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November Rain, Don't Cry, and Estranged by Guns N' Roses were the first three music videos done by MSLT3K. The crew consisted of FigNewton, LowEndLem, and CamWin.


[01:16] <FigNewton> ...No one has ops?
[01:16] <CamWin> It appears not
[01:16] <FigNewton> lol wut
[01:16] <LowEndLem> yeah
[01:16] <FigNewton> Who's grabbing the youtube links?
[01:16] <LowEndLem> me
[01:17] <FigNewton> Kay
[01:17] <LowEndLem> november rain
[01:17] <LowEndLem>
[01:17] <LowEndLem> Don't Cry
[01:17] <LowEndLem>
[01:17] <LowEndLem> Estranged
[01:17] <LowEndLem>
[01:17] <CamWin> I'd like to state that I've never heard any of these songs, so my opinion is a pretty fresh one
[01:18] <FigNewton> Wow
[01:18] <LowEndLem> I've never heard them either
[01:18] <FigNewton> What?!
[01:18] <LowEndLem> Give them a bit o time to queue up
[01:18] <LowEndLem> Is that bad? I never got into GNR
[01:18] <FigNewton> Well, they're pretty famous
[01:18] <LowEndLem> shit.
[01:18] <FigNewton> Particlarly the first
[01:18] <CamWin> I've always wanted to but never have
[01:18] <FigNewton> "Estranged" is the greatest ten minutes of film ever
[01:18] <FigNewton> Period
[01:19] <LowEndLem> Haha, okay
[01:20] <FigNewton> Actually, shit
[01:20] <CamWin> videos taking a loooooong time to load
[01:20] <FigNewton> Lady friend probably won't appreciate GN'R at this hour... I need to find headphones
[01:20] <FigNewton> Uno moento
[01:20] <LowEndLem> I'm still waiting on loading
[01:20] <LowEndLem> November rain is like, 3/4ths
[01:20] <FigNewton> I haven't checked mine
[01:20] <LowEndLem> Don't cry is done
[01:20] <FigNewton> I will once I find some headphones
[01:21] <LowEndLem> and Estragned is u dunno
[01:21] <LowEndLem> *i
[01:21] <CamWin> Okay good. November Rain is loading just fine (probably because it's the first link I opened) but the other two are sluggish
[01:22] <FigNewton> November Rain is about three quarters
[01:22] <FigNewton> Don't Cry is done, Estranged is fifty percent
[01:23] <LowEndLem> Mine are almost fully loaded
[01:23] <CamWin> November Rain at 80%, Don't Cry at 50%, Estranged at like 20%
[01:24] <LowEndLem> So, we gotta wait on Cam for a bit
[01:24] <LowEndLem> Damn your failnet, cam
[01:24] <FigNewton> A at ninety, B done, C at sixty
[01:24] * CamWin passes out crackers and cheese and starts dancing to pass the time
[01:25] * FigNewton starts a singalong of the coda from "November Rain"
[01:25] <FigNewton> OH WAIT
[01:25] <CamWin> November Rain done, Don't Cry pretty much done, Estranged still at like 25%
[01:25] <FigNewton> That's probably good enough
[01:25] <FigNewton> Let me go grab a spoon, though
[01:26] <FigNewton> Back-o
[01:27] <CamWin> Schwing!
[01:27] <FigNewton> :/
[01:27] <LowEndLem> we ready?
[01:27] * CamWin is ready
[01:27] <LowEndLem> Fig?
[01:27] * FigNewton is el preparado
[01:27] <LowEndLem> okay
[01:27] <LowEndLem> 3
[01:27] <LowEndLem> 2
[01:27] <LowEndLem> 1
[01:27] <LowEndLem> go
[01:27] <FigNewton> Way to steal my job
[01:27] <LowEndLem> PILLZ HERE
[01:27] <LowEndLem> You weren't fast enough
[01:27] <FigNewton> Hey, I think I read an article about this video somewhere
[01:27] <CamWin> Sad Axl is sad. I feel a ballad coming o-oh, I was right
[01:28] <LowEndLem> Who builds a church there?
[01:28] <CamWin> Epic cloud movement.
[01:28] <LowEndLem> I can't even begin to follow this, and we're not even two minutes in
[01:29] <LowEndLem> Worst dress ever
[01:29] <LowEndLem> I mean, I don't know a lot.
