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Bananaz was the fifth movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of Nekkoru, Fernin and Dude_Love.


[16:04] <Vyyj> Okay, gentlemen. On your mark... Ready, set...
[16:04] <Vyyj> Ok, Go!
[16:04] <Dude_Love> Parlophone!
[16:04] <Vyyj> Hip Albatross in the background
[16:04] <Vyyj> With Dawn of the Dead dialogue
[16:05] <@Fernin> an interesting choice for the start of this
[16:05] <Vyyj> Well, 2D and Hewlett are zombie fanatics
[16:05] <Vyyj> And according to the backstory, 2D's effectively braindead
[16:06] <Dude_Love> I've barely heard of the Gorillaz before
[16:07] <Dude_Love> I don't consider American Idol to be an extreme of that
[16:07] <@Fernin> I'm only familiar with some of their songs, I've never listened to an entire album before
[16:07] <Dude_Love> It's a prime example, but not an extreme
[16:07] <Vyyj> Fernin, consider this, then:
[16:08] <Vyyj> They use samples from George Romero's zombie movies in their songs.
[16:08] <Vyyj> M1A1.
[16:08] <@Fernin> heh, nifty
[16:09] <@Fernin> I'm seeing bits of lots of videos I recognize, and plenty more that I don't
[16:09] <Vyyj> Have you considered getting into them? I could turn you into a fan in mere two weeks.
[16:09] <Dude_Love> This little montage is very interesting to watch... I'll give it that
[16:10] <Vyyj> Haha, good book
[16:10] <@Fernin> hehe, press photos
[16:10] <Vyyj> These drawings are always awesome
[16:10] <Vyyj> Atari Safari.
[16:10] <Vyyj> Hm.
[16:11] <Dude_Love> Animating figures like that would be real annoying
[16:11] <Dude_Love> Purpousefully injecting racial diversity seems commonplace enough I don't know why people would comment
[16:12] <Dude_Love> Their cigarettes look funny
[16:12] <Vyyj> Watch Damon try his cigarette trick
[16:13] <Vyyj> Punk.
[16:13] <Vyyj> Good song.
[16:13] <@Fernin> hah, so into it his glasses fell off, nice
[16:13] <Dude_Love> It sounds too... boomy
[16:14] <Vyyj> Part two.
[16:14] <Vyyj> Ready whenever you are.
[16:14] <Dude_Love> As am I
[16:14] <@Fernin> ready
[16:14] <Vyyj> OK, go
[16:15] <Vyyj> Okay, so this part is kinda repeated.
[16:15] <Vyyj> Oh well. It's a good song.
[16:15] <@Fernin> wonder if it'll be like this throughout the whole thing
[16:15] <Dude_Love> The song's fun enough to listen to, to bad that tone is so annoying
[16:16] <Vyyj> This song is untelligble even to Damon, apparently.
[16:16] <Vyyj> And he's the fucking singer.
[16:16] <Dude_Love> I wish you couldn't hear the music... on the radio once they
played DLR's part on Runnin' With the Devil sans music... it sounds pretty amazing
[16:16] <Dude_Love> Vocals sound awesome without music
[16:17] <Vyyj> Echo!
[16:17] <@Fernin> eesh, is that part of the actual song?
[16:17] <Dude_Love> Fuckin' a
[16:17] <Vyyj> Dan the Automator!
[16:17] <Dude_Love> That was fucking cool
[16:18] <Vyyj> Junior Dan is cool.
[16:18] <Vyyj> Latin Simone. Also a good song.
[16:18] <Dude_Love> I'm diggin' this
[16:19] <Vyyj> That's the 2D version, too bad. I liked the Ibrahim Ferrer one.
[16:19] <Dude_Love> Man, I can't stand people who work on light tables like that
[16:19] <@Fernin> ah, the glory of hand-drawn animation... how many guys do they have animating, anyway?
[16:20] <Vyyj> What the fuck.
[16:20] <Dude_Love> I'm proud, though, I figured they CG'd
[16:20] <Dude_Love> What is it, Nekky?
[16:20] <Vyyj> The jackets in the pants.
[16:21] <Vyyj> Also, Tomorrow Comes Today, a fucking awesome song that got me into Gorillaz.
