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=== <u>2009</u> ===
=== <u>2009</u> ===
[http://www.sydlexia.com/who_watches_the_watchmen.htm Who Watches The Watchmen?]
[http://sydlexia.com/vald/spiritual_warfare.htm <span style="color: lime">Spiritual Warfare</span>]
[http://sydlexia.com/vald/spiritual_warfare.htm <span style="color: lime">Spiritual Warfare</span>]

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These are the complete SydLexia.com Archives for all the articles on SydLexia.com with links to the articles.


Because UsaSatsui said that the current archives system sucks and the awesome SevereFlame went out and wrote these to fix the problem. And for your convenience.

Author Color Code

Purple means SydLexia wrote the article.

Green means Valdronius wrote the article.

Yellow means Dr. Jeebus wrote the article.

Red means several authors worked on the article.

The Actual Archives


Who Watches The Watchmen?

Spiritual Warfare


Home Alone: The Game

Bucky O' Hare

Lessons Learned From Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Season 5

Lessons Learned From Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Season 4

Lessons Learned From Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Season 3

Lessons Learned From Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Season 2

Lessons Learned From Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Season 1

50 NES Quotes Every Gamer Should Know

Dumb Guy Stuck In Video Game

15 Bullshit NES Game Endings

Mega Man 3 Sucks

Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Eggplants on the NES

The Winter Cleaning Crapstravaganza

Pac-Man: A Bleak Commentary on Western Life

Final Fantasy VI: An Epic Poem


The 12 Worst Christmas Songs Ever

The 100 Best SNES Games Ever

McDonald's Halloween McNugget Buddies

Transformers: The Unaired PSAs

The A-Team: B.A. Lends A Hand In The Race For The Formula

Maniac Mansion Endings

Jobbers Of The NES

Misleading Arcade Game Titles

Law of The West

Sesame Street Ruined My Entire Fucking Life

Toxic Crusaders

MAD Magazine No. 292: Super Mario And More!

An Ode To My Black Concert T-Shirts

Pocky & Rocky

The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To Love

The Five SNES Games You Play In Hell


The Christmas Ornament Showcase

Happy Meal Prizes, Round 1

Cheat Your Own Adventure: The Cave Of Time

Mystery House

The McDonald's Halloween Pails

Friday the 13th

The 100 Best NES Games Ever

Centipede: The Board Game

Summer Cleaning Crapstravaganza

Terrapin Logo

Devil World

Girls of the NES

A Totally Terrific Tribute To Taito

Grapes Of Wrath: The Children's Book

Konami's Aliens

Clarissa Explains It All: The Game

Super Punch Out!!

Into The Distance, A Ribbon Of Black

Rolling Thunder


The Animals' Christmas Eve

The Ten Best Christmas Movies Ever

Movie Posters and the Philosophy of Art


SydLexia.com: A Retrospective

Monster Party

Syd Lexia vs. Batman Cereal


Whomp 'Em

The Mystery of Scented Mountain

The Worst NES Games That People Actually Played

Quiz & Dragons

The Hulkster's In The House

Caveman Ninja

Nintendo Game Packs

Spring Cleaning Crapstravaganza

A Boy And His Blob

666: The Number Of The Beast

FINISH HIM! (Part 2)

Syd Lexia and Pepsi Free: There Can Be Only One


Wrestlemania Sucks

Micheal Jackson's Moonwalker

Super Mario Bros. 2

Kurt Cobain's Magical Shotgun Adventure

The Top 10 Weirdest Scenes in Arnold Movies

Streets of Rage

Obey Your Masters

Street Fighter

Looks That Kill

Donkeylips and Sponge Weigh In

Smash TV


Hammerin' Harry

M.A.S.K. - The Deathstone

The Commodore Christmas Crapfest

Poison Your Mind

Bad Dudes

Meet The Midnight Society

Adventure Island

Nothing Lasts Forever

Time Killers

Revolution X