[01:29] <LowEndLem> But that dress sucks.
[01:29] <CamWin> Nothing has really happened yet, anyway - oh, a wedding. yeah, the one on the right looks atrocious
[01:29] <FigNewton> That's a pretty sexy wedding dress
[01:29] <CamWin> Axl is rockin' the stache
[01:29] * FigNewton sighs
[01:29] <FigNewton> Slash was so cool
[01:29] <FigNewton> Hey, I met him!
[01:29] <FigNewton> :D
[01:29] <LowEndLem> He still is, somewhat
[01:30] <LowEndLem> Jealous!
[01:30] <CamWin> Lucky
[01:30] <FigNewton> Remember kids, smoking is cool
[01:30] <CamWin> An old western saloon?
[01:30] <LowEndLem> Did you drink and smoke with wimmins?
[01:30] <LowEndLem> And chat about guitars?
[01:30] <LowEndLem> Or did you sing really bad songs?
[01:30] <FigNewton> :O
[01:30] <CamWin> A rainbow banner with the word "rainbow" on it. Intriguing.
[01:31] <LowEndLem> Obvious banner is obvious
[01:31] <LowEndLem> IS this video repeating itself?
[01:31] <FigNewton> I think it skipped
[01:31] <LowEndLem> Or did Axl lose his mind
[01:31] <LowEndLem> Well
[01:31] <CamWin> Axl sure likes the inside of peoples' mouths
[01:31] <LowEndLem> Shit.
[01:31] <FigNewton> lol
[01:31] <LowEndLem> There we go, i think it's back to normal
[01:31] <LowEndLem> Slash forgot the ring, har har
[01:31] <FigNewton> That wacky Slash
[01:31] <CamWin> Oh Slash, him and his zany hijinks
[01:32] <LowEndLem> And the just bails?
[01:32] <FigNewton> I love this scene
[01:32] <CamWin> Slash can do whatever he wants
[01:32] <FigNewton> lol
[01:32] <LowEndLem> Damn, I wish I could do that at weddings
[01:32] <FigNewton> He has a solo to play
[01:32] <LowEndLem> ooooh
[01:32] <FigNewton> Important business
[01:32] <CamWin> NICE
[01:32] <LowEndLem> this solo better be epic
[01:32] <LowEndLem> IT's not barren, there's a church that's massive on the inside behind him
[01:33] <LowEndLem> holding several hundred people
[01:33] <FigNewton> lol It's bigger on the inside
[01:33] <LowEndLem> somehow
[01:33] <FigNewton> TARDIS-church
[01:33] <CamWin> That church is noticably smaller on the outside
[01:33] <CamWin> Ha
[01:33] <CamWin> The church is actually Axl's subconcious. Whee
[01:33] <LowEndLem> How did he get from desert to cit-you know what? I already don't care.
[01:33] <FigNewton> Actually, I think Syd mentioned it in his article, but I think it's kind of neat how Aerosmith ripped this scene off two years later, in the video for "Livin' on the Edge," considering how big an influence Aerosmith were on them
[01:34] <FigNewton> The video is supposed to be Axl's tormented dreams, I think
[01:34] <CamWin> It looks like a city from the old west
[01:34] <LowEndLem> I skimmed that article, at msot
[01:34] <CamWin> Hey, I was vaguely correct! Yay.
[01:34] <LowEndLem> CAke!
[01:34] <LowEndLem> Lem like cake!
[01:34] <CamWin> Cream soda!
[01:34] <FigNewton> I'd love to jump into that cake!
[01:34] <CamWin> +1 smoking
[01:35] <LowEndLem> Slash and Duff have sunglasses to hide the hangover headache
[01:35] <CamWin> Heh
[01:35] <FigNewton> Oh shit, rain!
[01:35] <FigNewton> Probably of the November variety!
[01:35] <CamWin> NOT THE WINE
[01:35] <CamWin> I see what you did there
[01:35] <LowEndLem> Holy shit. He /destroyed/ the cake
[01:35] <FigNewton> lol He jumped into the cake
[01:35] <CamWin> Axl sad again?
[01:35] <FigNewton> Hahaha
[01:35] <CamWin> Oh, I see now
[01:35] <LowEndLem> And apparently, she destroyed her life
[01:35] <CamWin> Ouch man.