[16:21] <@Fernin> heh, thanks, I knew I knew that song, just couldn't remember the name
[16:21] <@Fernin> first one I've recognized so far
[16:21] <Dude_Love> Umm... his mouth confused me
[16:21] <Vyyj> Clint Eastwood. Also good.
[16:22] <Vyyj> Ibrahim Ferrer
[16:22] <@Fernin> compared to some of their other stuff, even in the limited amount I've heard, Clint Eastwood is a bit slow
[16:22] <Vyyj> This dude is AWESOME.
[16:23] <Dude_Love> It was slow but hip
[16:23] <@Fernin> hmm, what language is that?
[16:23] <Vyyj> Spanish, methinks.
[16:24] <Vyyj> That's a Spacemonkeyz remix of, um...
[16:24] <Vyyj> 19/2000, I think.
[16:25] <Vyyj> Okay, ready?
[16:25] <@Fernin> ready
[16:25] <Dude_Love> Yep
[16:25] <Vyyj> OK, Go!
[16:25] <Dude_Love> Was thata farmer's tan on his legs?
[16:26] <Vyyj> Haha, Murdoc impersonation ftw
[16:28] <Dude_Love> Wnat's that poster say?
[16:28] <Dude_Love> Can....?
[16:28] <Vyyj> Which one?
[16:29] <Vyyj> Candy, I think.
[16:29] <@Fernin> I think the one his head is blocking now
[16:29] <Dude_Love> I cross my uppercase Z's, like some people do their sevens
[16:30] <Vyyj> He still can't aim a cigarette into his mouth.
[16:30] <Vyyj> I managed to do this once.
[16:30] <Dude_Love> I heard an English person talking about doing a Canadian accent once... weirded me out
[16:31] <Vyyj> Gigantic bulge time
[16:33] <Vyyj> They have so much rad shit in their studios.
[16:33] <Dude_Love> I don't like how they draw people
[16:33] <Dude_Love> Stylistically the rest looks cool though
[16:33] <Vyyj> 12D3 in the background.
[16:35] <@Fernin> that's an interesting instrument...
[16:35] <Dude_Love> What's he playing?
[16:35] <@Fernin> no idea
[16:35] <Vyyj> Fuck me, I don't know
[16:35] <Dude_Love> I want one
[16:35] <Vyyj> Ready?
[16:35] <@Fernin> ready
[16:35] <Dude_Love> Umm... not quite
[16:36] <Dude_Love> The internet just exploded a little, should only take a second to fix...
[16:36] <Vyyj> Okay.
[16:36] <@Fernin> kinda funny how not a thing has been said in #sydlexia pretty much all this time...
[16:36] <Vyyj> Yeah.
[16:36] <Dude_Love> I'm the life of that party, dig it
[16:36] <Dude_Love> Anyway, ready
[16:37] <Vyyj> Ok, Go!
[16:37] <Vyyj> Banjo!
[16:37] <Dude_Love> What...?
[16:37] <Vyyj> Damon was playing a banjo.
[16:37] <Dude_Love> I thought it was a banjo, but I count too many strings
[16:38] <Vyyj> One of my guitars has seven strings.
[16:38] <Dude_Love> Seven string guitars are different
[16:38] <Vyyj> So I guess a six-string banjo isn't too hard to make
[16:38] <Dude_Love> Everyone plays those, I didn't know anyone played extra-stringed banjos
[16:39] <Dude_Love> Hmm, the six string bass would make a better comparison, I think
[16:39] <Vyyj> Probably
[16:39] <Vyyj> But shit - eighteen string guitar.
