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Sailor Moon in an anime cartoon that all the kids used to masturbate to back in the middle part of the 1990s. They had to. Back then, the internet was accessed via modems that connected directly to your phone line and were slow as fucking fuck. Also, it was hard to find porn back then. There were no P2P programs, no torrents, and significantly less porn sites. And since the internet was so goddam slow, it took at least one full minute to download a single image, so your parents would probably walk into the room and bust you before you even got to see any porn. Thus, the only viable option was to masturbate to anatomically exaggerated school girls in skimpy outfits.


Luna was a talking cat who frequently gave Sailor Moon advice. She was not as cool as Salem Saberhagen, but she was still kinda cool because talking cats are always cool.

The Theme Song

Fighting evil by moonlight
Going to school by daylight
Doing things I don't remember
She is the one called Sailor Moon!

Super Awesome Otaku Lyrics Hyperforce Go

Gomen ne sunao ja nakute
Yume-no nakanara ieru
Shikou kairo-wa shouto-sunzen
Ima-sugu aitai-yo