott> He didn't have it by his nuts he had under his back [19:49] <@Klimbatize> Hack, we know he had money for it...but how the hell did he get up to buy one? [19:49] <@Klimbatize> he can't fucking move [19:50] <@Mr_Scott> [17:49] <Crazy_Bastard> Nut unless there's chocolate involved [19:50] <@Klimbatize> "Can I think about it?" [19:50] <@Mr_Scott> That's how [19:50] <@Crazy_Bastard> No one else thought he could move... Maybe he's behind everything. The rush for the tickets, the opening of the factory again, the obtaining of chocolate for charlie. [19:50] <@Crazy_Bastard> Maybe he dropped that pound later on for charlie to find [19:50] <@Crazy_Bastard> To get the ticket. [19:50] <@Klimbatize> maybe [19:50] <@Crazy_Bastard> he knew the last ticket on TV was a sham [19:50] <@Mr_Scott> "how long will they give me to think it over?" [19:50] <@Klimbatize> that's what it is "How long with they give me to think it over" [19:50] <@Mr_Scott> WTF is that shit [19:51] <@Crazy_Bastard> The darker side of Grandpa Joe. [19:51] <@Crazy_Bastard> he had a dark past. [19:51] <@Mr_Scott> Ready [19:51] <@Crazy_Bastard> He did this to seek revenge upon Wonka [19:51] <@Klimbatize> another good cliffhanger [19:51] <@Crazy_Bastard> ready' [19:51] <@Klimbatize> oh shit [19:51] <@Fernin> seems that Drew's joining us, we'll wait for him to get loaded up [19:51] <@Crazy_Bastard> cool beans :D [19:51] <@Crazy_Bastard> [19:52] <@Klimbatize> oh damn it [19:52] * Drew_Linky ( has joined #mslt3k [19:52] <@Mr_Scott> What? [19:52] <@Klimbatize> just got a phone dad had a heart attack [19:52] <@Crazy_Bastard> D: [19:52] <@Crazy_Bastard> Oh no.... [19:52] <@Mr_Scott> Oh sorry... [19:52] <@Fernin> oh, hells... that's horrible, Klim [19:52] <Drew_Linky> Oh god. I'm so sorry... [19:52] <@Klimbatize> he's alive right now [19:52] <@Mr_Scott> Is he in the ER? [19:52] <@Klimbatize> yeah [19:52] <@Mr_Scott> You gonna go see him? [19:53] <@Fernin> go to him, then, far more important than a movie [19:53] <@Klimbatize> he's in Kansas City...I need to see how he is, it just happened [19:53] <@Klimbatize> i am going to call up my mom..sorry guys [19:53] <@Crazy_Bastard> Yeah, drop the movie man. [19:53] <@Crazy_Bastard> Good luck to your dad. [19:53] * @Klimbatize ( Quit (Quit: �) [19:53] <@Mr_Scott> Yeah, your dads more important than us. [19:53] <@Mr_Scott> ...well... [19:53] <@Mr_Scott> This'll make an interesting lof [19:53] <@Mr_Scott> *log [19:54] * Mr_Scott sets mode: +o Drew_Linky [19:54] <@Fernin> Hack, there's no reason to leave that in the log [19:54] <@Fernin> I don't think Klim would want it in there at all [19:54] * @Crazy_Bastard smacks hack [19:54] <@Mr_Scott> Meh, I'm not logging it so [19:55] * @Crazy_Bastard smacks hack agaan [19:55] * @Crazy_Bastard facepalms [19:55] <@Fernin> let us know when you're ready, Drew [19:56] <@Mr_Scott> Does he know a loading process? [19:56] <@Drew_Linky> Wait, wha? I'm ready. [19:57] <@Crazy_Bastard> Ready [19:57] <@Mr_Scott> same [19:57] <@Fernin> okay then, go! [19:57] <@Mr_Scott> Emo bastard. [19:57] <@Mr_Scott> All of that over chocolate [19:57] * @Crazy_Bastard is sorting the Porn-off submissions [19:58] <@Drew_Linky> Finally. [19:58] <@Crazy_Bastard> I must say hack, that is one fine blondse you submitted [19:58] <@Mr_Scott> heh [19:59] <@Crazy_Bastard> lol [19:59] <@Mr_Scott> "Well I can't figure out just 2" [19:59] <@Crazy_Bastard> "Well I can't figure out just 2!" [19:59] <@Drew_Linky> There's the legendary coin. [19:59] <@Mr_Scott> grandpa Joe put it there as part of the conspiracy [20:00] <@Drew_Linky> Damn him... [20:01] <@Mr_Scott> Shit my moniteer jsut shorted out [20:01] <@Drew_Linky> We can tell. [20:01] <@Crazy_Bastard> lol, moniterr [20:01] <@Crazy_Bastard> er, moniteer [20:01] <@Crazy_Bastard> The piccolo! [20:02] <@Crazy_Bastard> I