[16:39] <Dude_Love> My friend has a twelve string bass
[16:39] <@Fernin> kinda fun how the voice actors for the characters are completely different from the folks playing the instruments [16:39] <Vyyj> Re-Hash in the background [16:39] <Dude_Love> Imagine how much stress is on that bridge [16:40] <Dude_Love> I don't know, I think this movie is making me into a Gorillaz fan [16:40] <Vyyj> Google up Yuri Landman and his Moonlander [16:40] <Vyyj> Haha, awesome [16:40] <Vyyj> Intro to M1A1 with dialogue from Day of the Dead. [16:41] <@Fernin> I remember when I first heard about them touring, it intrigued me how they did this [16:42] <Vyyj> They did a 3D show once, actually [16:42] <Dude_Love> How? [16:42] <Vyyj> Phi Life Cypher, doing Clint Eastwood [16:42] <Dude_Love> Okay, I jst went halfsies with my cat on my last slice of ham [16:42] <Dude_Love> I'm down to the coke, now [16:43] <Vyyj> Starshine in the background [16:43] <Vyyj> And a Fistful of Peanuts. [16:43] <Vyyj> Am I nerdy enough about Gorillaz? [16:43] <Dude_Love> Okay, I seriously dig that groove there [16:44] <Vyyj> This is called A Fistful of Peanuts, a group called Spacemonkeyz made a complete remix of the first album in that dub/reggae style [16:44] <Vyyj> It was called "Laika Come Home" [16:44] <Dude_Love> What's his shirt say? [16:44] <Vyyj> Didn't get a good look [16:44] <@Fernin> nor did I [16:45] <Dude_Love> Oh god, listen to that guy's voice... [16:46] <Vyyj> Timberlake impersonation = win [16:46] <Dude_Love> I lol'd [16:47] <Vyyj> Ready? [16:47] <Dude_Love> Sesame Street? [16:47] <Dude_Love> Ready [16:47] <@Fernin> ready [16:47] <Vyyj> OK, go! [16:48] <Dude_Love> God, radio hostspiss me off [16:48] <Dude_Love> Sathien! [16:48] <LordSathien> link to the vid and how deep ya in? [16:48] <@Fernin> we're up to part 5 of 10 [16:48] <@Fernin> [16:48] <Vyyj> Part 5 of ten [16:49] <Vyyj> Ass crack. [16:49] <LordSathien> time stamp? [16:49] <Dude_Love> Which awards, sorry? [16:49] <Vyyj> MTV VMA [16:49] <@Fernin> I'm at 1:35 [16:49] <Vyyj> Ooh, 911, with D-12 [16:49] <Dude_Love> Oh... well it's a badge of pride to not win a VMA [16:49] <LordSathien> thing's loading slow as hell on my end [16:50] <Dude_Love> That's like getting a #1 nowadays, it's almost a bad thing [16:50] <@Fernin> I'd imagine they did, they were popular as hell in the early 2000's [16:50] <Dude_Love> When's this movie from? [16:50] <Vyyj> They got awards, plenty of them [16:50] <@Fernin> I heard Clint Eastwood and 19-2000 everywhere [16:50] <Vyyj> Bananaz? Um, March 2009. [16:51] <Vyyj> But it only has footage like up to 2006 [16:51] <Dude_Love> Don't tell me it's a "We're still around..." movie! [16:51] <Vyyj> Oh, Proof. [16:51] <Vyyj> He died in 2006 [16:52] * Dude_Love goes to see if he has cigarettes [16:52] <Dude_Love> I might not be back for ten minutes, or so [16:52] <@Fernin> do that between parts, then ;) [16:53] <Dude_Love> Pssh, I didn't think of it till the middle of the part... [16:54] <Vyyj> End of Hip Albatross, with Day of the Dead dialogue. [16:54] <Vyyj> ARGH MY NERDERY IS AWESOME [16:54] <Dude_Love> Wait for me before you start part six [16:54] <Vyyj> Sure thing, dude [16:54] <Vyyj> Starshine. [16:55] <@Fernin> is he saying it might sound really cool without a bass player? [16:55] <@Fernin> or with some random not-bass player playing bass? [16:55] <Vyyj> Throwup. Hm. [16:55] <@Fernin> blargh, why'd they video tape that? [16:57] <Vyyj> That was Man Genious (Clapper) there. [16:59] <Vyyj> So, while