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Clone Wars: Season One was the first entire cartoon season done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of Fernin, TARDISman, and TheThunderThief.


[01:30] <TARDISman> Hmmmm, Fern how long is it until Grevious shows up?
[01:31] <Fernin> not saying :3
[01:31] <TARDISman> Damn you XD
[01:44] <Fernin> lemme know when you're buffered up and ready to go
[01:46] <TARDISman> Ok, I'm good for 17 episodes
[01:46] <TARDISman> TT, you set?
[01:47] <TheThunderThief> I'm set
[01:47] <Fernin> okay, I think we can get started, then
[01:47] <Fernin> Go!
[01:48] <TARDISman> Best Star Wars without an opening crawl
[01:49] <Fernin> I've always wondered how Jedi can survive such long falls
[01:49] <Fernin> (while Mace Windu apparently died from an equally long fall...)
[01:49] <TARDISman> The Foooooooooooorce!
[01:49] <TARDISman> I'm probably a bit behind
[01:50] <Fernin> that's okay, with such short episodes, it'll balance out :)
[01:50] <Fernin> you won't be behind for long, I should say
[01:50] <TARDISman> Holy balls, Palpatine looks more and more dark sidey than he did at the end of Episode III
[01:51] <Fernin> slightly cutoff at the end there, but at least we don't get 20 episodes worth of credits
[01:51] <TARDISman> True
[01:51] <Fernin> chapter 2, ready?
[01:51] <TARDISman> Ready
[01:52] <TheThunderThief> y
[01:52] <Fernin> Go!
[01:52] <TheThunderThief> es
[01:52] <TARDISman> Ooooh, ARCs
[01:53] <TARDISman> For christs sake listen to your voice you annoying little fuck
[01:53] <Fernin> hehehe
[01:54] <TARDISman> Ok, while I do admit this is pretty badass I think the numbers are a bit overdone
[01:54] <Fernin> heh, yeah
[01:54] <TARDISman> Well, maybe just out of the one ship seeing about 500 ships all at once deploying
[01:55] <TARDISman> Chapter 3 ready
[01:55] <TheThunderThief> y
[01:56] <Fernin> then, go!
[01:56] <TARDISman> ...These ones don't say anything do they?
[01:57] <Fernin> I... actually don't remember
[01:57] <TARDISman> Ooooh, bitchin'
[01:58] <TARDISman> I did something like that in Firefight 2 days ago
[01:58] <Fernin> hehe
[01:58] <TARDISman> HE SPEAKS!
[01:59] <TARDISman> Ch 4 set
[01:59] <Fernin> and on to chapter 4
[01:59] <Fernin> Thunder?
[01:59] <TheThunderThief> Da
[01:59] <Fernin> k, Go!
[01:59] <TARDISman> Well it's probably a trap
[02:00] <TheThunderThief> Not sure if trap
[02:00] <TARDISman> And Quarren are dicks, pure and simple
[02:00] <Fernin> sending the right man for the job
[02:00] <TARDISman> AQUAJEDI!
[02:00] <TheThunderThief> one of the only jedi w/ a lightsaber that will activate underwater
[02:01] <TheThunderThief> Wait is that Kit Fisto?
[02:01] <TARDISman> No
[02:01] <TARDISman> He's got black eyes
[02:01] <TARDISman> At least I don't believe it's him
[02:01] <Fernin> he did say Fisto earlier in the chapter
[02:02] <TARDISman> Oh, I didn't hear that right
[02:02] <TARDISman> Didn't think he was that quick
[02:02] <TARDISman> Bahaha
[02:02] <TARDISman> Set
[02:02] <TheThunderThief> ready
[02:03] <Fernin> good thing the Calimari are an aquatic race, that'd be one hell of a tidal wave
[02:03] <Fernin> and, Go!
[02:03] <TARDISman> Yeah
[02:03] <Fernin> the first 10 or so eps are like this, I think, just jumping from battle to battle to battle :3
[02:03] <TARDISman> It's kinda funny how people associate laser sounds with alignment
[02:03] <TARDISman> TIE lasers are always the evil ones
[02:04] <Fernin> hehe, yeah
[02:04] <TARDISman> Nyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh we're gonna die!!!
