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House on Haunted Hill was the seventh movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of Fernin, Dude_Love and LowEndLem.


[00:41] <@Dude_Love> I'm ready
[00:41] <LowEndLem> ready
[00:41] <@Fernin> ready
[00:41] <LowEndLem> go?
[00:41] <@Fernin> I'll steal Nekko's catch phrase this time...
[00:41] <@Fernin> Okay, go!
[00:41] <@Dude_Love> Wait, does that mean go?
[00:41] <@Dude_Love> Shit!
[00:41] <@Dude_Love> Don't!
[00:41] * LowEndLem facepalm
[00:41] <@Fernin> ...shall we give it another shot?
[00:41] <@Dude_Love> The movie was like, twelve minutes in...
[00:41] <LowEndLem> the hell?
[00:41] <@Fernin> lol, how'd you pull that off?
[00:42] <@Dude_Love> I don't know...
[00:42] <@Dude_Love> Whatever, this part's staying in the log, BTW
[00:42] <LowEndLem> you broke it somehow
[00:42] <@Dude_Love> Anyway, let's do it
[00:42] <@Fernin> reset back to zero, we'll give it another go
[00:42] <LowEndLem> okay, are we /ready/
[00:42] <@Dude_Love> Ready!
[00:42] <@Fernin> we are definitely /ready/
[00:42] <@Fernin> Okay, go!
[00:42] <@Dude_Love> Good start this time
[00:43] <LowEndLem> aaaand, there's nothing. so far, so borin-HOLY FUCK
[00:43] <@Dude_Love> Aah!
[00:43] * LowEndLem unplugs his headphones and lowers the volume
[00:43] <@Dude_Love> AAh!!
[00:43] <@Dude_Love> AAAHHH!!!!
[00:43] <LowEndLem> you fuckers knew that was coming
[00:43] <@Fernin> hah, damn straight we did
[00:43] <@Dude_Love> Hehe, yeah
[00:43] <LowEndLem> Dude, william h macy!
[00:43] <@Dude_Love> Why do I care?
[00:44] <LowEndLem> Because you fucked up, and now you have to care
[00:44] <@Dude_Love> I love that dopey voice he talks with
[00:44] <@Fernin> I'd much rather listen to Vincent Price's head, anyway
[00:44] <LowEndLem> Best performance by a head ever
[00:45] <@Dude_Love> Wait, what if you go, and you die, but really early on so that it'd be undisputable you didn't spend the ngiht?
[00:45] <@Fernin> then your next of kin probably wouldn't get the cash
[00:45] <LowEndLem> then vincent price would consume you
[00:45] <@Fernin> though, I doubt he'd live up to that, anyway
[00:46] <@Fernin> $10 grand is quite the chunk of change to give to the family of the deceased
[00:46] <LowEndLem> I can't identify with a single character, and thus wait happily for their deaths
[00:46] <@Dude_Love> Hmm, 10 grand in '59... anyone know the inflation rate?
[00:46] <@Dude_Love> And then does anyone know the conversion rate for me?
[00:46] <@Fernin> not off the top of my head, no
[00:46] <LowEndLem> a shitton, I'd assume
[00:47] <LowEndLem> DUN DUN DUNNNNNN
[00:47] <LowEndLem> Robb White, you do NOT deserve that extra "B"
[00:47] <@Dude_Love> Haha... Spiffy...
[00:48] <@Fernin> damn, just googled an inflation converter... that $10,000 is equivelant to $72,743 today
[00:48] <@Dude_Love> These credits bore me
[00:48] <@Dude_Love> Now quick, to Canadian, to Canadian
[00:48] <@Dude_Love> !
[00:48] <@Fernin> they are, indeed, boring credits
[00:48] <@Dude_Love> Herman the SFX man
[00:48] <@Fernin> 78,658 Canadian
[00:48] <LowEndLem> jesus christ. next time, we're doing bunnies
[00:48] <@Dude_Love> Wait, the composer's name is Von?