[01:35] <FigNewton> Slash has quite the epic guitar bit, here
[01:36] <LowEndLem> guitar is epic, yes
[01:36] <CamWin> Slash is scorching
[01:36] <FigNewton> I love how this part looks, with the epic guitar over the footage... it's really great
[01:36] <LowEndLem> He's fucking that guitar like it owes him money
[01:36] <CamWin> Epic solo is epic
[01:37] <CamWin> It all makes sense now.
[01:37] <FigNewton> Don't you think that you need somebody, don't you think that you need someone...
[01:37] <LowEndLem> Rain at a funeral. Cliche? Or cliche?
[01:37] <CamWin> WELL, that was uplifting!
[01:37] <LowEndLem> SYMBOLISH
[01:37] <FigNewton> Great video
[01:37] <LowEndLem> Next up, Don't Cry
[01:37] <FigNewton> Now for, in my opinion, the worst of the trilogy
[01:37] <CamWin> I agree with this
[01:37] <LowEndLem> Fig, care to count down this time?
[01:38] <FigNewton> How's "Estranged" doing, Cam?
[01:38] <FigNewton> Yes, please
[01:38] <CamWin> Yay, it's done
[01:38] <FigNewton> Woo!
[01:38] <FigNewton> Okay, goo!
[01:38] * CamWin goes
[01:38] <LowEndLem> that's a baby
[01:38] <FigNewton> Credits
[01:38] <FigNewton> Fancy
[01:38] <CamWin> That's a snowy dude
[01:38] <FigNewton> There's a bird in his eye!
[01:38] <CamWin> Reminds me of Sopor Aeternus
[01:38] <CamWin> AXL ANGRY
[01:38] <LowEndLem> Why was he wearing shorts?
[01:39] <CamWin> AXL SPOUSAL ABUSE
[01:39] <LowEndLem> What the holy fu-
[01:39] <CamWin> AXL...picnic in a cemetery?
[01:39] <FigNewton> Note, in the last one, in the old west town, he walked by a building said "GUNS" on it
[01:39] <CamWin> WHOA...what?
[01:39] <LowEndLem> Who picnics at a graveyard?!
[01:39] <CamWin> Why is she drowning?
[01:39] <FigNewton> Hip, apathetic, nineties kids
[01:39] <LowEndLem> I thought that was a play on the band's name
[01:39] <CamWin> I really need to update my wardrobe
[01:39] <LowEndLem> Where's Izzy? Amusing sign
[01:39] <FigNewton> Where's Izzy!
[01:39] <FigNewton> Yeah, I think it's both, Lem
[01:40] <CamWin> Well, somebody's pissed off
[01:40] <LowEndLem> Look at that douche stashe
[01:40] <FigNewton> The Axl-stache looks really obnoxious- yeah
[01:40] <CamWin> rockin' the douche stache
[01:40] <FigNewton> lol GN'R's on TV
[01:40] <LowEndLem> She's got the music video on TV....while she's /in/ the music video
[01:40] <LowEndLem> My mine just exploded
[01:40] <LowEndLem> *mind
[01:40] <CamWin> It's like dividing by zero
[01:41] <FigNewton> They should redo this song with slightly different lyrics, and put it on another album!
[01:41] <LowEndLem> Oooh, nice car
[01:41] <FigNewton> Slash always has a cigarette going
[01:41] <LowEndLem> She just broke a bottle on the bass! WHAT. CAR WHAT.
[01:41] <FigNewton> He can't function without nicotine
[01:41] <CamWin> Oh, now Axl's pants are gone.
[01:41] <LowEndLem> What is this I don't even know
[01:41] <CamWin> Oh, wait, they're back
[01:41] <LowEndLem> Yep, no pants
[01:41] <FigNewton> HAhaha
[01:41] <LowEndLem> I might be afew seconds behind you, Cam.
[01:42] <CamWin> HAHAHAHA
[01:42] <FigNewton> wut
[01:42] <CamWin> Axl shaking his hands at his crotch is priceless
[01:42] <LowEndLem> Aw, his crotch is need of jazz hands
[01:42] <FigNewton> Nice bulge, Axl
[01:42] <CamWin> That was the best thing I've ever seen
[01:42] <CamWin> "CURSE...YOU...!"