we wait, Fernin, let's get you indoctrined into Gorillaz. [16:59] <@Fernin> gah, I'm still unsettled after that puke scene... there had better not be any more of that crap in here [16:59] <Vyyj> Nah, just one minor instance [17:00] <Vyyj> If I remember correctly. The people over at G-U were butthurt about those scenes [17:00] <@Fernin> so, what recommendations do you have for my listening? [17:01] <Vyyj> Basically, get EVERYTHING YOU CAN [17:02] <Vyyj> But I'd start with both of the albums and above all, the B-sides compilations [17:02] <Vyyj> Namely, G-Sides, D-Sides and Laika Come Home. [17:02] <@Fernin> heh, k [17:02] <@Fernin> what was the Spacemonkeyz thing you mentioned? [17:02] <@Fernin> is that them as well, or an entirely different group? [17:03] <Vyyj> Well, allegedly they're a different group [17:03] <Vyyj> However, they only made Laika Come Home, so it's entirely possible they were made just for that simple purpose [17:04] <Vyyj> They only released one original track, Spacemonkeyz Theme, as a B-Side to Lil Dub Chefin', the only single from Laika Come Home [17:05] <Vyyj> So yeah, not much is known about them. [17:06] <Dude_Love> I'm back, but not the same [17:07] <Dude_Love> Now I'm out of cigarettes, and I have a bottle of water, some sweet n' sour sauce, and some stoned\ wheat thins [17:07] <Vyyj> Okay. [17:07] <Vyyj> We good to go? [17:07] <@Fernin> yup [17:07] <Vyyj> Fig? [17:07] <Dude_Love> Yeah, ready [17:07] <Vyyj> Ok, Go! [17:08] <@Fernin> interesting... one cameraman filming another cameraman [17:08] <Vyyj> Yeah. [17:09] <@Fernin> this a documentary or a complete invasion of privacy? [17:09] <Vyyj> Starshine again. [17:09] <Dude_Love> I don't think I'd like to be their friends [17:10] <Dude_Love> Yeah, /Let it Be/ upset the Beatles how in-your-face the cameramen were... imagine how they'd have taken this [17:10] <Vyyj> What the fuck was that wind-up thing? [17:10] <@Fernin> ...the hell kind of instrument was that he was cranking for a second there? [17:11] <Dude_Love> I'm confused... [17:11] <Vyyj> Nice montage. [17:11] <Dude_Love> She sounds pissed [17:12] <Vyyj> Punk again. [17:12] <Vyyj> Lots of song were reused here. [17:12] <Vyyj> *songs [17:13] <Dude_Love> Were I to make a documentary about a band, I'd reuse songs plentifully [17:13] <Dude_Love> The spacey sounds aren't as cool [17:13] <@Fernin> like you mentioned earlier... I can't understand a thing he's saying in that song [17:13] <Vyyj> That's the point, I don't think anyone can [17:13] <Dude_Love> What was Black Flag's singer's name? [17:14] <Vyyj> Blake something [17:14] <Dude_Love> That song makes me want to put on my /Nervous Breakdown/ EP [17:14] <Vyyj> Intro from Demon Days [17:15] <Vyyj> No, wait [17:15] <Vyyj> I'm thinking of another band. [17:16] <Vyyj> They have too much rad shit in their studio. [17:16] <Dude_Love> They strike me as the type of people who smoke far too much pot [17:16] <Vyyj> Yeah, the best thing is, they don't do any drugs. [17:16] <Vyyj> They are genuinely mental [17:16] <Vyyj> Oooh, Rock It in the background [17:17] <Dude_Love> Wow, that's impressive, then [17:17] <Vyyj> The easiest song ever [17:17] <Dude_Love> Interesting... I wouldn't say good, though [17:18] <Vyyj> We ready? [17:18] <@Fernin> yup [17:18] <Dude_Love> Mmhmm [17:18] <Vyyj> okgo [17:20] <Vyyj> Feel Good Inc. [17:21] <Dude_Love> What's happening? [17:21] <Vyyj> He wanted him to hold is coffee cup. [17:21] <Vyyj> Oooh, De La Soul [17:21] <Vyyj> I