[00:49] <@Dude_Love> Von is the best name I've heard in a while
[00:49] <LowEndLem> Does no one know how to dust?
[00:49] <@Dude_Love> That old lady sounds familiar...
[00:49] <@Fernin> Nora and Lance are the only names worth learning, let's nickname the rest...
[00:50] <LowEndLem> I have no idea whose who, i was looking for my bottle of vodka
[00:50] <@Fernin> Old Lady works, Crazy Man for the head we saw at the start...
[00:50] <@Dude_Love> HOLY SHIT
[00:50] <@Dude_Love> Self-slamming door!
[00:50] <@Dude_Love> Herman, you FX master, you!
[00:50] <@Fernin> self-slamming /and/ self-locking!
[00:50] <LowEndLem> ....she wasn't even in the way
[00:50] <@Dude_Love> I wonder if the ghost'll slam it open later
[00:51] <LowEndLem> boobies!
[00:51] <@Dude_Love> So in '59, was that like, really risque?
[00:51] <@Dude_Love> Yeah, who the hell dresses slutty for a party?
[00:51] <@Fernin> I'd imagine so
[00:51] <LowEndLem> Every girl i know, Fig.
[00:51] <LowEndLem> and none of them want me. Ooooh, motives1
[00:51] <@Fernin> that seems to be some kind of lingerie/nightclothes for her
[00:52] <@Fernin> yay, greed!
[00:52] <LowEndLem> IT's not a gun, it's fucking booze.
[00:52] <@Dude_Love> Anyone else thinking of Dumb and Dumber right now?
[00:52] <LowEndLem> I'm thinking of pancakes
[00:52] <@Fernin> he has /such/ a perfect voice for a guy with an "I might murder you, I might not" attitude
[00:53] <@Dude_Love> Eww, she's wearing too much makeup
[00:53] <@Dude_Love> She might be really pretty if shewasn't wearing her face
[00:53] <LowEndLem> She looks fine
[00:53] <@Dude_Love> Look at her cheeks!
[00:53] <LowEndLem> she looks fine!
[00:54] <@Dude_Love> Nuh-uh!
[00:54] <LowEndLem> I'm not arguing attractivness with you
[00:54] <LowEndLem> we have more important things to mock
[00:54] <@Dude_Love> 'specially around her eyes... eww
[00:54] <@Dude_Love> Agreed, let's move on
[00:54] <@Fernin> was that the arm of the couch he just opened?
[00:54] <LowEndLem> how did he know that was there?
[00:54] <@Dude_Love> That's what she said!
[00:55] <@Fernin> he owns the house, I think, he's been here before
[00:55] <@Dude_Love> lol... only two
[00:55] <LowEndLem> oh
[00:55] <LowEndLem> Mix it yourself, lazyass
[00:55] <@Dude_Love> Is that a player piano or a writing desk in the back?
[00:55] <@Fernin> desk, I think
[00:56] <@Dude_Love> What'dthey order?
[00:56] <@Fernin> sounded like she said Scotch something, missed the second word
[00:56] <@Dude_Love> I heard Scotch
[00:56] <@Dude_Love> I too missed the second word
[00:56] <LowEndLem> probablyy "on the rocks"or something
[00:57] <@Dude_Love> Who the fuck "mixes" a Scotch on the rocks?
[00:57] <LowEndLem> stupid people?
[00:57] <@Dude_Love> Is it really /that/ hard to put in some ice?