[02:05] <TARDISman> Oh lord, I remember seeing the pictures and offhand mentions of this guy and he already bugs me
[02:05] <Fernin> haha
[02:05] <TARDISman> Wow, apparently lances kick ass
[02:05] <Fernin> and apparently, clone armor can deflect bullets
[02:06] <Fernin> er... laser... blasty thingies, anyway
[02:06] <TARDISman> The hell is this, Lord of the Rings?
[02:06] <TARDISman> Ready
[02:06] <TheThunderThief> set
[02:06] <Fernin> chapter 6, go!
[02:06] <Fernin> oooh, I remember this one
[02:07] <Fernin> my favorite character in the Clone Wars saga :D
[02:07] <TARDISman> Evil Kite ship, that's always a good sign
[02:07] <Fernin> least, I think this is where... well, we'll see in a minute
[02:07] <TheThunderThief> lol a Gamorean
[02:08] <Fernin> theeeere she is
[02:08] <TARDISman> Ugh, sorry Fern, she kinda bugs me too
[02:09] <TARDISman> Mostly its the running around saying that she is Sith
[02:09] <Fernin> true
[02:09] <TheThunderThief> Was she one to use Jar'Kai all the time?
[02:10] <TARDISman> Ready
[02:10] <TheThunderThief> yea
[02:10] <Fernin> k, go!
[02:10] <TARDISman> I think she's just about always dual wielding
[02:12] <TARDISman> Wow, she's easy to manipulate
[02:13] <TARDISman> "Corrupt and arrogant..."
[02:13] <TARDISman> From the person who says she's a Sith
[02:13] <TARDISman> Ready
[02:13] <TheThunderThief> si
[02:13] <Fernin> k, go!
[02:14] <TARDISman> Oh boy, it's JOUST!
[02:14] <Fernin> that's one helluva prepared clone unit
[02:15] <TARDISman> Yeah
[02:15] <Fernin> We always pack our speeder bikes and lances, just in case of a joust!
[02:15] <TARDISman> I dunno, the Weapon Triangle says you should use axes
[02:15] <Fernin> unnecessary spins, much?
[02:16] <TARDISman> Wow, acrobatics inspired by Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
[02:16] <TARDISman> Burn the corpse!!!
[02:16] <Fernin> right, those tentacles clearly weren't an ominous sign of that happening
[02:17] <TARDISman> Ready
[02:17] <TheThunderThief> ya
[02:17] <Fernin> k, go!
[02:17] <TARDISman> "Eh fuck the bike I'll just fly"
[02:18] <Fernin> Cut to: Poor family whose house was just demolished by a loose speeder bike
[02:18] <TARDISman> Stupid bankers
[02:18] <TARDISman> Wah waaaaah
[02:19] <Fernin> learn something from DBZ, never fire blindly into a cloud of smoke
[02:19] <TARDISman> Yeah
[02:19] <TARDISman> Or learn from DBZ that the army's kinda useless against this lot
[02:20] <Fernin> ouch, force push from the inside
[02:20] <TARDISman> Oooh, 3:15
[02:20] <TARDISman> Set
[02:20] <TheThunderThief> set
[02:20] <Fernin> k, go!
[02:21] * TARDISman is mashing the A button
[02:23] <TARDISman> Ah, the Anakin Skywalker approach
[02:23] <Fernin> doncha just love how these giant ships never have shields to prevent that type of situation?
[02:23] <TARDISman> When you can't blow it up from the outside do it from the inside
[02:24] <TARDISman> They eventually learn
[02:24] <TARDISman> Granted that's episode III and they're fucked anyways
[02:24] <TARDISman> Ready
[02:24] <TheThunderThief> 53+
[02:24] <Fernin> ...53+?
[02:24] <TARDISman> Set
[02:25] <TARDISman> I see what you did there TT
[02:25] <Fernin> ahhh
[02:25] <Fernin> heh, go!