[01:43] <LowEndLem> W? Walker Axl Rose?
[01:43] <FigNewton> Oh God, the ending...
[01:43] <CamWin> More jazz hands
[01:43] <FigNewton> I've made fun of this so many times
[01:43] <CamWin> WHOA BABY
[01:43] <LowEndLem> Baby!
[01:43] <LowEndLem> Green eyes
[01:43] <FigNewton> Nighighighighighighighighighihgighighighighigh....
[01:43] <CamWin> Hahaha
[01:43] <LowEndLem> Well
[01:43] <LowEndLem> That was stupid
[01:43] <CamWin> Neyaiaiaiaia
[01:43] <LowEndLem> okay, Estranged?
[01:43] <LowEndLem> ready?
[01:43] <CamWin> What're you talking about, that was fantastic!
[01:43] <CamWin> Yep
[01:43] <FigNewton> The greatest
[01:43] <LowEndLem> countdown please?
[01:43] <FigNewton> El preparado
[01:43] <FigNewton> Uno!
[01:43] <FigNewton> Dos!
[01:43] <FigNewton> Tres, goo!
[01:44] <LowEndLem> The definition of illusion
[01:44] <FigNewton> Quick, read!
[01:44] <CamWin> I bet we'll totally have enough time to read this entire definition!
[01:44] <LowEndLem> Because you want to open the music video with lear-TIRESWING!
[01:44] <CamWin> Sensitive Axl
[01:44] <CamWin> RUN AMBULANCE RUN
[01:44] <LowEndLem> I'm betting there's corpses alllll over the place
[01:44] <FigNewton> This scene is so cool
[01:44] <LowEndLem> you need heavy weapons and a hellacopter for one guy.
[01:45] <CamWin> Hey, a dinosaur
[01:45] <FigNewton> lol Dinosaur
[01:45] <FigNewton> They do, Lem
[01:45] <LowEndLem> DinoAxl?
[01:45] <FigNewton> BEcause Axl's a badass motherfucker
[01:45] <CamWin> I think the police force is for the tire swing
[01:45] <LowEndLem> They're there to fight the dinosaur
[01:45] <FigNewton> Oh, he's sporting the Charles Manson shirt, this video
[01:45] <CamWin> It warps to another dimension, it needs protection
[01:45] <CamWin> Ooh, I see that
[01:46] <LowEndLem> Hey look! Whores
[01:46] <FigNewton> Smoking's pretty glamourous, that seems to be a recurring theme
[01:46] <CamWin> These videos sure have an abundance of smoking generic blond chicks
[01:46] <LowEndLem> The best kind of video chicks
[01:46] <CamWin> ...and Axl's shorts.
[01:47] <LowEndLem> and axl's soul, apparent;y?
[01:47] <CamWin> Oh great, showertime.
[01:47] <CamWin> ALONE
[01:47] <LowEndLem> you're supposed to take clothes OFF.
[01:47] <FigNewton> Hahaha
[01:47] <CamWin> I guess we WILL have to wait and see.
[01:47] <FigNewton> Generic concert footage is generic
[01:47] <CamWin> Great, more definitions
[01:47] <FigNewton> Playground!
[01:48] <LowEndLem> i really don't even know
[01:48] <CamWin> Everybody likes to wear matching shirts and pants
[01:48] <FigNewton> Warpy camera!
[01:48] <LowEndLem> MUSTACHE!
[01:48] <CamWin> "DEEP"
[01:48] <FigNewton> Nice moustache!
[01:48] <FigNewton> The Twain-stache should make a comeback
[01:48] <CamWin> Maybe it's really hot outside? That's the only valid excuse for the warpy camera and the...shorts
[01:49] <FigNewton> lol
[01:49] <CamWin> His shirt says "deep". How profound.
[01:49] <FigNewton> He's a poetic guy
[01:49] <LowEndLem> Look, I know I'm supposed to like GNR
[01:49] <FigNewton> A dolphin person
[01:49] <LowEndLem> but
[01:49] <CamWin> HAHA DOLPHIN
[01:49] <FigNewton> More generic blonde chicks!
[01:49] <CamWin> And more smoking!
[01:50] <CamWin> And weird rubbery water!