[00:57] <@Dude_Love> Also, they're all idiots
[00:57] <@Dude_Love> Ten grand to spend a night in a house... sounds like a case of too good to be true, to Fig [00:57] <@Dude_Love> And with the murder rate the house has, it just gets dumber [00:57] <@Dude_Love> Err, eighty grand [00:57] <@Fernin> well, that's how it goes with eccentric millionaires [00:58] <LowEndLem> sounds like a case of it better get good pretty fuckin' quick [00:58] <@Dude_Love> What's that puddle? [00:58] <LowEndLem> BLOOD [00:58] <@Dude_Love> Any self respecting male ghost! [00:58] <@Dude_Love> Oh what a charmer he is! [00:58] <LowEndLem> A murder in every room? Sign me up! [00:59] <@Dude_Love> Electrocuted later? [00:59] <@Dude_Love> Good history [00:59] <LowEndLem> Thats why you mix it with lye [00:59] <@Dude_Love> What? [00:59] <LowEndLem> nothing [00:59] <@Dude_Love> They just left the acid in the acid vat? [01:00] <LowEndLem> Looks like [01:00] <@Dude_Love> Who the fuck doesn't empty an acid bath?! [01:00] <LowEndLem> also, the fuck was that? Oh a rat [01:00] <@Dude_Love> Especially if it's just going to be built into the floor like that... [01:00] <@Dude_Love> Safety hazzard [01:00] <@Fernin> someone who plans to murder again, I'd wager [01:00] <LowEndLem> or someone really lazy [01:01] <@Dude_Love> He sounds like a douche [01:01] <LowEndLem> the pilot? [01:01] <@Dude_Love> If this movie came out in the last twenty years, they'd be making out by now [01:01] <@Dude_Love> Isn't that sad? [01:01] <LowEndLem> Yes. It is. [01:01] <@Fernin> agreed [01:02] <LowEndLem> everyone was in a car crash? wow. bad luck family [01:02] <@Fernin> ...he wiped his hands off, then touched something else dusty... [01:02] <LowEndLem> "Closet, bottles, bodies, screaming death, clothes...." [01:02] <@Dude_Love> Herman, you genius you! [01:02] <LowEndLem> DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN [01:03] <@Dude_Love> The fuck is that sound supposed to be? [01:03] <LowEndLem> About time, i do not like him [01:03] <@Dude_Love> The wind? It sounds too electric for that... [01:03] <LowEndLem> huh. That was wierd [01:03] <@Dude_Love> It sounds like a cross between the wind and and a CD loading.... [01:03] <@Fernin> just a generic "spooky sound", I guess [01:04] <LowEndLem> Can no one enjoy a drink in that house? [01:04] <@Dude_Love> Well, maybe if they didn't spend all their time mixing the ice, they could [01:04] <@Fernin> could you enjoy a drink in a house 7 people were murdered in? [01:04] <@Dude_Love> Well, when he walked in it was pitch black... [01:04] <@Dude_Love> I could see running into a wall in a pitch black room [01:05] <LowEndLem> i would enjoy many drinks [01:05] <@Dude_Love> That is, if I were running into a pitch black room, which he wouldn't have done if he wasn't a dumbass [01:05] <@Fernin> Crazy Man's quite convinced of his spook stories [01:05] <@Dude_Love> Out of the skulls your acid bath didn't drink? [01:05] <@Dude_Love> Err, melt [01:05] <LowEndLem> Well, yes. But when those are in the dishwasher, i'll use a regular glass [01:05] <@Dude_Love> Pour some sugar on me... [01:06] <@Fernin> hm, that's dangerous, pulling alcohol away from the drunk [01:06] <LowEndLem> Scotch Ann [01:06] <@Dude_Love> So why isn't anyone making a fuss about the schizophrenic that won't