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What Was It?

Rawr!!! was a thread made by GPFontaine on February 17, 2009. This thread was made to exploit a flaw in the forums. In the first post, after a Hulk-like speech from GPFontaine, he posted the code:

<style>@import "http://karatekid.sydlexia.com/forums/LOLColors.css";</style>

The code has since been disabled by SydLexia, so it won't work anymore. Oh well.

What Did It Do?

This code changed the complete style of the forum. It led to a CSS page that told the forum what to do next. Each page was something different. It changed the border and colors of the page, and even put a background on some of the posts. The pages were chaotic, looking like someone hacked the forum. GPFontaine even added music to Page 2.

The Madness of GPFountaine

SydLexia's MySpace Profile

Page 1 was designed to look like SydLexia's MySpace profile is Syd was a 16-year-old girl. It was spamming with a picture of Syd and sparkling flowers. The text was also huge. The user name was changed to "My name is ??????!!!" (where ?????? is the user's name) and it had a floating info box that said "Meow".

Fucking Joke

Page 2 was spammed with pictures of the :joke: icon and the May Be A Joke icon. The text was still huge. The user's name was changed into "Me - - > ??????? < - - Me". (where ?????? is again, the user's name) The floating info box said "Maybe I should take my meds next time =D" and had a music player that played "Banana Phone" at a loud volume. Some of the text was blinking.

Ed Wood Sucks

Page 3 was put into black and white and had screenshots of the movie Ed Wood in it. The text was very small. Before every post, it said "God... Ed Wood is just terrible. Why would anyone like it?" and after every post, it said "Ed Wood is a bad movie!!!" The user's name was changed into "Everything - - > ?????? < - - Sucks". Some of the text was blinking.

Sea Of Green (In Our Yellow Submarine)

Page 4 was completely FILLED with green. The only things that were not green were the images (banner and "post reply" and the quote/info buttons). The text got large again, and before every post it said "This Space for Rent!". This was the last forum adjustment GPFountaine did. The user's name was changed into "Who am I??? I am ??????!!! (where the second ?????? is the user's name"

SevereFlame's Disabled Hacks

Since GPFountaine stopped at page 4, SevereFlame decided to mess with pages 5 and 6. Unfortunately, Syd disabled the tags at this point and very few members, if not only SevereFlame, could see it.

Jen's Blog!

Page 5 was filled with a shitty picture of the black hole that was inverted in some places and Jen's Blog was written on it, and a cartoon birthday cake. The text was large again and all crunched over to the right. The user's name was changed into "CALL ME at ??????@aol.com


Page 6 had a very dark-blue moody color scheme. In the backround there were pictures of a crying woman's eyes and a dark neon outline of some flowers. The user's name was changed into "xXxSadxXx??????xXxLonelyxXx". The problem was that the user's name was nearly the same as the user's backround for the name, so it was hard to read. This was the last of SevereFlame's pages and the last madness of the RAWR!! thread. The thread continued on after page 6, though.