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Welcome to the page of Quantinuum.

What is a Quantinuum

You are probably wondering what the heck quantinuum actually means. Well, its a concept I thought of where instead of having a continuum where there are an infinite number of points within it, I merged it with the concept of quantization. So a quantinuum is the same as a continuum except that there arnt an infinite amount of points in it, its finite and the points are discrete. I think its accurate to real life because when you think about it, you can never really have a continuum. For example, time is a quantinuum, there exists discrete values or states so things can change, otherwise, if time was a continuum, you wouldn't be able to reach 1 second because time has to cover every value between 0 and 1 which there are an infinite amount of values to cover. So basically if time was a continuum, it would be frozen.

Why the name Quantinuum

Because I'm a nerd and I like the name...

Why did I join Sydlexia

I was looking through the top 100 NES games then the top 100 SNES games. Then after going through most games I want to the main site and found there was a NES Championship currently in progress. So I joined the forum to join the championship and here I am.

About Me

Well, I am a university student currently studying Science and Information Technology. I am majoring in Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence so when the world is destroyed by robots, I'm one of the people to blame. My interests involve anything to do with science, technology, art, music etc.