quit blabbering about the ghosts? [01:06] <LowEndLem> That's exactly what she said [01:07] <LowEndLem> road flares? [01:07] <LowEndLem> Oh, candles [01:07] <@Dude_Love> "I don't know, I was just acting" [01:07] <@Dude_Love> "Yes, don't I sound like I'm not just acting?" [01:08] <LowEndLem> "A sequence of numbers that i will pretend has meaning!" [01:08] <@Dude_Love> Why does he keep blocking his candle from the wind? [01:08] <@Dude_Love> She isn't, and hers isn't going out [01:08] <@Dude_Love> AAhh!!! [01:08] <@Dude_Love> AAAHHH!!! [01:08] <@Fernin> that freaked me right out, the first time I watched this [01:08] <LowEndLem> I am SO glad I was on another webpage [01:08] <LowEndLem> That thing was ugly as sin [01:08] <@Dude_Love> Isn't id dangerous to hug when you're both holding candles? [01:09] <@Fernin> definitely [01:09] <LowEndLem> I did jump, i will give you that [01:09] <@Dude_Love> She looks okay... [01:09] <LowEndLem> I would still totally bang her [01:09] <@Dude_Love> Nice smile [01:10] <@Dude_Love> I'd bang her if she wasn't wearing six centimetres of makeup [01:10] <LowEndLem> all cats are gray in the dark [01:10] <@Dude_Love> Then why do her looks matter? [01:10] <LowEndLem> because....hush [01:10] <@Dude_Love> Or were you just saying, "Yep, I'd totally fuck that, looks like a girl to me" [01:11] <LowEndLem> Dude, i'd fuck anything [01:11] <@Dude_Love> Man... he has the douchiest expression, and it just doesn't go away... [01:12] <@Dude_Love> Was she? [01:12] <LowEndLem> he's got a face that begs for a fist [01:12] <@Dude_Love> Yeah... I'd fuck'er [01:12] <@Fernin> you'd probably go to fuck her, and she'd manipulate her way into fucking you, instead [01:13] <@Dude_Love> Seriously, what does this guy have? [01:13] <@Dude_Love> One of his wives vanished, two died... he keeps a full acid bath in his house... [01:13] <@Dude_Love> How does he keep getting beautiful women? [01:13] <@Fernin> he has millions of dollars, that's what he has [01:13] <@Dude_Love> "He'd kill me if he could" [01:13] <LowEndLem> must be packing a massive scholng [01:13] <@Dude_Love> !! [01:14] <@Fernin> plus, he doesn't own this house [01:14] <@Fernin> he's just using it for the party [01:14] <@Dude_Love> He sitll keeps a filled acid bath in it [01:14] <@Fernin> it's pretty much just an abandoned house, no one lives in it [01:14] <@Fernin> he doesn't keep the acid bath in it, the caretakers keep the acid bath in it, he's basically renting this place like it was a Holiday Inn [01:15] <@Dude_Love> That's a good relationship [01:15] <@Fernin> each wants the other dead, damn good relationship [01:15] <LowEndLem> all relationships are based on hate [01:15] <@Dude_Love> The caretakers keep the acid bath full,. and he's renting the house? [01:15] <@Dude_Love> And I've never ran an acid bath, but I don't think it'd be too cheap [01:15] <@Fernin> hey, I never said he was sane [01:16] <@Dude_Love> That didn't warrant a screaming fit? [01:16] <@Dude_Love> Is she like, getting used to it? [01:16] <LowEndLem> That is totally a face [01:16] <LowEndLem> DUN DUN DUNN-no? Nothing? [01:17] <@Dude_Love> Oh, there we go [01:17] <@Dude_Love> AAhh! [01:17] <LowEndLem> AAAAAHHHH [01:17] <@Dude_Love> That's how I open doors [01:17] <@Dude_Love> Just push it open, then stand there while the