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About sidewaydriver

Lurking around the site for about a year, sidewaydriver finally decided to join around April 2008. Even though he mostly posts on the video game forum, he really doesn't play a whole lot of games. He mostly sticks to the games he's played since he was a kid.


Mostly he plays only the following:

Resident Evil
Silent Hill
Mega Man (Classic, X, Zero, and ZX series)
Sonic The Hedgehog (Even the shitty new ones)
Street Fighter (Especially III)
The Legend of Zelda

He has beaten every game in the series listed. Rarely will he play anything outside of these games.


Unlike video games, sidewaydriver has a vast taste in music. He is a music snob, if not asshole, when it comes to the subject.


sidewaydriver's real name is Andy. He loves to travel and has been all over the world. He is also a major gambling addict who is usually found in a casino in his free time. He's also really good at it so he doesn't see the problem.


Q: Where does the name "sidewaydriver" come from?

A: I've gone by the screen name for eight years now. Back then, I once got a fortune cookie that told me to "Stop and drive sideways". I know it was some wierd translation but I looked at it as if it had some sort of deep philosophical meaning. As if it was telling me to stop going in the direction everyone else went and to deviate from the normal, since then I have been the sidewaydriver. It's not just a name, its a philosophy on life.