[01:50] <FigNewton> I love how Axl keeps making that "I just came," leaning back expression, this video
[01:50] <FigNewton> And dolphins!
[01:50] <LowEndLem> all water is made of water
[01:50] <LowEndLem> wai
[01:50] <LowEndLem> t
[01:50] <CamWin> -cut to Slash solo-
[01:50] <LowEndLem> shit. I meant rubber
[01:50] <FigNewton> Oh, converyor belt solo!
[01:50] <FigNewton> WIN
[01:50] <CamWin> PONYTAIL MULLET
[01:50] <LowEndLem> Dude! I wanna solo on a conveyer belt!
[01:50] <CamWin> I saw it, it was there
[01:50] <FigNewton> I like how no one even reacts
[01:50] <FigNewton> Typical day in LA
[01:50] <LowEndLem> "
[01:50] <CamWin> Hahahaha
[01:50] <LowEndLem> "It's just Slash again
[01:50] <FigNewton> Slash riding a conveyor belt down the strip, soloing
[01:50] <FigNewton> Hahahaha
[01:51] <FigNewton> Titanic!
[01:51] <LowEndLem> Does he know that's actually illegal?
[01:51] <CamWin> High-tops and jean shorts above the knees...oh, the nineties
[01:51] <LowEndLem> You get fined like, $10K for it
[01:51] <FigNewton> He doesn't need life preservers, or boats
[01:51] <FigNewton> He has...
[01:51] <FigNewton> DOLPHINS!
[01:51] <CamWin> Suicidal Axl? OH WAIT A MINUTE
[01:51] <CamWin> Why didn't I see taht coming?
[01:51] <LowEndLem> he tried to throw the life preserver back. Not the goddamned dolphins.
[01:52] <CamWin> Dude stop hurting it
[01:52] <LowEndLem> is the last two minutes really this?
[01:52] <LowEndLem> SLASH WHAT.
[01:52] <CamWin> HAHA, Slash
[01:52] <FigNewton> Slash is Jesus!
[01:52] <FigNewton> He rocks on water!
[01:52] <LowEndLem> Well, yeah
[01:52] <LowEndLem> We all knew that
[01:52] <LowEndLem> but damn
[01:52] <CamWin> He's got some balls
[01:52] <FigNewton> It's like "Now that I'm done soloing, what do I do in the middle of the ocean?"
[01:52] <CamWin> For a second I thought that helicopter was a dolphin
[01:52] <LowEndLem> I bet Jesus was like "People would totally believe in me if I soloed on water, Dad! You never believe me!"
[01:53] <FigNewton> "Axl took all the dolphins"|
[01:53] <CamWin> Loving embrace
[01:53] <LowEndLem> You know Axl, you can't be asking for rescue if you JUMP IN THE WATER IN THE FIRST PLACE
[01:53] <FigNewton> Oh...
[01:53] <CamWin> And he wonders why they're trying to rescue him
[01:53] <LowEndLem> Aw, he lost is sneaker
[01:53] <FigNewton> Fucking watch this
[01:53] <CamWin> WHOA
[01:53] <LowEndLem> What.
[01:53] <FigNewton> Axl shoes, lol
[01:53] <LowEndLem> WHAT.
[01:53] <CamWin> That ending
[01:53] <FigNewton> HAHAHAHAHAHA
[01:53] <CamWin> BAHAHA
[01:53] <LowEndLem> That.
[01:53] <LowEndLem> WHAT.
[01:53] <FigNewton> HAHAHAHAHAHA
[01:53] <FigNewton> That's really all I have to say
[01:53] <LowEndLem> I don't even fucking know anymore
[01:53] * CamWin bursts out laughing
[01:54] <CamWin> That was AWESOME
[01:54] <FigNewton> Lose your illusions, man
[01:54] <CamWin> Indeed
[01:54] <LowEndLem> Like, I'm not even laughing. I'm just confused and feel cheated by Acl.
[01:54] <LowEndLem> *Axl
[01:54] <FigNewton> I want some Axl high-tops, really
[01:54] <CamWin> I think we're definitely getting what we paid for.
[01:54] <LowEndLem> We got this for free
[01:54] <CamWin> Ooh, a shoe line!
[01:54] <CamWin> That's the point
[01:54] <LowEndLem> Oh.
[01:54] <FigNewton> lol