doors swing out in front of me [01:18] <@Dude_Love> Why the fuck do they keep saying Hysteria? [01:18] <@Fernin> it's the word of the day, didn't you know? [01:18] <@Dude_Love> They need a thesaurus [01:18] <LowEndLem> or acting classes [01:18] <@Fernin> well, it is only the 50's, every mental malady was some form of Hysteria [01:19] <@Dude_Love> So... he's paying them to... do the only option...? [01:19] <LowEndLem> Yes. [01:19] <@Dude_Love> Or has the movie till now been them test driving the house [01:19] <@Dude_Love> ? [01:19] <LowEndLem> they had until midnight [01:20] <LowEndLem> and now, well, fuck all [01:20] <@Dude_Love> That gauze pad suits him [01:20] <@Dude_Love> Did you see his hand? [01:20] <LowEndLem> ? [01:20] <@Dude_Love> His arm wasn't around her... he was patting the side of her arm [01:20] <LowEndLem> huh [01:21] <@Fernin> armed, hysterical people, yay! [01:21] <LowEndLem> Why do they get guns? [01:21] <LowEndLem> Fernin, can we have guns? [01:21] <@Dude_Love> Well, me and Fern have ops... that's kinda like guns... �03[01:21] * Lexiabot9000 ( has joined #mslt3k [01:21] <@Fernin> !rr 1 [01:21] <Lexiabot9000> �5Sorry, I've lost the privilege to speak. Try again later when I've been reactivated. [01:21] <@Dude_Love> lol [01:21] <@Fernin> ...dammit [01:21] <LowEndLem> hahaha [01:21] * Fernin sets mode: +o Lexiabot9000 [01:21] * Fernin sets mode: +v Lexiabot9000 [01:21] <@Fernin> !rr 1 [01:21] <@Dude_Love> !rr 1 [01:21] <@Lexiabot9000> �5The bullet is in place! Type� �5!fire� �5to try your luck! [01:21] <@Lexiabot9000> �5The gun is already loaded! [01:22] <@Fernin> there you go, there's a gun [01:22] <LowEndLem> I'll do it1 [01:22] <@Dude_Love> !fire [01:22] <@Lexiabot9000> � �4BANG! [01:22] * Dude_Love was kicked by Lexiabot9000 (Dude_Love has been shot!�) [01:22] <LowEndLem> HAHAHA [01:22] * Dude_Love ( has joined #MSLT3K [01:22] * Lexiabot9000 sets mode: +v Dude_Love [01:22] <+Dude_Love> I'd better get my ops back [01:22] <LowEndLem> I would totally run around a house shooting people [01:22] * Fernin sets mode: +o Dude_Love [01:22] <LowEndLem> the drunk has a gun, and keeps drinking. Smart. [01:22] * @Lexiabot9000 ( has left #mslt3k [01:22] <@Dude_Love> Schizophrenic lady is offering to show you a head... [01:22] <LowEndLem> I'd like to see one of those heads. [01:22] <@Dude_Love> WHY ISN'TANYONE QUESTIONING THIS?! [01:23] <@Dude_Love> Go look in my suitcase, there's a human head in it [01:23] <@Dude_Love> What?! [01:23] <@Dude_Love> What?!!?! [01:23] <@Dude_Love> She [01:23] <LowEndLem> is craz [01:23] <LowEndLem> y [01:23] <@Fernin> no doubt about that [01:23] <@Dude_Love> She's hallucinating, so they offer her fucking drugs, and then she spazzes the fuck out...?! [01:24] <@Fernin> I'd be a little tweaked myself if I had seen those same things, though [01:24] <@Dude_Love> Not enough to have a screaming fit at sight of the head, though [01:24] <LowEndLem> Who hasn't seen a jellied head? [01:24] <@Fernin>, I imagine not [01:25] <@Dude_Love> Considering there was a human fucking head in her suitcase... I actually think she's handling herself quite well [01:25] <LowEndLem> SHE'S GONE! [01:25] <@Fernin> a self-opening door this time [01:25] <@Dude_Love> Oh Herman, you... you wizard, you! [01:25] <@Fernin> and head #2 [01:25] <LowEndLem> Or