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Patrick Gallagher is quite possibly the worlds most gifted actor.

Despite his amazing screen presence, he has only been in a few Hollywood films. Sadly, only one of those films is known by the masses. Even more sadly, it is A Night at the Museum.

Though his appearances are limited, his screen effect in those precious moments is breathtaking.

His Finest Moment

As you can see, the image here depicts Patrick Gallagher in his finest on screen moment. He is acting as though he is Attila the Hun trying to grab through the doors of an elevator.

Who else could pull this off? I actually believe as I watch him that he is in fact Attila the Hun and he really is trying to grab inside an elevator.

Patrick Gallagher at the pinnacle of screen acting.

Where the Talent Comes From

It would be silly to think that Patrick Gallagher was born with such fine abilities. He has had a great deal of training, but the majority of it was in the town that he grew up in, Chilliwack, BC.

For those would claim that the only greatness born from Canada is their hockey players, shame on you.


  • Patrick and Ross Rifle are known on occasion to rehearse lines together.
  • Patrick is most well known for the famous words he used in A Night at the Museum, "Euh huahahe Gananangna!!!! Tabababbaba!!!!!!"
    • Some believe that this will actually catch on and become as popular as "I'll be back" or "Yippy Kayay"
  • Ross Rifle found his grad photo in his mom's 1985 yearbook. He had a flock of seagulls hairdo.