Some Kind of Giant Mudfish

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Some Kind of Mudfish is an American Grunge band founded by Marcus Block and Josh Lamana in March of 2008. It consits of Marcus Block(Guitar, Vocals, Bass), Josh Lamana(Drums, Guitar, Bass), and Cole Winters(Bass, Drums). They are currently working on their first album, Garbage.


Some Kind of Giant Mudfish derives influence largely from the 90's, most noteably Nirvana and Kyuss. Marcus plays guitar almost exclusively in C, much like Kyuss. Josh's drumbeats are similar to that of Dave Grohl. Cole's basslines and drumbeats help to round everything out, and brings differnt influences to the band.
Some Kind of Giant Mudfish is also heavaly influenced by folk, as prevelent in songs like 'Lies', and is also known to make Industrial instrumentals.