not. [01:26] <LowEndLem> Dude, get a glove... [01:26] <@Dude_Love> Why do I need a glove? [01:26] <@Fernin> ha [01:26] <LowEndLem> Well, there when my boner for the rest of the night. [01:27] <@Dude_Love> Nora, quit singing! [01:27] <LowEndLem> how the hell does that work? I can't figger it out [01:27] <@Fernin> must be an exposed beam on the ceiling [01:27] <LowEndLem> Oh [01:27] <@Dude_Love> Awkward way to hang yourself.... [01:27] <LowEndLem> Hung, you tool [01:28] <LowEndLem> hung. [01:28] <LowEndLem> not hanged [01:28] <@Dude_Love> No, it is hanged [01:28] <@Dude_Love> When you're talking about hanging as a death method, the past tense is hanged [01:28] <LowEndLem> oh [01:29] <@Dude_Love> Why does he trust the schizophrenic hysterical lady? [01:29] <@Fernin> because he's a douche, and he probably wants in her pants [01:29] <@Dude_Love> Why doesn't he just give her a godamned sedative and lay her down somewhere? [01:29] <LowEndLem> because that would make sense [01:30] <@Fernin> "stay in the room assigned to you, no one would think to look for you there!" [01:30] <@Dude_Love> Wait... [01:31] <@Dude_Love> Why did she look pissed off at the end of that scene? [01:31] <@Fernin> bad acting? [01:31] <@Dude_Love> Even better, give the hysterical schizophrenic lady who now looks disgruntled a gun, huzzah! [01:31] <@Dude_Love> Haha [01:31] <LowEndLem> How does he get everywhere? [01:32] <@Fernin> drunken ninja skills [01:32] <@Dude_Love> Isn't it awkwardto chat when he has his hands around your neck? [01:33] <@Dude_Love> I'm expecting them to pull out cigars and some single malt in a room that looks like that... [01:33] <@Dude_Love> How do they share her death? [01:33] <@Dude_Love> Did she like, die for their sins or something? [01:33] <@Dude_Love> Hysteria! [01:33] <@Fernin> he's accusing everyone in the room of murder [01:34] <@Dude_Love> I still don't get it [01:34] <@Fernin> since there was nothing for her to climb up onto and jump from, someone else had to have lifted her and hanged her [01:34] <@Dude_Love> He looks a bit like Walkt Disney [01:35] <@Fernin> hah, Walt Disney if he was 200% creepier [01:35] <LowEndLem> and you know, psyxhotix [01:35] <@Dude_Love> A silly party? [01:35] <@Dude_Love> Wasn't death a big threat from the beginning? [01:35] <@Fernin> if you believe in ghosts, sure [01:36] <@Fernin> I don't think any of the guests came expecting that the other guests would be murderers [01:36] <@Dude_Love> And hey, you're in a house with a full acid bath, where several people have died, being hosted by a man who two of his wives have died and one vanished [01:36] <@Dude_Love> I know he said guns... [01:36] <@Dude_Love> But didn't that sound eerily like the C word to anyone else? [01:37] <@Fernin> hrm... nope [01:37] <@Dude_Love> Rewind it or something, it /totally/ sounded like it [01:37] <@Fernin> maybe afterwards, re-synching would be annoying [01:37] <LowEndLem> Everyone, play "follow the drunk!" [01:38] <@Fernin> hah, hypocrite... after all that talk about "guns won't harm the dead!" [01:39] <@Dude_Love> Aren't they all really suspicious of each other now? [01:39] <LowEndLem> Well, yeah [01:39] <@Dude_Love> So if he saw his doorknob spinning, why'd he go open it? [01:39] <LowEndLem> stupidity [01:40] <LowEndLem> DUN DUN