can never forget the piccolo you hear as he opens it [20:03] <@Drew_Linky> It's trend-starting. [20:03] <@Drew_Linky> Oh, Slugworth. [20:03] <@Drew_Linky> I hate heem. [20:05] <@Mr_Scott> Oh turns out the extension cord it was plugged into came undone [20:06] <@Fernin> part 5, ready? [20:06] <@Drew_Linky> Nice. [20:06] <@Crazy_Bastard> ready [20:06] <@Drew_Linky> Well, ready. [20:07] <@Mr_Scott> Um...ready [20:07] <@Fernin> go! [20:07] <@Mr_Scott> In a fucking bed for 20 years? [20:07] <@Mr_Scott> Bull-shit [20:08] <@Mr_Scott> Whose cleaning up his piss an' shit [20:08] <@Crazy_Bastard> Yeah, he dropped that pound earlier [20:08] <@Crazy_Bastard> it's called a chamber pot [20:08] <@Mr_Scott> and there it was [20:08] <@Mr_Scott> lol [20:09] <@Mr_Scott> How'd he get that chocolate bar 0_o [20:09] <@Mr_Scott> It's all part of the conspiracy!!! [20:10] <@Mr_Scott> "Close the fucking window! It took 20 years to collect that heat!" [20:11] <@Mr_Scott> It's all over her face! [20:11] <@Mr_Scott> The gum that is [20:12] <@Drew_Linky> ._. [20:13] <@Mr_Scott> I call bullshit! If that gate was open you'd have mobs rushing in there [20:13] <@Drew_Linky> This was back when they had some semblance of respect. [20:15] <@Mr_Scott> Crazy ass teevee kid [20:15] <@Drew_Linky> Excpet for the kids, of course. [20:15] <@Drew_Linky> Like TeeVee. [20:17] <@Mr_Scott> If I went up to some random guy and shot a fake pistol at him when I was his age I would've got my ass grounded for a week [20:17] <@Drew_Linky> For a year. [20:18] <@Drew_Linky> Anyway, ready. [20:18] <@Fernin> Hack, CB? [20:19] <@Mr_Scott> Ready [20:19] <@Mr_Scott> And CB said he'd have to leave for dinner at some point [20:19] <@Drew_Linky> Ah. [20:19] <@Drew_Linky> Watch as he comes back drunk sometime soon. [20:19] <@Mr_Scott> Could've slipped his mind to say "BRB dinner" [20:19] <@Fernin> indeed [20:19] <@Fernin> k, then [20:19] <@Fernin> go! [20:20] <@Fernin> much for those perfect splits [20:20] <@Mr_Scott> heh [20:21] <@Mr_Scott> Jeez, if veruca was my child she would be an angel [20:21] <@Drew_Linky> Yeah, dinner soon too. [20:22] <@Drew_Linky> Brb. [20:25] <@Drew_Linky> Scratch that. [20:28] <@Fernin> one thing they did better in the new version, the chocolate lake actually looked like chocolate [20:28] <@Fernin> this just looks like muddy water [20:28] <@Mr_Scott> Yeah [20:30] <@Mr_Scott> I say we break for food [20:30] <@Drew_Linky> God, Veruca reminds me of my sister. Remind me to buy weapons. [20:30] <@Drew_Linky> But that works for me. [20:30] <@Mr_Scott> Anyone else in favor [20:31] <@Mr_Scott> I'll take that as a yes [20:31] <@Fernin> I suppose [20:32] <@Drew_Linky> When should we be back? [20:46] <@Mr_Scott> Ready [20:47] <@Drew_Linky> REady. [20:47] <@Fernin> k [20:47] <@Fernin> wonder if CB'll be back before the movie ends... [20:48] <@Fernin> Go! [20:48] <@Mr_Scott> Help...police...murder... [20:48] <@Drew_Linky> CHOCOLATE! MY BEAUTIFUL CHOCOLATE! [20:49] <@Mr_Scott> "The suspense is terrible" [20:49] <@Mr_Scott> Now a cheezy song :D [20:51] <@Mr_Scott> I heard the word "you" [20:51] <@Mr_Scott> Out of all the french he spoke that's all I heard [20:52] <@Drew_Linky> What she wants is a good kick in the pants. [20:55] <@Fernin> wonder why they had him speak in random languages [20:56] <@Mr_Scott> Yeah [20:58] <@Fernin> next part, ready? [20:58] <@Mr_Scott> ready [20:58] <@Drew_Linky> Ready. [20:58] <@Fernin> k, go! [20:59] <@Mr_Scott> Everlasting gobstoppers :D [21:00] <@Fernin> lol, never noticed the trifle deaf joke before, a sarcastic man after my own heart :D [21:00] <@Mr_Scott> ... [21:00] <@Mr_Scott> "button button who's got the button?" [21:02] <@Mr_Scott> "She's a nitwit" \ [21:02] <@Mr_Scott> This movie has so many great quotes [21:02] <@Mr_Scott> :D [21:03] <@Drew_Linky> Haw. [21:03] <@Mr_Scott> Did they paint her, or just mess with the hue.. [21:03] <@Mr_Scott> I swear it's a bit of both [21:06] <@Mr_Scott> I hate how this wasn't in the new one :( [21:06] <@Mr_Scott> and this quality sucks [21:06] <@Drew_Linky> Yeah. [21:06] <@Drew_Linky> But beggars can't be choosers. [21:06] <@Mr_Scott> but they can bitch [21:07] <@Drew_Linky> Good point, my dear Watson. [21:08] <@Drew_Linky> Grab onto something, quick! There's nothing to grab onto! [21:08] <@Drew_Linky> Nailed it. [21:08] <@Mr_Scott> "Grab onto me charlie, it's gonna be all right now" [21:09] <@Mr_Scott> Pedo... [21:09] <@Drew_Linky> Ha. [21:09] <@Mr_Scott> ready [21:09] <@Drew_Linky> Ready. [21:09] <@Fernin> k, go! [21:09] <@Mr_Scott> Fern? [21:09] <@Drew_Linky> Geese. Haw. [21:10] <@Fernin> ...yes, Hack? [21:10] <@Mr_Scott> yes seeing if you were here [21:10] <@Fernin> ...13 seconds after I said "k, go!", you decided to check if I was here [21:11] <@Mr_Scott> [19:10] <Drew_Linky> Ready. [21:11] <@Mr_Scott> [19:10] <Mr_Scott> Fern? [21:11] <@Mr_Scott> [19:10] <Fernin> k, go! [21:11] <@Mr_Scott> Lag [21:11] <@Drew_Linky> WHO SAYS I CAUN'T?! [21:11] <@Drew_Linky> Cunt. [21:11] <@Mr_Scott> lol [21:12] <@Fernin> nice that she can actually sing, unlike Charlie [21:12] <@Drew_Linky> Something like that, anyway. [21:12] <@Mr_Scott> Bitch [21:13] <@Mr_Scott> I like the songs in the new one just as much as the ones in this one [21:13] <@Drew_Linky> Fuck those new songs. [21:14] <@Fernin> half the songs are sung when the kid who should be hearing them isn't even there, in both movies [21:15] <@Drew_Linky> True. [21:15] <@Drew_Linky> Oh, that Teevee bitch. [21:16] <@Mr_Scott> IT'S EVERYWHERE [21:16] <@Drew_Linky> IT'S STICKING TO MY GUN [21:16] <@Mr_Scott> 0_o [21:16] <@Drew_Linky> :D [21:16] <@Mr_Scott> You did what with your gun? [21:17] <@Fernin> smart of Charlie to keep asking, Hey Grandpa, what's this? What's that? [21:17] <@Drew_Linky> Why the fuck is everything in twenty year increments. [21:17] <@Fernin> Hey kid, I've never been here, either, I don't have a damned clue! [21:17] <@Mr_Scott> So ready [21:17] <@Drew_Linky> Yup. [21:18] <@Fernin> k, go! [21:19] <@Fernin> I love Wonka's sarcastic replies to Mike in this one [21:20] <@Fernin> the running Mumbler! gag in the new one was pretty bad [21:20] <@Mr_Scott> yeah [21:20] <@Mr_Scott> Stop...don't...come back -_- [21:20] <@Drew_Linky> Oh, so sarcastic. [21:20] <@Mr_Scott> I love these sarcastic moments [21:22] <@Mr_Scott> Grandpa joe pushes her over :D [21:22] <@Drew_Linky> Random sex groans. [21:26] <@Drew_Linky> It's as if saying 'good day' automatically bars him from being a monster. [21:28] <@Fernin> last one, ready? [21:28] <@Mr_Scott> DON'T PRESS THE RED BUTTON [21:28] <@Mr_Scott> YOU NEVER PRESS THE RED BUTTON [21:28] <@Mr_Scott> ready [21:29] <@Drew_Linky> Ready. [21:29] <@Fernin> k, go [21:30] <@Drew_Linky> HERE IT COMES [21:30] <@Mr_Scott> Unexplainable floating [21:30] <@Drew_Linky> Yeah. At least in the new one they had rockets. [21:31] <@Drew_Linky> 'Candy-making secrets'. Heh. [21:32] <@Mr_Scott> Gotta wonder what would've happened if a adult had found the last ticked [21:32] <@Drew_Linky> You know, the author of the book absolutely hated the movie. [21:32] <@Mr_Scott> *ticket [21:32] <@Drew_Linky> Yeah. [21:33] <@Mr_Scott> Well that's that [21:33] <@Drew_Linky> Sad it's over. [21:33] <@Mr_Scott> yeah [21:34] <@Drew_Linky> What now? [21:35] <@Mr_Scott> I mass kick you a;; [21:35] <@Mr_Scott> *all [21:35] <@Mr_Scott> joking but do what you will [21:35] <@Fernin> I think CB must've done something other than go get dinner [21:36] <@Drew_Linky> Get drunk.. [21:42] <@Crazy_Bastard> Sorry.... [21:43] <@Crazy_Bastard> I had to eat dinner, do dishes, and watch my brother D: [21:48] <@Drew_Linky> No problem. :D