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About Shut Up, Dorn

Shut Up, Dorn is a recent alumnus of Central Michigan University. I am pretty decent at the Trombone, and I really enjoy most forms of music. Let's just say my horizon is forever expanding.

Besides my time-consuming career choice, the Dorninator is a avid video game, sports, movies, beer and women fan.

Dorn History

I first stumbled upon this site while emulating the game Breath of Fire for the SNES in the spring of 2006*, while looking for the best SNES games for me to emulate. After ending up on the main page for a few night shifts at the dorm's service desk, I decided to troll on the forums for a while. After liking what I saw, I joined the site under the name "Shut Up, Dorn", no doubt named after the scene in the movie Major League where Corbin Bernsen bitches to the coach about the push ups and he pisses all over his contract.

Most of the time, I chime in on important pop culture items that interest me. I'm not going to list them all here.

During the last six months, I went on a bit of a trolling/forgettingaboutthesite spell. But, I'm back and now you can all enjoy my rule of tyranny.

  • I don't remember the exact dates.

Random Headline For No Reason

Favorite Video Games

In no order:


NHL 94 NHL 95 NHL 96 Bill Walsh College Football NBA Jam TE Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Tecmo Super Bowl

NES: Tecmo Bowl Roadblasters Gradius Lunar Pool