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== Quotes ==
== Quotes ==
"Try to solve it, then go away! Wait, don't!" - [[SevereFlame]]
"Try to solve it, then go away! Wait, don't!" - [[SevereFlame]]
== Solution ==
You punched the keyboard with your head over and over.  Solved.

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What Is It?

It is a riddle that is currently: Unsolved

The riddle was created by SevereFlame on 2/21/09, where he asked people in chat to solve it. The SICJO was posted in the topic of the chat shortly after.

The Riddle

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I assure you, this riddle is perfectly legit. You CAN solve it, but it is hard. Very hard. But it's not impossible. Try it.


"Try to solve it, then go away! Wait, don't!" - SevereFlame