DUNNNN [01:40] <@Fernin> this is the one thing that bugs me... that blood was /not/ in this room earlier in the day [01:40] <LowEndLem> it movied [01:40] <LowEndLem> *move [01:40] <LowEndLem> d [01:40] <@Fernin> timing from mother nature [01:40] <LowEndLem> "Because I read the script!" [01:41] <@Dude_Love> God's a dramatist, you got a problem with that? [01:41] <@Fernin> seems he knows not to have lightning strike while either of them is talking [01:41] <@Dude_Love> That would be the God of FX... Mr. Herman whatshisname! [01:41] <@Fernin> yay, let's walk into another pitch black room! [01:42] <@Dude_Love> Didn't run this time... [01:42] <@Fernin> nice effects work, you can't even see the string [01:42] <LowEndLem> Because they're idiots [01:43] <LowEndLem> oh, don't move or anything [01:43] <@Dude_Love> If you think Herman's effects are bad, it's because Herman /wants/ you to think they're bad [01:43] <@Dude_Love> ....okay, I'm done with this scene... [01:43] <LowEndLem> yeah [01:43] <@Dude_Love> AAAaah! [01:43] <@Dude_Love> AAAHHH! [01:43] <@Dude_Love> AAhh! [01:44] <@Fernin> monster hand outta nowhere! [01:44] <LowEndLem> hahahaha [01:44] <LowEndLem> BOO [01:44] <@Dude_Love> Hah! [01:44] <LowEndLem> damn, nothing [01:44] <@Fernin> oh, it was a player piano [01:44] <@Dude_Love> It /was/ a player piano! [01:44] <LowEndLem> and it's playing itself [01:45] <LowEndLem> DUN DUN DUNN [01:45] <@Fernin> heh, that's what player pianos do, Lem [01:45] <LowEndLem> Yeah. Which means she has no reason to be so freaked [01:45] <@Fernin> well, they don't usually turn themselves on [01:46] <LowEndLem> maybe someone left it on [01:46] <@Dude_Love> Those guns look fake [01:46] <@Dude_Love> Is that a curtain in the hallway...? [01:46] <LowEndLem> Yeah, it's just hangin' there [01:46] <@Fernin> that's the curtain hiding the rest of the second floor hallway [01:47] <@Dude_Love> Wh-wh-wh-wha?!? [01:47] <LowEndLem> WHAT A TWIST [01:47] <@Dude_Love> What a wild lemon twist! [01:47] <@Dude_Love> lol... "you were wonderful" [01:48] <LowEndLem> "What a great dead body" [01:48] <@Dude_Love> "Gee honey, you did a great job acting dead" [01:48] <@Fernin> I have to admit, it's not a bad plan... a bit convoluted, but rather fun [01:48] <@Dude_Love> Schwing! [01:48] <@Fernin> drive someone else to do the murder for you [01:49] <LowEndLem> all this deception is making me hungry [01:49] <@Dude_Love> What's that expression supposed to be? [01:49] <LowEndLem> Constipation? [01:49] <@Dude_Love> "Act confused and upset, but curious, with a hint of anguish!" [01:50] <@Dude_Love> "And repulsion, don't forget the repulsion!" [01:50] <@Dude_Love> Aahh!! [01:50] <LowEndLem> HAHAHA [01:50] <LowEndLem> "Please ignore my cries for living!" BANG [01:50] <LowEndLem> A full two seconds, come on [01:50] <@Fernin> the hell did the doctor beat her downstairs? [01:50] <LowEndLem> magic [01:51] <@Dude_Love> lol! [01:51] <@Dude_Love> *fade to black* [01:51] <@Dude_Love> *Choking sound' [01:51] <@Dude_Love> *SPLASH* [01:51] <@Dude_Love> Ahahahahaha.... [01:51] <LowEndLem> you know this chick is gonna have issues so bad [01:51] <@Dude_Love> Open /and/ shut?1 [01:51] <@Dude_Love> Herman, you God, you! [01:52] <@Fernin> weren't all those doors shut a second ago? [01:52] <LowEndLem> He did ALL of