[02:25] <TARDISman> Here we go
[02:25] <TheThunderThief> I'm economizing keystrokes
[02:25] <TARDISman> Dogfights, now this is what I get into Star Wars stuff for
[02:26] * TARDISman bursts out laughing
[02:26] <Fernin> Wha! How dare she not get killed by my lasers?!
[02:26] <Fernin> Who said she could dodge?
[02:26] <TARDISman> No, I mean with the "I have you now" thingy
[02:27] <TARDISman> Well she is Sith
[02:28] <TARDISman> Twit
[02:28] <TARDISman> Ready
[02:29] <TheThunderThief> ready
[02:29] <Fernin> k, go!
[02:29] <TARDISman> OH SHIT THE CORN!!!
[02:29] <Fernin> Genndy turned down the alternate version, in which the kid /didn't/ duck under the ship
[02:30] <TARDISman> Bahahaha, horrors of war
[02:30] <TheThunderThief> WINDO!
[02:30] <TheThunderThief> U*
[02:30] <TheThunderThief> !
[02:31] <TARDISman> ...Say it
[02:31] <Fernin> this thing... is so silly
[02:31] <TARDISman> I dare you, say it
[02:31] <TARDISman> Fine I will
[02:31] <TARDISman> I have a baaaaaad feeling about this...
[02:31] <Fernin> durrrr, whassit gonna do?
[02:31] <TARDISman> That was fuckin' hilarious
[02:32] <Fernin> it's right over us, whaddaya think it'll do this time?
[02:32] <TARDISman> I thought it'd shoot a laser or something
[02:32] <Fernin> d'oh, guess we shoulda moved, now we're pancakes
[02:32] <TARDISman> But that... that's just too funny!
[02:32] <TARDISman> Ready
[02:32] <TheThunderThief> set
[02:32] <Fernin> Go!
[02:32] <Fernin> o.O
[02:33] <Fernin> I'd forgottten about that part
[02:33] <TARDISman> That's... effective?
[02:33] <TheThunderThief> Well you know what HIS wallet ssys...
[02:33] <TARDISman> Bad. Mother. Fucker.
[02:33] <TARDISman> Admit it Gennedy, you just made this series to make Mace Windu more badass...
[02:34] <Fernin> I guess by "rechage accelerators", they mean "lift the really big heavy thing"
[02:34] <TARDISman> Afer the first 2 or 3 thumps the effectiveness has to be dropping
[02:35] <Fernin> it may not be squishing too many now, but those sand waves still have to be a bitch
[02:35] <TARDISman> Yeah
[02:36] <TARDISman> Wow, that's just wacky
[02:36] <Fernin> only Windu could pull that off, jumping hundreds of yards away just for a drink
[02:36] <TheThunderThief> that sums up Windu adequately
[02:36] <TARDISman> Nay, that sums up Samuel L. Jackson adequately
[02:36] <TARDISman> Ready
[02:37] <TheThunderThief> set
[02:37] <Fernin> Go!
[02:37] <TheThunderThief> He needs moar lightsaber crystals
[02:38] <TARDISman> Eh, could've picked a purdier one
[02:38] <TheThunderThief> though it's kind of a wash that all the crystals there produce only Blue and green sabers
[02:38] <TARDISman> Could've sworn I saw a purple one
[02:39] <TheThunderThief> Hurrikane crystal makes a purple saber
[02:39] <TARDISman> I need to brush up on crystal stuff
[02:39] <TARDISman> FRUITY PEBBLES!!!!
[02:39] <TheThunderThief> The red sabers are synthetic crystals
[02:40] <TARDISman> Yeah I know that much
[02:40] <TARDISman> In the Revenge novelization Obi Wan compares the blade to that of a burning body
[02:40] <TARDISman> Or something similar to that
[02:41] <TARDISman> How many eps are there in season 1 Fern?
[02:41] <Fernin> 20
[02:41] <TARDISman> Ready
[02:41] <TheThunderThief> set
[02:41] <Fernin> Go!