wish I could laugh like that [17:21] <@Fernin> yeah, that's an incredible evil laugh [17:22] <Dude_Love> Jesus, watch him go... [17:22] <Vyyj> Oh fuck danger mouse [17:22] <Vyyj> And 68 State in the background [17:23] <Vyyj> And DARE. [17:23] <Dude_Love> That reminds me [17:23] <Dude_Love> Anyone ever just sit and watch old pencil tests? [17:23] <Dude_Love> It's fun [17:23] <Vyyj> I do [17:23] <@Fernin> hm, nope [17:24] <Vyyj> And El Manana right there. [17:24] <Dude_Love> This sounds like a song I've heard before... [17:24] <Dude_Love> Can't put my finger on it, though [17:25] <Dude_Love> Castrophony? [17:25] <Vyyj> That's motherfucking Dennis Hopper! [17:25] <Vyyj> He's reciting Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head. [17:26] <Dude_Love> Jesus, he's like, a third of a metre from Dennis [17:26] <Dude_Love> Doing that shit with his hands... I'd be uncomfortable [17:27] <Vyyj> Feel Good Inc again. [17:28] <Dude_Love> I've heard this song before! [17:28] <Vyyj> Also horns from Happy Landfill [17:28] <Vyyj> We good to go? [17:29] <@Fernin> yep [17:29] <Dude_Love> Ready [17:29] <Vyyj> OK, go. [17:29] <@Fernin> wonder if they'll play more of Happy Landfill, I like that song [17:29] <Dude_Love> Oversaturation is a bad thing [17:30] <Vyyj> Happy Landfill is like train whistles and a typewriter. [17:31] <Dude_Love> This one's fun [17:31] <Vyyj> Dirty Harry, but an unreleased mix [17:32] <@Fernin> hm, where are they now? [17:32] <Dude_Love> Oh... [17:32] <Dude_Love> I'm quite sorry, good gentleman, but I must now take my leave [17:32] <Vyyj> Hm, okay. [17:32] <@Fernin> k, later Fig [17:32] <Vyyj> See ya, dude. �02[17:32] * Dude_Love ( Quit (Quit: #yhiselamu |�) [17:33] <Vyyj> What. [17:34] <Vyyj> Fernin, am I high or does he really have a giganting rubber dong there? [17:34] <@Fernin> he definitely did [17:35] <Vyyj> Bill Murray in the background [17:35] <Vyyj> As in, a song, not the actor [17:35] <@Fernin> hehe, was gonna say [17:36] <Vyyj> Shaun Ryder. [17:36] <Vyyj> Hmm. [17:36] <Vyyj> He was hated for that performance by the fans, apparently [17:37] <@Fernin> Feel Good Inc. again, if I'm not mistaken [17:37] <Vyyj> Yup [17:38] <Vyyj> And Murdoc is God, a noise metal song. [17:38] <Vyyj> Plus, 3D murdoc. [17:38] <@Fernin> the characters definitely make for... very strange 3d models [17:38] <Vyyj> They did a performance with Madonna using these models [17:39] <Vyyj> It was a Feel Good Inc. / Hung Up mashup, if I'm not mistaken [17:39] <Vyyj> Okay, we good? [17:39] <@Fernin> yup [17:39] <Vyyj> Go! [17:40] <@Fernin> isn't this where we came in? [17:40] <Vyyj> Yeah. [17:41] <Vyyj> Haha, bullshit at it's best [17:41] <@Fernin> lol [17:41] <@Fernin> props for improving the new line so quickly [17:42] <@Fernin> improv-ing, even [17:42] <Vyyj> Improvising? [17:42] <@Fernin> there we go, yeah [17:44] <Vyyj> Damon is truly the master of bullshit. [17:45] <Vyyj> Did Dennis Hopper just say "fuck"? [17:45] <@Fernin> I do believe so [17:46] <Vyyj> A viking quest t-shirt. [17:46] <Vyyj> Hm. [17:46] <Vyyj> Okay, so. [17:46] <Vyyj> What is going on? [17:46] <Vyyj> I AM SO CONFUSED! [17:47] <Vyyj> Oh. Fart contest. [17:47] <@Fernin> I think the guy took a crap and it's stinking up the green room [17:47] <Vyyj> Demon Days, the final track on Demon Days. Good song. [17:49] <@Fernin> I'd never guess it was a Gorillaz song [17:49] <Vyyj> HE DID IT [17:49] <Vyyj> Hongkongaton [17:49] <Vyyj> Also a good song. [17:51] <@Fernin> pretty fun, overall