them? [01:52] <@Fernin> someone purposefully went around and opened /every/ damn door in the room, just to freak her out... [01:52] <@Dude_Love> Is she really leaning over the acid bath right now? [01:52] <LowEndLem> Why, WHY would you get anywhere near the acid bath [01:53] <@Dude_Love> Herman's making my brain explode [01:53] <LowEndLem> IT'S A SKELETON. KICK IT [01:53] <@Dude_Love> It's a skeleton, sans muscles and tissue... why doesn't she just like, pop its arms off? [01:53] <@Dude_Love> Aah! [01:53] <@Dude_Love> AAAHH!!! [01:53] <LowEndLem> No, wait, back slowly into the acid bath. [01:53] <@Fernin> all the acid couldn't have dripped off that thing already, why didn't it touching her shoulder burn it? [01:53] <LowEndLem> LOGIC [01:53] <@Dude_Love> AAAHHHH!!!!!!! [01:54] <@Dude_Love> The fuckj? [01:54] <LowEndLem> That's a deep acid bath. [01:54] <@Dude_Love> Did her screams just fade into singing? [01:54] <LowEndLem> a singing, drippy corpse [01:54] <@Fernin> indeed they did [01:54] <LowEndLem> .... [01:54] <LowEndLem> What. [01:54] <@Dude_Love> Pull the strings! [01:54] <LowEndLem> what the fuggin' fuck [01:55] <@Dude_Love> Wait, did it sizzle? [01:55] <@Dude_Love> I thought it already melted off all it could? [01:55] <LowEndLem> Well, 4 are alive [01:55] <@Fernin> 5 [01:55] <LowEndLem> oh yeah [01:55] <LowEndLem> and now for the convuluted explination [01:55] <@Dude_Love> And if I were going to stand like,a quarter of a metre from an acid bath like that, I'd be really fucking careful about tossing things in [01:55] <LowEndLem> .... [01:56] <LowEndLem> no, you didn't [01:56] <LowEndLem> you had no idea who would get which gun [01:56] <@Fernin> haha, "My wife stumbled and fell" [01:56] <@Dude_Love> If I'm... innocent... or... guilty... or... William Shatner... [01:56] <@Fernin> carefully leaving out "I drove her to the edge with a skeleton on a puppetmaster's rig" [01:56] <LowEndLem> "but i never touched her" [01:56] <LowEndLem> Why you? You're not special [01:57] <@Dude_Love> THE END?! [01:57] <@Dude_Love> AAHHH!!! [01:57] <@Dude_Love> AAAAAHH!!! [01:57] <LowEndLem> AAAAAAAQAAHHHHH [01:57] <LowEndLem> Okay, enough of that [01:57] <@Dude_Love> Skeleton - By Himself [01:57] <@Dude_Love> Anyone else notice that? [01:57] <LowEndLem> Yep [01:57] <@Fernin> hah, yup [01:57] * LowEndLem closed the window [01:57] * @Dude_Love goes to close the- [01:57] <@Dude_Love> AAHH!!! [01:57] <@Dude_Love> AAAAHH!!! [01:57] <LowEndLem> AAAH [01:57] <@Dude_Love> Meh, I don't like it anymore than I did, though it was funner to watch with you guys [01:58] <@Dude_Love> I give it two walking skeletons out of five [01:58] <@Fernin> movies like that are always more fun in a group [01:58] <LowEndLem> Two and a half from me [01:58] <LowEndLem> next time, bunnies [01:58] <@Dude_Love> Yeah, Watership fucking Down! [01:58] <@Fernin> 4 from me, that movie's kinda special to me [01:58] <LowEndLem> okay, MSLT3K over? [01:58] <@Dude_Love> Are we done here [01:59] <@Dude_Love> ? [01:59] <@Fernin> yup [01:59] * You were kicked by Dude_Love (We're done, take this!�) [01:59] * Attempting to rejoin channel #MSLT3K [01:59] * Rejoined channel #mslt3k [01:59] <LowEndLem> see you on the other side [01:59] * LowEndLem ( has left #mslt3k [01:59] <@Dude_Love> Aww... autojoin [01:59] <Fernin> hehehe