[02:42] <TARDISman> Wow, Artoo looks f-ed up
[02:42] <TARDISman> And the Mind Trick is kinda diminished when Yoda does it
[02:45] <TARDISman> Ready
[02:45] <TheThunderThief> ready
[02:45] <Fernin> k, go!
[02:45] <TARDISman> Daaaaaaaaaaaah!@
[02:48] <TARDISman> Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiit
[02:48] <Fernin> nice that she risked Threepio's life to take out those two droids, when Yoda or either of the other two could've done so without breaking a sweat...
[02:49] <TARDISman> Eh, works for me
[02:49] <TARDISman> Ready
[02:49] <TheThunderThief> da
[02:49] <Fernin> go!
[02:49] <Fernin> back to ol' rebellious Anakin
[02:49] <TARDISman> Yavin IV!
[02:50] <TARDISman> Watch out for the batshit crazy Dark Side spirits!
[02:51] <TARDISman> nahnahnahnahnahnah, I am Snake!
[02:51] <TARDISman> No one can see me and now you're dead!
[02:51] <Fernin> lol
[02:51] <TARDISman> ...Astute Anakin
[02:52] <TARDISman> Idiot
[02:53] <TARDISman> Sith sith sith sith daaaaaaaaark side, sith sith sith, complete
[02:53] <TARDISman> Ok, ready
[02:53] <TheThunderThief> ja
[02:53] <Fernin> go!
[02:55] <Fernin> ...I'm reminded a bit too much of the duels in episodes II and III
[02:55] <TARDISman> Over the top?
[02:55] <Fernin> the duels in IV, V and VI felt more real, like actual fights, rather than staged, choreographed duels
[02:56] <TARDISman> Yeah, and they were a lot more psychological
[02:56] <TARDISman> It is really badass to saber fight in the rain
[02:56] <TARDISman> Ready
[02:56] <TheThunderThief> set
[02:56] <Fernin> Go!
[02:57] * TARDISman turns on the soccer ball
[02:58] <Fernin> luckily, this battle does't last the whole episode this time
[02:59] <TARDISman> Ooooh, Duel of the Fates, you know shit's about to go down
[02:59] <TheThunderThief> I liked the fights in all the movies, the ones in the original seem more ceremonial, keep in mind, vader v Kenobi pt deux was basically a fight between 2 old men
[02:59] <TARDISman> An old man and a charred middle aged man in armor
[02:59] <TARDISman> Excuse me
[02:59] <TARDISman> Ready
[03:00] <Fernin> hehehe
[03:00] <Fernin> Thunder?
[03:00] <TARDISman> Oooh, 7:36, this is like Return of the King!
[03:00] <TheThunderThief> yes
[03:01] <Fernin> last part... Go!
[03:01] <TheThunderThief> exactly vader couldnt pull off those moves with that cumbersome suit and mechanical limbs
[03:01] <TARDISman> Yeah
[03:02] <TARDISman> His overall potential was murdered by how quick the surgery was arranged
[03:02] <TheThunderThief> And how archaic the technology IN the suit was
[03:02] <TheThunderThief> it was old tech at the time too
[03:03] <TARDISman> It's pretty easy to troll Anakin isn't it...
[03:03] <TARDISman> Bup, here he is
[03:05] <TARDISman> He sounds a bit less savage than I recall
[03:05] <Fernin> are you recalling this, or the third movie?
[03:06] <TARDISman> Third movie
[03:06] <TARDISman> And the last episode of this
[03:06] <TARDISman> But my memory of that is really bad
[03:06] <Fernin> at this point, he hasn't had his little chest-crushing encounter with Windu, so that affects his voice
[03:07] <TARDISman> Yeah
[03:08] <Fernin> it turns out I was mistaken about the number of chapters on youtube... of the season 2 episodes, only the first and second are up, 23-25 aren't
[03:08] <TARDISman> It's like the friggin' crane kick
[03:09] <Fernin> always love going through that series :D
[03:09] <TARDISman> heh
[03:09] <TARDISman> That was pretty good
[03:09] <TheThunderThief> word